Reacting and resisting the matrix is in your DNA, because your ancestors — unknowingly — fought the invisible system, no matter what it threw at them. The time has come to let go. Without reaction,…

Reacting And Resisting The Matrix Is Encoded In Our DNA

Reacting And Resisting The Matrix Is Encoded In Our DNA

Reacting and resisting the matrix is in your DNA, because your ancestors — unknowingly — fought the invisible system, no matter what it threw at them. The time has come to let go.

Without reaction, there is no problem. Reaction is the start of any problem. In fact, reacting is the problem, for without it there can be no chain reaction to even more problems.

It sounds so easy to just stop reacting to all the bumps and curveballs thrown at you by the matrix, isn’t it?

But even when you think about not reacting it’s already too late, as you have, in fact, already reacted. And the thought that you should not react to a matrix-created situation is evidence of the guilt resulted from already reacting.

So, it seems that the matrix is one step ahead of our vehicle’s (i.e. 3D physical body) top capabilities. 

How on earth are we supposed to stop reacting to life, which is what is strengthening our resistance to what is not wanted in our lives?

Reacting is resistance

Realize that reacting is part of our genetic makeup, part of the DNA that constitutes our physical sentient bodies. We are hardwired to react to the matrix, and especially to what we have been programmed to perceive as “bad.”

To test your susceptibility to reaction you may simply ask yourself if any of the occurrences in this world are bothering you.

If the answer is yes, then whatever has the power to disturb you, will never seem to disappear from your life, following you everywhere like a shadow.

You may try and find the root cause of your problem through psychological or spiritual therapy, but you will never find the answer as the answer is you — like a software encoded in your DNA.

Emotions are the main catalysts that make us react to outside stimuli, which are thrown at us by the matrix, whilst academia teaches that emotions are caused by mental perceptions and reactions to the external environment. Another lie bites the dust.

Emotions are internally coupled with the body, as they are felt. Only the body feels, and the DNA tells the body what it is, so this means that how you predominantly feel is how your family predominantly felt as far back as your family-tree goes. All baggage is carried from one generation to the next.

This body-consciousness of most of humanity gives rise to all physical diseases experienced on Earth.

Feelings/emotions of a low-vibratory rate slow the body down so much that the electromagnetics start malfunctioning, leading to insufficient power for all vital necessary functions.

In Chinese medical literature it has been documented expertly how different emotions in excess cause different bodily functions to malfunction.

This lack of power is first and foremost contributed from vaccines that alters the DNA with toxic smog, causing it to mutate and receive and transmit light-codes inadequately for optimum health.

Our bodies are targeted immensely on this plane, and besides the vaccines that people are still taking into adulthood, your genes also hold the reactionary programming of your family and ancestors.

Poor health is not just simply poor genes. Poor health is also based on the beliefs that reform our DNA in life as we go. Some of the detrimental catalysts were making mom and dad the center of your world involuntarily when you were young, allowing school to tell you what is real and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, invalidating your soul and idolizing a fake god…

In fact, every experience after the great disconnection from your united connection with everything plummets you further into never-never land.

Because of the amnesia, all these events change our DNA and then the DNA feeds our bodies with the beliefs we were programmed by. Most importantly, poor health is experienced by the subconscious belief that the body is real and subject to time, matter and space.

These are also beliefs and all beliefs shape the matrix.

Are you a body-mind-soul being, or a body-soul-mind being?

The Karma Deception

Karma is a Eastern doctrine that arose while attempting to explain why some people experience so much suffering, while others bathe in glory and pleasure.

A person that incarnates here, initially has to deal with the result of the aftermath between the matrix and the souls of all his/her ancestors.

The DNA is the first obstacle to maneuver around for success in the matrix. If your ancestors were all perfect slave/clones to the matrix, then you will most likely experience the bliss and joy of total ignorance. The monks would say you are a good man and deserve good karma…

The more your ancestors have worshiped the illusion, the greater suffering is in fact in stall for you as you come here, especially with the mission of deprogramming what your ancestors have been up to for the last few millennia.

Remember that your DNA is connected with the DNA of your family members and especially with that of your mother and father, depending on your attachment to them and your willingness to accept that beyond the physical you are not “related family members”.

The Agent Smiths affect you though those you least expect, this is why it is so important to cut ties with anyone that in not beneficial to your mission of unplugging from the matrix.

The unconscious goal of having a child in the matrix for most is to share the burden of all the negativity so that one can be sparred longer by the weight of the demanding matrix.

Many children are victims of the projections of parents’ shadow-selves… They did not ask for it, they were not bad in a previous lives, it is just how the cookie crumbles in the 3D virtual reality.

We are all but the shared negativity of our collective families.

This is until we recognize that we must forgive them, because they don’t know what they do, and then it is a natural thing to simply let go.

Like all doctrines, karma is a lie! We are all self-created, we are all bestowed with the same amount of free-will.

The deeper one falls victim to unconsciousness in the matrix, the more it takes from your five elements which is what gives you free will and manifestation capabilities.

The only one to blame for selling out to an illusion is yourself, as the more you take of it, the more you lose yourself in the fake reality and, in doing so, you step further into the dark, and deeper into suffering.

Fire, oxygen, earth, water and ether are the building blocks of the entire universe, and what constitutes your soul.

The matrix was conjured by a malevolent group wishing to control the power of our souls and manipulate them into creating a illusory world of their liking…

Your own capitulation to the Luciferian mindset is the only problem you need to deal with, as every soul will eventually have to come to terms with the impermanence of all the wealth the matrix can promise.

If karma meant suffering through detaching oneself from Luciferian egoistic constructs, ridding oneself of the entity within that survives off the seven deadly sins, then it would have been closer to the truth.

Karma is fear induced by religious nonsense, creating both the cause and the effect!

These two doctrines are the same, as it is only the belief that all prior actions in an illusory time-track determine the reality one finds her/himself in presently. In other words, time-based!

In the present moment, it hangs like an overshadowing cloud over the head of the devotee prohibiting free choice to only what is seen as good or safe in the eye of the all seeing eye, that can punish you with effects hailing from your actions/causes.

The only punisher here is your fear-inducing beliefs that cause guilt — the catalyst to fear a non-existent future event waiting to settle the score with you.

It is exactly the same as the threat of hell in the bible all over again, though disguised in more terms and deeply thought out doctrines.

Whenever a notion lends relevance to the possibility of guilt and fear relating to timelines, then you must label it a lie. Cause and effect, karma, is a lie

There can only be cause and effect if you believe in it. Fear is the major determiner of effects, hence cause and effect is disguised fear.

Cause and effect is only available for those matrix-bound.

Can you feel the vibration of the plead to let go of everything this world gives you in the form of information technology that molds and shapes the mistaken identity of the mind that is programmed to download information technology in order to create a matrix of its own unaware that it is actually running on an malevolent alien algorithm pretending to be it?

Use the mantra IT IS NOT IT! And use it consistently!

IT IS NOT IT also shifts the problems arising from the DNA that feed ancient emotions, tendencies, habits and behaviors, which lead us into repeating the past, becoming trapped in a circle of “time” that is always the same.

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: