This article was inspired by The Joys of Involution Involution is a life long journey of becoming mindful of our inner selves. Its fruits are spread throughout the journey, and…

The Eternal Joys of Involution

The Eternal Joys of Involution

This article was inspired by The Joys of Involution

Involution is a life long journey of becoming mindful of our inner selves. Its fruits are spread throughout the journey, and our every action at introspection and self-understanding unleashes joyous moments, both subtle and dramatic.

Involution is a long journey of introspection and self-reflection. However, its fruits are not received at the end of the journey, but throughout it.

Because at every stage, your every action at increasing your self-awareness, self-understanding, self love, discovery, and all efforts towards self mastery, peel layers of your hidden self — hence, it punctures streams from the limitless well of self-knowledge and universal wisdom.

However, there may arise some misconceptions about the discriminatory giving nature of our universal selves.

Given that involution begins with deep self-reflection, it may seem that it bears fruits only for the introverted minds (which may further be bolstered by the fact that some of the greatest involuted sages in history were introverted).

It is far from the truth.

Involution is a journey that anyone can take, and its joys are eternal and for anyone who can find solace in internal growth.

Let us discuss the various dams the practice of involution breaks, the various facets of our lives it floods, and how both introvert and extroverts can easily gain the same level of joy from its practice.

Involution and the Eternal Joys of healthier living

Involution builds the human capacity to be more mindful of ourselves, and our surroundings. We train our minds to allow emotions and thoughts to surface in our minds without allowing our mind to chase after them (because when it does, we gently bring it back, training it to “sit back and relax”).

Hence, slowly, we train ourselves to become aware of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and realize our inherent moods without thinking about them and becoming consumed by them.

As a result, we refrain from being needlessly anxious about our thoughts and anxieties (and our control over those thoughts, anxieties… and so on).

Major areas that involution blesses in our lives include Health, Relations, and Performance.

Involution and Health

For the introverted, who often allow their minds to ride along with thoughts and emotions into a world of their own, involution brings them harmony by showing them a new plane above these fleeting thoughts and emotions. A plane that is calm and unclouded.

This brings them self-compassion, and the ability to realize the impact their presence and words have had on people around them — who have had often gravitated towards their company.

Hence, Involution allows them to communicate their wisdom, and realize the habits that have been holding them back.

For the extroverts, who often allow their mind to readily manifest itself in words and cause them to create and map their worlds onto other, and to see it reflected in the reactions of others, involution brings them to the plane where “pause” between thoughts and communication rests.

As a result, they become more mindful of their thoughts, gently stopping their mind from running away with them. This allows them to realize their ability to touch upon people and, with time, train their minds to use them better.

Involution and Relationships

Relationships are built on one’s level of social intelligence: the ability to decipher the small gestures (tokens, I call them) arising from our interaction with others (whether friends, the significant other, family, etc.).

Often times, we are not tuned into those small gestures, failing to appreciate them or reacting to them appropriately.

Involution aids introverts by allowing them to become more aware of their surrounding, allowing them to achieve a sense of Dadirri (or deep respectful listening). This allows them to realize the social cues where communication is required (and which they often refrain from doing so).

Involution aids extroverts in the same vein, except by allowing them to become more mindful of their communication in presence of someone, they are able to control the flow of their communication — allowing others to contribute, and using them as cues for further communication.

In both cases, involution builds stronger and lasting relationships.

In Conclusion — Mind and Performance

A clear mind makes it easier to focus, and to remain focused on the task at hand. Whether its introverted or an extroverted person, involution allows both to remain calm and composed in the face of upending tasks of work life.

As a result, managing time and activities becomes easier — and so does the work life balance we all seek.

This article was inspired by The Joys of Involution, which was written Aletheia Luna. She is the co-founder, editor and author of popular spiritual website As a transformational mentor and holistic writer, she has helped to guide thousands of people throughout the world on their paths of self-acceptance and wholeness. You can follow her work and private updates on Facebook.

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