Gain clarity of purpose and live a more meaningful and internally peaceful life by learning the habits of people who have cultivated their spirits. Spiritual cultivation is different from cultivating…

Learn How To Cultivate Your Spirit

Learn How To Cultivate Your Spirit

Gain clarity of purpose and live a more meaningful and internally peaceful life by learning the habits of people who have cultivated their spirits.

Spiritual cultivation is different from cultivating your mind. It is about becoming one with not just your current environment, but to understand that all of us are part of the reality of the cosmos, we are from it, merge with it, and reborn from it. Hence, you find tranquility and oneness with time itself.

Why is cultivation of the spirit important?

Because it makes us more emotionally intelligent and aware of ourselves. Every one of us is responsible for cultivating our spirits.

Think of it as mental hygiene, and just like we have trained ourselves to take care of our physical body, we must also take care of our spirits. And just like we cultivate habits for maintaining a healthy body, we can cultivate habits for keeping our spirit and, consequently, our minds, healthy.

Only by cultivating our spirit can we occasionally rise above ourselves and towards a higher consciousness.

The following are some powerful habits that help you can cultivate your spirit on a regular basis. The good news is that all of them can seamlessly fit into your routine, without much effort.

Set a fixed time for Spiritual Cultivation

Making time for something is often the hardest part, and given our busy work lives, it often comes as an additional commitment that we find hard to abide by.

But what if you could simply make the act of waking up as part of your commitment to spiritual cultivation?

Rising early has been the de’ facto time for cultivating the spirit across civilizations. The pre-dawn wee hours allows the body to summon energizing energies from the environment and purify your body and spirit.

When you rise early, the body is already refreshed — your mind and body are empty, relaxed, active, and refreshed.

It is during this time that a few minutes of meditative silence, followed by the right food, can dramatically increase your attunement to your spirit.

So make the habit of sleeping and rising early according to your work-schedule. I say this because many people have late night shifts, hence have a different sleep cycle.

Although the pre-dawn hours are undoubtedly the best time for cultivating your spirit, going to sleep and waking up early will still allow you to wake up refreshed — and your mind and body ready for absorbing the right energies.

Inculcate Respect for What You Consume

Your spirit takes energy from its surrounding. This includes the energies that you directly or indirectly allow it to absorb. For example:

  • The company of the people and the environments you hang out in for appreciable time,
  • The amount and type of content that you consume (audio, video, text, thoughts etc.),
  • The food that you eat.

The fact is that like your physical body, your spirit is also prone to contamination and toxification. Hence, as you turn inwards to cultivate and nurture your spirit, respecting and paying attention to what you allow yourself to consume becomes very important.

Start with your food. Introduce a dieting plan that focuses on healthier eating habits (and not just the food that you eat) and fasting at certain times of the year.

By respecting the food that you consume, you are also committing yourself to an ethos of healthy eating habits, something that our culture of fast-food consumption is destroying.

Move towards reducing your consumption. Most of us consume too much content (ranging from movies to reveling in our fancies or self-critical talks).

As a result, we do not spend time crafting our responses to stimuli (e.g. how we react to a bad decision, a bad day, our happiness, someone else’s happiness, etc.).

Reduce it and you will automatically gain more time for your inner journey.

Connect with the right people and right environment. Start saying no to toxic people and environments.

Whenever you feel that your mood and energy is draining, walk away and spend a few seconds reflecting on why you were bothered by it.

At first, it will feel awkward, but with time you will gain better insights about yourself and your triggers. This will allow you to connect with your personal values and understand the principles you want to abide by.

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