Thought has created this 3-dimensional experience on Earth since its inception. The currency of creation in 3 dimensions are thoughts. Thinking, logic, theory, intellect, philosophy, rationalizing, assessing, evaluating, reasoning, conjuring and…

God Is Simply Thought In The Third Dimension

God Is Simply Thought In The Third Dimension

Thought has created this 3-dimensional experience on Earth since its inception. The currency of creation in 3 dimensions are thoughts.

Thinking, logic, theory, intellect, philosophy, rationalizing, assessing, evaluating, reasoning, conjuring and judging, are all products of thought. Thought is the conduit for absolutely everything that comprises the 3-dimensional reality.

It has now been proven beyond any doubt that matter is empty space and does not exist. Matter arises out of light, a frequency that we harmonize with, in order to materialize what it is we believe to be real.

If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. — Morpheus, The Matrix

Now let’s go deeper into what this light is, and why it is that we harmonize with a programmed matrix reality?

This reality is held intact by the collective unconscious that all agreeing upon, through their continual perpetual thoughts, which can be likened to the codes that program this world that we experience and live in, correspondingly.

The key question is: are we responsible for these thoughts, though, or have we been fooled to identify with a false god, of which we’ve had no previous knowledge? 

This mass thought-form, egregore, creates even more illusion and deceit through us, within a 3-dimensional reality that originated from thought itself.

You see, once we mistake ourselves for being our thoughts, then we start running the Luciferian egregore algorithm on our own volition. A thought set in motion is the same as energy set in motion.

All thoughts are implanted by the perpetual motions set into play since the beginning of this conjured up reality. We are told that energy never dies, only perpetuates and transmutes.

Energy simply never dies when thoughts never die, and when thoughts do stop, which will soon take place, then the light/ vibration given off by those that create the third dimensional existence, will fade into the abyss.

A THOUGHT is a WORD. A word is a SOUND. Sound VIBRATES. Vibration is ENERGY. Energy GLOWS. Glowing is LIGHT. Therefore, THOUGHTS are LIGHT. – Bryan Kemila, Illuminatimatrix

Our very existence was set in motion by a thought/ word/ vibration/ light and is fueled by this continuous flow of energy, or shall I say, overthinking.

“Everything you see is formed by thought. The very nature of light is to corrupt. This thought process called thinking has created a corruptible 3-dimensional realm.”

In Genesis, Lucifer is called the Lightbringer/ bearer.

In the beginning there was light.

And the rest is this perpetual 3-dimensional lightshow as we know it!

With this light we are all, in fact, suns that spray realities into existence with our power that has been hijacked by the mass egregore Luciferian mindset — thought-form — that exists through our thinking.

We are unknowingly using this light that creates on this plane for agendas implanted into our liquid crystal prisms, in our brains, every single day.

We are actually keeping this very plane in existence by not reclaiming our eternal state of NO THING — Above thought.

Reclaiming Sanity

Always remember, there is no single thought that you have ever been responsible for thinking. Thinking only arises outside of the all knowing wisdom state, inside of the ignorant state.

You are everything, pure knowingness and wisdom. Thought is only ignorance, the result of not knowing through manipulation.

You have been fooled to believe that you are the thinker, by thinking yourself into a box! It is nigh impossible to think “outside the box” when thinking IS the box.

At first, it may be very hard to imagine that thought is not a product of our creation, and has not ever originated from us.

Everything in this reality that has arisen out of thought can only be false and a lie, as thought is the origin of a 3rd dimensional experience that is not real.

So, from that inception, all thoughts perpetuated after that only serve the Luciferian mindset that needs thought to materialize a matrix.

Any kind of thought would do for the Luciferian egregore group that wants to simply keep the illusion alive with our collective thoughts.

That is why our mindsets have been steered and fashioned by the Illuminati industries. They have manipulated us and our incredible power to create a world that they want and not us.

Anything we can think of, can exist in an instant. In order for that thought to come into physical existence, all it needs is worship and more validation/energy from more batteries (i.e people).

Some thought-forms, obviously, need more energy than others to come into fruition, such as governmental and global agendas.

From Nothing to Something

Our original paradise state where only peace resides is called “nothingness”, which is a state of consciousness beyond time and space, that does not include any emotional attachment to a 3-dimensional thing.

Do not confuse nothing with darkness, as nothing does not have darkness nor light. It is NO THING at all. Darkness and light are only products of the 3D prison.

Logic cannot truly comprehend this, as any thought is automatically a negation of the actuality. Only wisdom knows of the still awareness within nothing.

This nothingness state is what we were before a mass group-thought-form (i.e. Luciferian mindset egregore) took that nothing and created something from a thought.

The spirit, just an attachment to your unique 3D experience

The uniqueness that you feel on this plane and that you pin down to your soul is just the illusion of all the thoughts you have conjured up out of all your experience in 3D since your inception.

The inception is said to be in the beginning, yet your true inception is outside of time and eternal, so, your spirit is just another construct of your own making via thought.

You are everything.

We are only one here on Earth in actuality, all others are self parading around in ignorance, hence why anger may overwhelm you at first when you realize how many other parts of yourself are trapped in a trance. The thought possessiveness is what is keeping them in obliviousness to the universal oneness.

One here is just split up into many and each person in just another version of self that experiences self uniquely through the algorithm bestowed to employ from the egregores. Beyond the code lies a common unification between all, and a familiarity of the oneness, a recognition. From inequality to equality.

We all have somehow become trapped and entranced inside this lightshow by attachment to the whole illusion itself! The attachment binds you to the illusion and causes you to become trapped. Reincarnation occurs due to a mere attachment one has to the illusion.

Why Come Here?

Why would you come here to become sold to an illusion and become trapped in it?

The only answer I can find within me at the moment is that the deception within the illusion has such a large number of veils that it makes this experience an extremely difficult one to remain humble in and to carry on questioning everything no matter how far you may “think” you have progressed spiritually.

There is always more truth awaiting as your frequency rises. Pride can end ones progress prematurely here, hence why it is one of the seven deadly sins that stops spiritual evolution dead.

As I have also mentioned, there is no such thing as a soul deciding whether or not to come.

We are divided awareness from the eternal one that has been manipulated to create an individualized thought form! This thought-form builds on itself and simply remains in 3D forever until the attachment is broken and all the data released!

Those at the top of the pyramid that fulfil the luciferian agenda have no idea what is truly going on as they are being controlled by thought permanently where consciousness does not exist – truth a remnant. The blame game is a losing struggle, the elite do NOT KNOW what the hell is truly going on.

From the Inside Out

Thought creates and preserves a template of experience and this experience we then project through the five senses from the inside out! Not from the outside in as we are taught to believe through indoctrination!

The implanting occurs within and the projection has its source from there. Once you become conscious of this, you begin to reverse the process and start to project that which you favour instead of that what the egregore favours!

Think in terms of a  hypnotist that implants thoughts into his/her subject’s mind, for instance, making the subject perceive things that do not exist for anybody else in the audience.The hypnotist is hacking the projection from within. The outside world has absolutely no affect on the perception!

The suggested reality for the subject is completely real, yet for the audience is not at all. Who is beholding the truth?

The answer is both, as what is perceived is real for both by the validating thoughts within, yet the paradox is that neither is seeing the truth, as all are just witnessing manipulated light from thought conjuring up an illusion.

This reality is the ultimate paradox! When the time comes for us to turn the tables completely there will literally be no limit to what we choose to experience in this reality of light that is so easily corruptible.

For now I think, many would choose to be playful and enjoy the illusion until the time comes to return back to the eternal nothingness where paradise awaits. The game is over.

Reference: Illuminatimatrix

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website:

  1. Your article it’s a mere copy of Bryan Kemila workd.
    It would be fair to mention the autor of the quote of you article.
    And to be more fair and give complete information about the god thought you shoul even post the Bryan Kemila blog site.
    This is not personaly against you,it’s just time to be WISDOM…..

  2. The lie thought process created this light energy, this 3 dimensional reality, we see all about us. 3 dimensionality is a lie and it is a hypnotic trance state we’re experiencing. The way to eliminate this lie and the ensuing hypnosis, is to reconnect to our awareness of what really is. We all have this awareness, we don’t have to ascend or become enlightened to obtain it, because we already have it. The only thing standing in the way is the lie, that light energy (the 3 dimensional realm) is real, and it is not.
    Bryan Kemila

  3. The site is referenced at the bottom if you were anyhow aware of this WISDOM… All relevant text is quoted, and I have included his name. Thank you.

  4. This is one of the first websites i found giving out Kemila based information. I find his work the deepest of all, so i have question for you as i cannot ever figure out how to get a question to him on his blog.(let me know if you know how) If the luciferian egregore, a thought form entity, is here, who thouhght it up, brought it to life?????? And is there such a thing as living or non thought form entity. Your response please. ( i just found this site today and will frequent it, thx)

  5. I did not delve too much into Kemila’s work, I thought he got too carried away, lost himself in his own work.
    Your first question who brought IT to life, well, intelligence results from the offspring of ignorance as Kemila teaches, where there is disconnection to the soul, the whole, this initiates a gap for illusion(virus) to enter and spread. Lucifer has been pointed out as the entity that created this reality from nothing…thats because thats what it actually is, nothing, yet within it permeates absolutes such as the elements, as the elements are present in the whole universe and cannot be hidden, not even by an illusion. This is As far as I know, he hated himself for his creation, because after he created it all, he knew he would fail. He felt very angry. The only thing he could do is to project all his hatred of himself into the souls that came into his creation. As for your last question, we are all non-thought form entities. That was where Bryan was wrong.

  6. Arno, your articles I’ve read today for the first time have…I really cant describe it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Good read Arno …
    Though wouldn’t pin the blame on Lucifer personally.
    More like the Demiurge, head Archon.
    Have you read any Barbara Hand Clow’s work ?
    There’s an interview with Lucifer in the Pleiadian Agenda, It says Lucifer is trapped here along with the rest of us by false Religious belief systems…

  8. Lucifer and the Anunnaki Diversion through Barbara Hand Clow. You can read it here: (edit: linked removed, please search on Google for further reference).

  9. The matrix is one being’s reality that became the reality of billions. Call him what you like.
    Send me a link then I can take a look.

  10. How can you reasonably discern we are all non-thought form beings though? The thing about Bryan’s work is… he takes it for what it is… Technically, I believe he doesn’t believe we are ‘thoughtform entities’ either, at least not in the most literal sense, because he’s also of the opinion that everything is one. It’s the body and the ‘consciousness’ that results from its processes that are conjured thoughts, not Who is in the illusion. Repeatedly throughout his site he says humanity is not ‘Who and What’ ‘we’ are.

    What makes observation/interpretation of any event possible in the first place? It can’t be consciousness or 3D physicality because that too, as anything else is conjured by thought and has a discernible point of origin to the thought process.

    What really set all this shit into motion?

  11. Wtf. Ok so two months ago things started looking different. Reality didn’t quite make sense like it used to. So I started asking questions and looking for answers. Now, there’s like a whole different world which confuses me more than my fake reality that I lived in a year ago.
    I’m on information overload and am ready to just pretend this isn’t happening.

  12. Arno, Very insightful. However I find these two statements to be contradictory :”Our original paradise state where only peace resides is called “nothingness” and “You are everything, pure knowingness and wisdom.” How can we be “every”thing and no thing at the same time? Thoughts are the creators of everything so associating ourselves with any”thing” is associating with thought and it is identifying with the luciferian program.

    Everything comes from a single thought that occurred in the consciousness of the “no” thing or the Adam/Eve made in God’s image (The original Adam): The no thing Eve wanted to be god i.e be something. Eve wanted to be something because she felt they ( i.e she and Adam) were nothing (naked and empty) when they reflected God ( i.e God is the reality that makes us exist outside the boundaries of illusory thought) so she ate from the forbidden fruit and shared it with her husband and they became conscious of their nakedness. The resultant self consciousness (naked awareness) represents the ego or the thought that their rebellion created. It also represents the original thought (or false conception) from which all other thoughts or egos were born. The false self conscious, i can be god if i rebel thought form Adam and Eve is the origin of all ‘living'( i.e the source of all illusory selves or false thoughts). This thought is the source or the big bang (i.e the origin of the light) that created all thought worlds or chakras. It is the fallen Adam whose image we all bear and this thought keeps replicating itself and creating false thoughts.

    We are all one in Adam (the multiples/offspring of the fallen Adam/Eve or thought) We are the something (contracted thought) that ultimately wants to be everything (connect with the ultimate/expanded thought from which all thoughts comes from) .Bryan Kemila made this significant observation on his website “The Ego (Thought Process) that conjured up my illusory life experience is who and what we are in this 3D plane. We are the mouthpiece and the players, the puppets, that perpetuate the luciferian agenda. It’s this agenda that seeks to be “god”. When in Reality, there is no such thing as “god”, or the “devil”. Who and What we really are simply ignores the Ego (Thought Process) and continues on in Eternal Peace within the Paradise State, even as the Mindset of the Ego dances about, hoping to distract and manipulate the Truth. Which of course, can never be accomplished. However, the Ego doesn’t know this, for the Ego has no Truth, no Awareness, … and only functions by exercising Thoughts. ………

    We i.e our thoughts are the inhibitors of wisdom. We are the illusory something (something as a result of thought) that has no basis in reality but who wants to be everything. i.e identify with the original thought wholeness or the Adam we came from when in reality, we are nothing i.e no thought naked and empty ( without ego) In order to be truly free, we must reject everything i.e we, us them, i, the source etc and look to Jesus or in other words, the awareness beyond thought and beyond any self. The one found outside us and our thought. Whether you call it maya or brahman, it is still fake because it is based on light or thought. I would love to recommend this to you and your readers

  13. Your answer to “why are we here” is missing the crucial reason, which is to reconstruct the matrix back to its original blueprint of light. Your articles perfectly describe what is, but that only keep us in what is. It would be helpful if there were some mention of our roles here as change makers through the reclaimation of the most important tools at our disposal in 3D- our thoughts, beliefs and imaginations. If we created our current reality, then surely we can uncreated it.

  14. Shannone is on point there. We just need to uncreate this reality and if need be, recreate a new one. I mean from the phones we’re using to the cars we use everyday. This is based on a true technology which is better “understood” as telepathy the phones). We have to innerstand the fact that everything that is being introduced is based on our human ability that which we are not exercising fully because of the seemingly convenient ways created (only because we dont want to know no better).
    If what we see on the outside is a souls projection of whats within, then how we believe and trust that what we can master are these new phones, cars and other stuff? Yes there is veil/world/reality created to blind us from seeing this realm for it truly is and we can change that if we choose to stop participating in this stupefying game of thrones making people drones.

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