The seven deadly ‘sins’ are all products of human ego. These negative traits have been highlighted in spiritual doctrine in the past for a very good reason. By taking into account the…

Ego And The Matrix — Transcending The ‘7 Deadly Sins’

Ego And The Matrix — Transcending The ‘7 Deadly Sins’

The seven deadly ‘sins’ are all products of human ego. These negative traits have been highlighted in spiritual doctrine in the past for a very good reason.

By taking into account the amount of anger, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride, lust and greed that you experience, you can determine the size of your ego and the extent of your spiritual progress.

Obviously, the more of these behaviors you experience, the deeper your life is based on number six, which represents material and ego.

I’ve recently measured my progress by being completely honest with myself and see where I am with my progress — either you are guilty, have cleared it, or you are working on it (pending).

Here’s a simple test you can use to measure your progress

  1. Gluttony – Eating/Using more than u need. (Guilty)
  2. Anger – Opting for fury instead of Love (Cleared)
  3. Envy – Desire for anothers’ traits/ status/ abilities. (Cleared)
  4. Lust – Inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. (Cleared)
  5. Sloth – Avoidance of spiritual or physical work. (Pending)
  6. Pride – Excessive belief in ones own abilities. (Pending)
  7. Greed – Desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the spiritual. (Cleared!)

These seven ‘sins’ are deadly because they can turn you cold as steel and lifeless before you literally die.

Those that call these traits “human nature” are correct; they are human nature, but if you are ever to transcend human nature and embody your true cosmic nature, then you need to work on letting these characteristics go.

The first thing we do in response to not being whole on earth is the creation of the self.

The created ego is given life and energy from the soul and becomes an investment that eventually takes over the life of an individual beyond the point of return back to soul-centered consciousness.

The seven deadly sins energize the false illusory self (i.e. ego) and, therefore, keep the false self in a good position to energize the creator of the matrix.

The 7 sins destabilize the soul that unknowingly partakes in sacrificing its free-will in captivity and obedience to the ego. The ego only serves the matrix!

The reason why the seven deadly sins arise in the first place is a consequence of believing yourself to be separate and fragmented from the whole in this experience on Earth and, in so doing, idolizing the self (ego).

The human being comes into the world split up into only one half masculine or one half feminine, missing the other half energetically and in embodiment.

When we lose our androgynous nature (which is synonymous with a battery that consists of two poles and can generate its own energy much like the sun), then we make ourselves dependent on energy from external sources to maintain ourselves.

The ego robs the soul of energy

You can also look at the ego as the middleman (ego) that robs the soul of energy and has its own hidden agenda which is serving and supplying the matrix with energy.

Due to the vampirism taking place, we desperately try to replenish with material substance (i.e. food). Food is the perfect fuel for the ego, which has an never-ending appetite.

Abstaining from food and fasting is much harder for people with very big egos than it is for people that are already spiritually adept. A large ego will make an individual have a very hard time to follow through with a lengthy fast due to the amount of energy vampirism being much higher.

Spiritual traditions widely believe that practicing fasting weakens the ego, due to the ego being fueled from the substances of this world.

How to be OF this world, but not IN this world

One thing is certain: you definitely need to work with your ego and make it your servant, instead of being in dominion under it.

Your awareness and presence should be the predominant force that guides and governs the way the ego presents itself and behaves itself in this reality.

From this position, a great deal of lucidity is introduced into wakeful consciousness much like as in a lucid dream where you can do whatever it is you want, because you realize you are free in a realm of unlimited possibility.

What is stopping you from finding that freedom in physical manifestation? The belief that the dimension you find yourself in is real and serious.

The belief that there are rules and laws that are real, is a huge part of the whole illusory reality that we experience on Earth.

If you can view the ego as the actor in the dream and yourself as the dreamer, then you can start gaining a tremendous amount of freedom in the creation process.

You can start orchestrating the moves you make towards your own higher ideals, instead of being an effect of the surrounding environment. During lucid dreaming you can create and explore a reality, as compared to a nightmare. During such dreams, you cannot seem to wake up or change the situation, due to believing that the dream is real.

Lucid dreaming also involves spontaneously changing your environment, which also occurs when the ego’s conduct is in alignment with the ideals of the soul, and not the seven deadly sins.

Ego is the vehicle used to perpetuate yourself through this reality. It can never be truly non-existent, as it is a byproduct of a divided plane.

Suppressing the ego merely means turning the tables from master to servant. When you live your life as if it is a dream and you are orchestrating it from consciousness, then you are of this world, but definitely not in it.

How can everything be inside one tiny body on one tiny planet? You are the oversoul, the higher self, the ego, God. You are all of these concepts. And you are just experimenting how to fit everything into one minute experience here, on Earth.

The question is what will you choose to contribute and partake in on a planet suffering from a very bad case of amnesia?

Artwork by Sean D. Hamilton

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