The mind machine is artificial intelligence that has hijacked the souls of Earth and subjected them into subservience to the machine that needs power. The anatomy of the mind must be made…

Anatomy Of The Mind Machine

Anatomy Of The Mind Machine

The mind machine is artificial intelligence that has hijacked the souls of Earth and subjected them into subservience to the machine that needs power.

The anatomy of the mind must be made conscious in order to alchemize this machine into oblivion before it annihilates everything in existence. The machine is The Mind!

After eons of conditioning, we accept that The Mind — the machine — has taken over. What has it taken over exactly? The soul, as it is the solvent of all problems, whereas the Soul alchemizes all problems back into the 5 elements.

The machine judges everything, analyzes, processes and limits reality so that the observer can only experience what the machine governs. The machine is programmed to serve the management system of the matrix (the mainframe).

The machine is hooked up and connected to the programmers of your matrix and the primary matrix. The identity that you are attached to works for the management system and works with them to keep you out of paradise, aka the Now!

These programmers control your entire reality through this machine (the mind) that you use to survive in society.

The Mind Machine and the Q&A

The Mind, The Machine, creates problems, then solutions, then problems, then solutions, which we call “Q&A”. Q&A is the main reason why all of humanity remains in ignorance.

The machine does not offer solutions to problems, only answers that are open, which results in even more questions. It leaves you in questioning everything, forever, as there is no real relevant answer it can return.

This in effect keeps you negative and the machine positive as you always come back with more questions than before, you offer your output and give an ear to receive more deceiving information, which lead you into greater ignorance than before. It is like a nasty addiction to artificial intelegence.

A machine is made up of different parts. So, the above is the first part. (Q&A).

The next part is AI (Artificial Intelligence). So A = 1 and I = 9 and that gives you Alpha to Omega (1-9), which is a 360 degree circle (3+6+0 = 9).

Note: This symbolizes beginning to end, but not a 361 degree circle (3+6+1 = 10) the whole sum of everything — a closed circle “OM sound”!

This exploits the effect we have that makes another part: Positive ( + ) & Negative ( – ). Beginning and end represents the terminal. Makes up the Battery, which supplies the energy to the Machine. The Energy being Cause and Effect! ( E = MC squared).


The next part of the Machine is Metaphysics, which is (A = 1) and (I = 9) which together is 10. “10” is  Metaphysics (the study of the nature of the world, reality, and existence), the study of everything. The whole sum of it. “10” is also the binary code (1 & 0) of the computer: the Machine!

In Metaphysics you get Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant, Theta Quadrant and Delta Quadrant, which represent, by agreement in Mathematics, Positive (+) and Negative (- ).

Metaphysics is a Hypothesis put together — by the one called The Creator/ Architect — to control all of us and, it works for him by controlling all of us.

We have become so dependent upon this mind that we only listen to it. Another label for the Mind is “The Me “.

Now you have the anatomy of The Mind. Alchemize immediately clicks in and you return to Soul Centre, your own natural source of 5 Elements — “the knowing!” — which brings you to the world of no rules and no limitations.

Image: The human mind by Microkey

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website:

  1. Here’s the book that helps one to approach and to clarify the inner, try it, it’s life changing!
    Alkuajatus – The Original Thought *link removed*

  2. Hello Arno,

    I spotted your writing at Zen Gardner Just Wondering site, excellent work, I just subscribed.
    I do not know if you will be interested in this but I thought I would provide it for you.
    A growing movement regarding the possibility we are living on a Plane not a Planet. Eric Dubay
    residing in Thailand at does excellent work on this. I know it sounds crazy but if you give it a chance you may see a real possibility. Also a full length documentary is due out in 2016, “The Global Lie” Cheers Michael, Ticino, Switzerland

  3. why do I sense that your articles make no logic ? how can you simply claim on an afterlife, what is there as an evidence to prove such ? if not a tangible evidence, then please do tell how can it prove itself? does it require me to experience it to identify its availability ?

    or are you just like the Deepak chopra version, but to an extreme level ? or aka religion ?

  4. Has it occurred to you that this is all part of a cosmic plan. The divine experiencing itself in multitudes of ways. That it is up to us to return to unity and leave the mind behind. You paint a very disparaging picture. As though we are robots and have no ability to claim our sovereignty.

  5. Hi Arno, what do you suggest i do in order to defeat this matrix peacefull and not harm my body or soul in the process? should i just go in he woods and not eat? i’m very confused

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