Feel as if your sensitivity is being numbed? Continue reading to understand how it is possible to lose your sensitivity despite being born an empath. In the brief amount of…

Is It Possible For Empaths To Lose Their Sensitivity?

Is It Possible For Empaths To Lose Their Sensitivity?

Feel as if your sensitivity is being numbed? Continue reading to understand how it is possible to lose your sensitivity despite being born an empath.

In the brief amount of time I have spent in this world, I have come across many different kinds of people, including empaths.

In all of my interactions and conversations, I have tried to understand other people, and I have tried to find answers to questions that seem impossible to answer.

I want to know and understand as much as humanly possible, just like you or anyone else.

One thing I have noticed is how almost every empath have at one point in their lives, numbed their sensitivity – the aspect that makes them who they are.

This revelation surprised me initially, but the more I pondered on the thought, the more sense it made. The fact is that this world can be quite harsh and overwhelming for those who are considered as highly sensitive or empaths.

Empath or not, we all have our defense mechanisms. For empaths, the defense mechanism reacts by numbing down their sensitivity or empathy.

This is probably why empaths are so prone to addictive behaviors – the need to numb can sometimes be the only way to protect their sanity.

So, whether you are simply curious or you begun to have your empathy numbed down, I hope I am able to answer some of your questions.

Empath or not, you are who you are

The first step towards happiness is self-love and acceptance. The more expectations you have of yourself, the more you are likely to suffer. I think it is perfectly acceptable to allow yourself to be unemotional, cold, and even apathetic.

Acceptance is the first step towards self-growth.

Whether you want to rid yourself of this curse, or embrace it in all of its beauty, you need to understand that changing yourself is a lengthy process that may take a lifetime.

It would be utterly ludicrous to expect yourself to drastically change from one polar opposite to another.

If you feel like you’ve lost a part of you and wish to regain it, don’t worry, human beings are amazingly dynamic beings and nothing is impossible if you take a positive approach.

Define boundaries and rules for yourself

We, humans, are creatures of habit, and we tend to become slaves to our own compulsions.

Self-control isn’t something that comes naturally to us — something essential for us to thrive and grow.

In the case of empaths, who are prone to many dysfunctional habits, this is even more important. If you have continuously felt anxious and depressed, it is most likely because you don’t have any rules or boundaries for yourself.

Since highly sensitive people and empaths are different from other people, they are often misunderstood.

The advice they receive is usually from a perspective that doesn’t understand them and their needs. Hence, the lack of a role model or guidance can result in a life that is in disarray and disharmonious.

Now, you don’t really need to be a disciplinarian to live a healthy and comfortable life. Understand what can lead you to feel pain and set rules that will allow you to circumvent them, so that you avoid as much needless pain as possible.

For example, you are not responsible for everyone’s pain and being apathetic it completely acceptable. In fact, it is your right to be happy, one that you should learn to exercise.

Setting boundaries will help you limit your exposure to people, places, and situations that cause you discomfort. Once you learn to adhere to your own rules, you will realize that you can find solace, comfort, balance, and calm.

Learn to treat yourself as you would treat others

There can be no greater critic than our own selves. Sometimes we treat ourselves worse than we would treat other people.

So, it is not uncommon for us to start abusing ourselves without knowing it, especially if we lose touch with our sensitivity. Self-abuse can manifest in various forms, such as staying indoors too much, binge eating, pressuring ourselves, acting against our core beliefs, and many other forms.

Being good to yourself can be quite different and requires a bit of practice. As an empath, you feel other people’s pain and even become compassionate, so why not learn to be compassionate with yourself? You need more caring attention from yourself than anyone else.

There is nothing wrong with not wanting your sensitivity back

Life can be cruel. I will not tell you that regaining your sensitivity back will be good for you or that you should do it. You need to understand yourself and do what you feel is right for you.

Yes, such a level of sensitivity can be quite painful, but at the same time, if you learn to harness your sensitivity, your life can become much deeper, richer, and fulfilling.

But, if you think you are better without your sensitivity that is completely acceptable; the important thing is your happiness and contentment.

Learn to forgive

Forgive not just other people, but yourself as well. The path towards spiritual, psychological, and emotional growth requires you to forgive.

If you choose not to forgive, you will only continue to build up more resentment and hatred, which will do nothing for you but impede you in every aspect.

If you can relate to any of this, or if you would simply like to share your experience, please feel free to comment down below. We need each other in order to learn, grow and live joyous lives.

This article was inspired by Q&A: Can an Empath’s Sensitivity Be Dulled Throughout Life?, which was written Aletheia Luna. She is the co-founder, editor and author of popular spiritual website LonerWolf.com. As a transformational mentor and holistic writer, she has helped to guide thousands of people throughout the world on their paths of self-acceptance and wholeness. You can follow her work and private updates on Facebook.


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