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Aluminium is a prime receiver for electromagnetic signals from information technology, and it’s being used to maintain a slave race dedicated to the matrix. The inception of slavery The foundation of flourishing…

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One of the most common problems that today’s young professionals face in their job search getting their resume noticed and shortlisted and contacted for an interview. We’ll apply to job after job, and rarely get the call for an interview. On average, only 2% of applicants get a call for an interview, and the other 98% are never contacted.

We start to get frustrated when we never seem to be in that 2% of candidates who are shortlisted, despite often being perfect for the job we’re applying for. It’s a huge issue since without landing the interview, we have no shot at landing the job. But what is it about our application process, resume and cover letter that just isn’t doing it?

According to the medical experts, the benefits offered by physical therapy treatment are immense for the patients who suffer from physical conditions. Thanks to the medical specialists who offer this…

Probably one of the hardest questions to answer of all time is, ‘What is love?’ (And no, it’s not ‘baby don’t hurt me.’) This day and age, our life is consumed by trying to find love through online dating apps. It has become even more confusing to determine what love is and differentiate it from infatuation. Are we just lusting after this person or do we really love them? Here are 50 tell-tale signs whether you are in love or just infatuated by those who have lived through it.

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