Do you wonder how can you use the techniques of releasing pain from your energy body and actually feel better? Let’s face it — there are many people who suffered…

Releasing Pain From Your Energy Body

Releasing Pain From Your Energy Body

Do you wonder how can you use the techniques of releasing pain from your energy body and actually feel better?

Let’s face it — there are many people who suffered a lot during their lifetime. However, there are even more who have never felt a big release of pain from their energy and are not aware of the feelings connected with it.

Unfortunately, living in a world that is changing as we speak, there are many uncomfortable things that lead to that, which brings us to a fact that although we don’t wish for us or anyone else, dealing with pain is something that we must learn.

Releasing pain from your energy body will make you feel a lot better. More importantly, it will make you understand your own energy and the awakening processes accordingly.

The Acceleration of Healing and Embodiment by Releasing Pain

Our lives can be happy and fulfilled, but there are times when they are full of pain (or aspects tied to it). Whether it’s a relationship, job, task or an emotional tendency, there are patterns in our lives directed by pain that make our brains follow an unhealthy or abusive path.

Learning how to live healthy and happy is a priority in times like these. Being fully conscious and awake on a daily basis is even more important, and should happen even before learning the lessons and digesting all the pain one does not deserve.

The truth is, suffering happens because of our old ego, which doesn’t let us move forward and makes us suffer.

It is the ego that perpetuates a split inside us and keeps us disconnected, feeling low and down. And it is the ego that separates us from the others and lets us make our own choices.

So, how do you release pain from your ego and let go of all the problems?

The Way to Connect, Heal, Release and Expand

During awakening, there is a lot of energy coming our way. The direction in which it comes is similar to a tidal wave, bringing the fullness of us accordingly.

In some cases, this can be a time of emotional discharge, as a result of holding on to pain and/or anger for a longer period of time.

First and foremost, it is important to connect with your pain and feel its expansion and contraction. How does it feel, specifically? When does it feel the strongest and when does it feel the weakest?

These are all questions that can help you connect with your pain and then find the best way to eliminate it for good.

If you clear these issues intentionally with your mind focused onto them, then you are on the right path to begin releasing pain from your energy body.

Intensity Build Ups and Heals Old Problems

Our pain functions in a strange way. It makes our energy build up inside and cause too much pressure.

Obviously, this is a different subject for each person, and while some people are prone to experiencing light pain, others feel pain at its worst.

Finding a living space and a reflection in the external world during the timeframe of pain is the most important thing to do.

The self-care beyond any other world change is something that everyone should learn to practice and support the change, flow and life moving inside the body. Similarly to a river hitting a dam, too much water (pressure) will eventually break the dam (you) open.

Releasing pain from your energy body will make you feel like a new man and it will also make room for a whole new tide of energy to kick in and make your life better.

This is about learning to feel more open, alive and more like yourself than ever before.

Begin the Healing Process Today…

The healing process starts with releasing pain, but it undertakes many phases, some of which include the expansion of pain, the turn, contraction, dropping into the process and, eventually, a release, after which the pain is cleared and the “next expansion” will soon follow.

This “next expansion” is like a new life, a huge flow of positive energy that will reinvigorate you.


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