People all around the globe report weird awakening symptoms, such as: buzzing in their ears, sudden moments of feeling loved, sudden bursts of happiness and energy, awareness of their mind,…

AWAKENING! Symptoms, Reason, Science, And What The Future Will Look Like

AWAKENING! Symptoms, Reason, Science, And What The Future Will Look Like

People all around the globe report weird awakening symptoms, such as: buzzing in their ears, sudden moments of feeling loved, sudden bursts of happiness and energy, awareness of their mind, body and feelings, calmness, aversion towards unhealthy food or animal abuse, a urge to live healthier and more eco friendly.

People report supernatural encounters, remembering memories from their past lives. People get more and more into Nature and Natural living, they feel urges to dance, laugh, be silly for “no reason” what so ever.

People get shots of inspiration, they get unexplained drive to create and do art.

People feel more and more imprisoned and suffocated working in offices. Some even feel urges to go out and protest for everything that is unfair. Some even get sudden feeling of being mad for “no reason”.

People get more and more emotional. Some quotes from the past that had no meaning suddenly start to have A LOT of meaning.

People want to travel the world and connect with fellow humans. Suddenly people feel more and more courageous to face their fears and do what they truly love.
If you find some, if not all of these symptoms happening to you don’t worry.

You are awakening!

Our galaxy is going through an enormous amount of Cosmic Light. This light is emitted by some cosmic events and it is a higher frequency than the “rainbow specter” light we are able to see.

However, just like our eyes, our body has receivers for this frequency of photons also. These tiny receivers are on our skin and they are activated when we vibrate on a certain frequency.

Once they are activated they trigger a process in our bodies to produce certain chemicals, proteins and amino acids that some scientists say may be the key of eternal youth and immortality.

Can you guess what FQ? The frequency of love.

When a human vibrates on the love frequency their body is healthier and most balanced. This means that our bodies were made to feel love. We were made to love. Our bodies are at their best when we feel LOVE.

NOTE: This is scientifically proven!

So when we vibrate on LOVE FQ the receivers are on and ready to absorb the frequency of light they were made to absorb.

The light we are showering in, being aware or not, is absorbed by these receivers every time we feel love and the information these photons carry with them is stored inside our being. This is why our consciousness is rapidly increasing!

The earth is going through this frequency of light shower since 2012 and every time you felt love you’ve been absorbing this light.

What’s my point?

The ones who are courageous enough to feel love will use this light. They’ll awaken and raise their frequency.

But what does this mean? Will they become old people who are always smiling, with long beards living on the top of some mountain?

Hell, no! Well maybe if some like that a lot.

This is a stereotype! We imagine being spiritual like someone who just meditates or dances naked, or has a big belly and doesn’t take care of his body’s hygiene.

He listens to strange music or doesn’t like music at all. He likes only the sound of Nature.

He doesn’t watch movies or TV shows. He doesn’t play games. He is alone, he needs no friends, he lives like a bum.

WHAT?! Why would anyone want a life so boring?

Maybe being awakened looked like this thousands years ago, but these days do you really think this would be a profile of an awakened one.

We must understand that when you find your uniqueness, that essential frequency deep inside you, you are no longer affected by any kind of manipulation as you live from that center of your being.

You live by your own TRUTH which has universal essence that is the same in any TRUTH anybody has.

No matter what you hear, see or learn you are always filtering everything through your frequency, you are dissolving everything to its purest form and that’s how you perceive the world.

So you may watch the most mind manipulating movie produced by the Global Elite themselves and you will see deep inside the movie taking away the purest form of its message.

So, let’s say for the sake of this argument that the movie is about a prince saving a princess.

You will not be manipulated to think less of women, you will perceive straight to the TRUTH that movie shares. You will be inspired to be courageous. That’s the value you’ll take from the movie.

Everything has TRUTH in it despite who shares the message!

What I like to conclude…

…with this article is that the modern awakened ones are going to be badass. There will be festivals, movies, TV shows, websites, YouTube videos, we will co create art together.

We will laugh, dance, create, play and love each other. There will be energy centers, spa paradises, raw food restaurants, creative stores, video games, technology integrated with Nature.

I want you to imagine if Buddha, Jesus, or Gandhi lived in these modern times. They would probably have a GoPro camera or a twitter and Facebook accounts.

They will probably dance and attend festivals like Tomorrow Land. They will probably have their own YouTube channel where they’ll upload their videos of wisdom.

They’ll probably watch movies and like The Matrix Trilogy, or laugh at the TV Show Friends.

Maybe some of them would like Rock n’ Roll and maybe some of them would be an awesome player.

What I like to say with this article is that the most important thing, even more important than awakening, is to not be afraid of showing what you truly want to do. Find that badasness inside yourself. Show the world what you are passionate about. Forget all fear and live through love.

Don’t be afraid. When you are centered in your LOVE, nothing is wrong!

The new era of awakening will be AWESOME because we have created too much AWESOMENESS. We just need to learn how to use it without being used by it.

Technology was never bad. We were just not ready for it. Our consciousness was simply globally on too low of a level for managing such information.

But we awaken. We raise our consciousness. We start to understand that there is no bad or good. There is only LOVE. Unity.

If we want to integrate what we have created with Nature and live in balance we must understand this. If we want to keep what we have created we must be conscious enough.

And we will be if we are courageous enough to face our fears and LOVE. Just Love my loving readers. Just love.

By Dejan Davchevski, Guest author,

Dejan Davchevski is one of the brightest young minds who writes about the complete human health, motivation, philosophy and the secrets of success. With Life Coach Code he creates a mindset of happiness and prosperity through his articles – Codes – which Reprogram the negative Paradigm creating a better version of ourselves.


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