This article was inspired by How to Change Your Core Beliefs in 9 Steps After you will identify your negative core beliefs and discover how they negatively impact your life, you will…

Core Beliefs Fundamentally Impact Your Life — Alchemize The Negative Ones

Core Beliefs Fundamentally Impact Your Life — Alchemize The Negative Ones

This article was inspired by How to Change Your Core Beliefs in 9 Steps

After you will identify your negative core beliefs and discover how they negatively impact your life, you will surely want to learn how to alchemize them into positive ones.

In my previous article, I’ve explained what core beliefs are and how dysfunctional core beliefs can perpetual self-torture.

Now that you understand what your core beliefs are and how they impact your life, we will talk about what you can do to change the dysfunctional ones.

Our core beliefs are, literally, the center of who we are — they define how we perceive everything in our lives, including ourselves and those around us.

The path towards discovering our core beliefs is an integral part of experiencing involution, which is the healing and growth of the inner-self.

How to change your core beliefs

A person’s fundamental convictions about him or herself are directly related to their core beliefs.

These are the absolute truths we create about ourselves, which then direct our perception for the rest of our lives.

For example, if one or both of our parents needlessly punished you in childhood and/or labeled you “stupid”, it is likely that you will, eventually, come to consider yourself stupid as well.

(Other examples include, “I deserve this”, “I am ugly,” etc.).

Once you have discovered your core beliefs, the next obvious step is to replace them with healthier alternatives.

In this article, we will be discussing various ways in which a person can replace their core beliefs.

Although most of the techniques may seem simple, (because most things associated with spirituality are quite straight-forward), they require substantial amounts of determination, effort, time, and energy.

Focus on a single core belief at a time

It is never smart to try and rush a process, especially when it comes to your inner health. Start off by identifying the most persistent and dominant core belief and begin with that one.

You will discover that there is one single most dominant core belief that seems to control a lot of what you feel, think, and do.

Focus on this core belief first, then on less significant beliefs, such as the ones that fluctuate with your emotional state.

Understand a core belief’s impact on your life

In order to truly want to change a core belief, you need to understand how it affects your life. Write down or meditate on this question, “How does this core belief impact my life?”

For example, you might come to the conclusion that it prevents you from feeling confident, or it makes you doubt yourself or even hate yourself.

Once you understand its negative implications on your life, you will automatically find the motivation to replace it.

What perpetuates the negative cycle

There are many reasons why people, despite understanding the impact of their actions, still consciously or unconsciously choose not to make a change.

The same thing applies to core beliefs as well. Usually, change requires us to venture out of our comfort zone — an act that usually induces fear.

When one decides to undertake such a difficult and life-altering task, it is extremely important that they are completely committed in every way.

Disprove your core belief

Disproving your core belief means deep introspection. Access your memories, the ones that negate your core belief.

For example, if your core belief is “I am unlovable”, then look back into your life and find proof of how much people love or loved you.

For example, how your mother loves/d you unconditionally; or how that one teacher would always take your side over the other students, because she loved you; or how your best friends did everything you asked, because they loved you.

If the “I am unlovable” core belief is troubling you to a deeper level, then you should also try these easy steps to self-love (self-love is one’s ability to accept all of the flaws along with the virtues. It is the ability to respect yourself for who you are).

Find an alternative

Once you have disproved your dysfunctional core belief, it is time to replace it. What you need now is an alternative, positive, core belief to replace the negative one. It is important that the new belief contradicts the previous one.

For example, replace “I am ugly” with “I am beautiful.”

Please note that is really important that you truly believe in the veracity of the alternative core belief, in order for this to work. So choose carefully.

Contemplate a life with your new core belief

There is no greater joy than imagination!

Imagine how your new core belief will transform your perception and life. Will it help you become more confident, joyful, or even prosperous?

Reflect on the thought, meditate on it, or even better, write it down.

Plan of action

After you have identified your toxic core belief, challenged it, and successfully replaced it, now you need a plan of action.

Thoughts and beliefs are not something you can just change in a day or a month. You have consolidated the old beliefs through years of reinforcement.

So, you have to ensure that you continue to negate the toxic belief you previously had and reinforce the positive alternative that you chose as a replacement.

Please remember that mistakes are a part of who we are as human beings, and slip-ups should be expected.

Meditate and reflect on the progress and make sure to reinforce the new core belief as often as possible. Try to embed the new core belief into your subconscious and remember that the possibilities are, literally, limitless.

Replacing core beliefs take a great deal of time and effort, but if you stick with this, your reward will be priceless, as you will become a better, more confident, person and you will improve your personal life and social health.

This article was inspired by How to Change Your Core Beliefs in 9 Steps, which was written Aletheia Luna. She is the co-founder, editor and author of popular spiritual website As a transformational mentor and holistic writer, she has helped to guide thousands of people throughout the world on their paths of self-acceptance and wholeness. You can follow her work and private updates on Facebook.


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