Whoever told you that fasting was only for religious folks was lying to you, or maybe they did not know there are other benefits to it. You have the power…

Fasting Magnifies The Power Of Intention & Manifestation

Fasting Magnifies The Power Of Intention & Manifestation

Whoever told you that fasting was only for religious folks was lying to you, or maybe they did not know there are other benefits to it. You have the power to magnify your heart’s intentions with fasting. Boost the power of your digestive system by devising a plan of fasting regularly.

We all know what fasting is, at least from what we see being practiced by our Muslim and Christian friends. Almost all forms of religion practice a form of fasting that they use to enhance their spiritual as well as physical well-being.

It is believed that denying the body food for certain periods of time, in intervals, helps the spiritual pillar of the soul to be nourished and helps the physical digestive system to be recalibrated.

Practicing fasting in whatever form is a tool to exercise control over the body and mind because it helps to retrain the body in healthy eating habits and helps the mind to rethink of the important things in life.

It is commendable that we know this much about the benefits of fasting, but it’s unfortunate that not everyone wants to incorporate this practice into their daily life routines.

The Scientific & Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Were it not for the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, there is one aspect of fasting that would still be a secret to us. This may be the missing piece to motivating ourselves to fast more often.

By fasting, the reality of our lives is frozen in time and we have the opportunity to either magnify the good or the bad in our hearts.

Experiments show that the nature of words, either written or spoken, have the power to influence the surroundings that we find ourselves in.

The experiment was conducted with water as the medium of your minds since the brain is composed of at least 75% water. You can read more about Dr. Emoto’s experiments here.

Hypnotists have proved that if two minds were fed with opposite types of feelings that denote either positive or negative energies, the mind that has positivity fed into it, ends up creating well. On the other hand, negative emotions and words work to magnify bad and what results from this are evil and negative human interactions.

The fact that these experiments can be replicated with organic matter substituting the brain shows that the universe is interconnected to thrive on good and suffers devastation in the face of negative forces.

Good intentions during the process of fasting tell the brain to magnify this and we end up developing more hope, happiness and optimism.

Fasting with a heart filled with bad intentions has the power to condition the state of the mind to embrace evil and accept negativity into our existence.

This could be the long searched answer as to why negative and positive extremists exist in equal proportions in the modern times.

Water Fasting — Medical Benefits & Method

The spiritual and medical benefits of water fasting are numerous, and almost everyone can do it. You can learn more about this practice from Alejandro Junger’s amazing book.

In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink two glasses of water at room temperature (before even brushing your teeth), “infused” with positive thoughts and words (e.g. “I love you”, “thank you”, “you are beautiful”, “you are pure”, etc.). Repeat every couple of hours, but drink only one glass instead of two. Don’t eat anything for the entire day. 

Some people do the water fasting for up to three days in a row, but you should start with one day of fasting per every week and take it from there.


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