Old souls: Do not be too quick to judge the character and temperament of someone if you have not taken the time to establish what age their soul is. The…

Old Souls Do Things Differently

Old Souls Do Things Differently

Old souls: Do not be too quick to judge the character and temperament of someone if you have not taken the time to establish what age their soul is. The beauty of human existence is in understanding that the age of a person has so much at stake other than the day they were born.

Spiritualists believe that the soul of a person does not die with the body — it simply moves to higher dimension, where it starts preparing for its return through reincarnation.

As the soul moves from one body to another, it matures and gives a certain temperament to the host, regardless of their physical age.

If you have ever encountered children who acted too mature for their age, then it’s probably because they are old souls.

As children, old souls may look lonely and absent to those around them, but in reality they are just lost in their own wisdom.

Here’s a short list of traits that will help you identify old souls

  • Loner tendency

For an old soul, the things that interest people in their age group often seem childish and this makes them disinterested.

It is hard for an old soul to relate to things that do not give them any intellectual satisfaction, and may opt for solitude instead.

  • Love for wisdom, knowledge and truth

You will never come across an old soul keeping tabs on football if there was an option to pursue knowledge, truth and wisdom.

For an old soul, truth equals freedom, wisdom equals happiness and knowledge equals power. Old souls are naturally inclined to the intellectual aspects of life.

  • Spiritually inclined

Seeking spiritual enlightenment comes from the motional nature of old souls. They do not allow egos to drive them but instead consider spirituality to be a proper usage of their time.

  • Deeper understanding of life

For an old soul, mortality is as part of their lives, as life is. The constant focusing on death, dictates how they will live their life and they often choose safer and more reserved approaches to situations.

They choose the safe path not because they are afraid, but because they see death as a waste of time.

  • Introspective and thoughtful

An old soul is ever in thought and the focus of their thoughts if often not definite. They will think about everything and anything trying to pick lessons from their own experiences, as well as others’.

It is this inward reflection into their own circumstances that makes old souls feel so aged. They enjoy being quiet and silently observing what goes on around them.

  • Having a view of the big picture

Although old souls pursue education qualifications like everybody else, they will not dwell on the details of the achievements because they look at life from another perspective.

This is why old souls tend to be more stable in the face of life’s adversities.

  • No regard for material possessions

Old souls quickly get bored of latest gadget craze, fame, status and even wealth. They view earthly possessions as things that can be instantly taken away from them so do not invest time and thought into them.

  • Strange and unsocial as a kid

It’s not rule, but many old souls are branded names such as snobs, rebels, and introverts, as children, because they fail to see the purpose of the many activities done by the children around them.

  • Having the old feeling

Even without an explanation to what they are, old souls exhibit mental tiredness, world wariness and a sense of detached calmness.

Now that you know more about old souls, you can surely identify an old soul in your life.


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