Negativity can be contagious, but it is positivity — and, especially, positive affirmations — that can really help us negotiate through our life successfully. Trumped up back in the 1920s…

Positive Affirmations For A Successful Life

Positive Affirmations For A Successful Life

Negativity can be contagious, but it is positivity — and, especially, positive affirmations — that can really help us negotiate through our life successfully.

Trumped up back in the 1920s by leading French Psychologist Emile Coue, positive affirmations are said to bring a series of astonishing changes in one’s life.

Positive affirmations will help you shift your negative thoughts and rise beyond hurtful emotions, to something that is beneficial and helpful in your quest for happiness and wellbeing.

This process can also heal you of unresolved traumas and damaging memories, by simply shifting your focus and, consequently, the way you think and act.

We live in world where we try to impress everyone, we look up to people, we work for people and we do things to make people’s opinions about ourselves positive.

Despite our best efforts, we forget to impress the one thing that is most important to our success and wellbeing: our subconscious self.

It has long been a phrase associated with positivity that says “You are only as good as you think you are”. This is what positive affirmations can do in our lives.

The exercise of thinking you can do it, motivating yourself, believing you can achieve tasks that you know others are not able to, without having to make an effort, is a positive affirmation.

Making yourself believe in your own ability to overcome challenges, is all that is needed to achieve success.

How is Success related to Positive Affirmations

Success has many fathers and failure is an orphan — perhaps success is just a matter of hard work, or even the result of good luck. It is never alone though, and it is never easily achieved.

The biggest ingredients for success are: intent, ability, talent and hard work. The role of positive affirmations in your life is activating your intent, making you believe in yourself, take note of your ability, manage your talent and have confidence in the level of success that hard work can grant you.

This is why positive affirmations truly breed success.

While success may have different paradigms of categorization, it is true that fulfillment, self actualization and happiness with one’s own self is the highest point of success, both professionally and personally.

Positive affirmations are exactly that — the idea of telling your mind and convincing your sub conscious over and over again of your superiority, when it comes to life’s challenges.

The most recent phenomenon to gauge an employee’s ability to truly flourish in their respective work place is emotional intelligence (EI).

Positive affirmations and thinking positively about yourself has a bearing on emotional intelligence.  It is believed that positive affirmations help us through emotional ruts and emphasize and aid our emotional wellbeing.

Having positive, uplifting thoughts at the beginning of the day will give you a welcoming perception on the whole day.

This not only helps lift your energy levels, but it also translates into something deeper, something more positive in your emotions and thinking.

What we think is what we feel, what we feel is how we act and how we act is what determines what we achieve.

The role of positive affirmations in all this is paramount since, according to psychologists and leading experts on the subject, the power of positive thoughts in a person is such that whatever our mind thinks to be true, can be interpreted and acted upon by our bodies, almost miraculously.

In Conclusion  

Success is not given, it has to be achieved and the two most important things to manifest it, are will and intent.

Yet, for our will to set us on the path to success, it needs to be nurtured and cared for, by showering it with positive thoughts.

Your will is the engine that runs you. If you lack the will to achieve big things, then you will never achieve them.

Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn't hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled... for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.

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