Fasting is one of the most revered and endearing spiritual practices across human civilization. It spans across different eras — surpassing different faiths, religions, traditions, and cultures — as a…

Fasting — The Secret To Enhance Your Health & Spiritual Potential

Fasting — The Secret To Enhance Your Health & Spiritual Potential

Fasting is one of the most revered and endearing spiritual practices across human civilization. It spans across different eras — surpassing different faiths, religions, traditions, and cultures — as a starting point of reflection and introspection and journeying into one’s self.

What We Knew About Fasting, So Far

Intuitively, fasting is a method of increasing self-control, increasing introspective focus on our cravings and the intentions behind them, and gaining deeper understanding of our primitive and lashing emotions.

In a phrase, it is a method of becoming one with ourselves.

Scientifically, we understand that fasting (or willing abstinence from food and/or drink) is a great way of regulating our body functions.

By allowing our body to dedicate its energies in managing existing energy reserves, fasting gradually improves the digestive system, speeds up metabolism, improves brain functions, and promotes longevity among others.

However, there is one secret to fasting that I believe may not have been made apparent if it was not for the astounding work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

I believe it is this reason why Buddha and other great spiritual followers and leaders spent days on end fasting. Although I believe that many spiritual leaders (from any tradition, faith, and religion), may know and understand intuitively, it may not have been communicated in modern terms.

What is this secret? Fasting freezes reality and magnifies our potential to become both, good or bad.

How Fasting Freezes Reality — Implications of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Experiments

I have detailed Dr. Masaru’s experiments in a previous article, so I’ll state it briefly here for convenience’s sake.

The Experiment

Dr. Masaru Emoto, an eminent scientist, hypnotized that our words and intentions directly affected the properties of water — and since the human body is made of about 60% water — the thoughts, emotions, and intentions (ours and of people surrounding us) can directly affect us.

He placed two containers of water. One received positive and loving words, emotions, and intentions, whereas the other only negative and harsh words, emotions, and intentions. The samples from both containers were frozen and their crystals were photographed.

The result: the water treated to positive intentions/ thoughts/ words/ emotions showed beautiful crystal patterns. Water treated to negative intentions/ thoughts/ words/ emotions created ugly patterns.

Here is a video detailing the experiment:

Nikki Owen, conducted the same experiment on organic matter: she chose an apple for her experiments.

Her project showed how our intentions affect organic matter through the fixed water content present within that organic matter (in her case, an apple). The results were similar.

You can read the details of experiment here.

Here’s the video:

So, the implications, of these experiments are astounding for someone who’s fasting regularly.

While fasting, you’re not introducing any new ingredients, or organic material into your blood stream — no two meals between breakfast and supper or dinner. Hence, your body is utilizing what is already available to it (water and other nutrients).

Now imagine yourself, regularly using your positive affirmations, being in the company of positive people, and being mindful of your emotions (and creating the space where you can understand and reflect on them).

All that mindfulness and positivity is focused solely on a limited, non-renewed water content and organic material.

I believe, the impact of our intentions (yours and mine) and those that surround us is simply magnified.

Whereas, normally when we’re not fasting, the multiple meals and snacks and drinks in between simply add more organic material (inorganic, in case of junk food) to our system, diluting the impact that thoughts, emotions, and intentions have.

I think, perhaps, this is also why the internal journey that the Great Buddha took through harsh and extended fasting, allowed him to find the clarity, tranquility, wisdom, and oneness that he sought and set out to achieve.

His potential was magnified by consistently focusing and being mindful of his intentions, thoughts, and emotions as he delved deeper into his self and become attuned to the energies of the multiverse.

Endearing Thoughts — The Efficacy of Fasting

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments showed us how our thoughts, words, tone, and intentions altered the molecular structure of water.

Additionally, his rice experiment showed us how indifference towards ourselves and the people around us, affects us and others as badly as negative and harsh thoughts, words, and emotions.

We used these insights to realize the importance of positive affirmations for living a healthier life.

Perhaps the conclusion is that the secret to the efficacy of fasting, which has allowed people to delve deep within themselves for ages, has been the fact that it allows us to magnify the potential of our bodies and, consequently, our spirits.

I wish you happy fasting!


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