Ego fuels Karma which enforces the karmic cycle. Karma is said to be life and action that is led by the ego and for the ego. The more the ego…

How To Build Karma With Selflessness

How To Build Karma With Selflessness

Ego fuels Karma which enforces the karmic cycle. Karma is said to be life and action that is led by the ego and for the ego. The more the ego is fed, the more this cycle is enforced. 

A good example is pleasure. When one is happy, memories of this happy experience are formed. When the happiness is gone, the ego craves for more. This encourages a person to engage in the pursuit of happiness, which includes acts that boost the ego. 

Breaking this cycle can be initiated by learning selflessness. Practicing these small acts of selflessness can gradually fade away the need for ego-boosting.

Breaking the karmic cycle


Give something valuable without expecting anything in return. Parting away with that prized diamond ring that you no longer wear may seem a bit difficult, but giving it away with an open heart, with the intent of helping other, is extremely rewarding.

Also, remember to be charitable without showing off, which can be a strong temptation.


Passing on your skills to someone else in need for making a living is a good way of giving them a sustainable livelihood. This is even better than giving alms or handouts that they would consume in a day. 

For example, a helpless immigrant student could do better having your graphic design skills than coming to you for $20 every week.

Give a job

Help someone start a career by giving them a job. This will, in turn, help those who depend on them — which can be a big group.

A simple lawn mowing job could mean food on the table for a needy family.  


Forgiveness helps heal a wounded ego. Forgiving those who hurt you in the past means there is no negative energy fueling the ego towards bad actions.

This breaks the cycle of bad intentions that are involved in revenge and counter-revenge, leaving everyone involved safe and happy.

Effort at work

Putting more effort at work without necessarily looking for a boost in rewards or pay, will increase your productivity, whilst inspiring your co-workers to also perfume better.

You influence positive change by helping those who are heading in the wrong direction. Help them change their path by being an example and a source of inspiration.

 Offer a listening ear

There are people around you going through tough challenges and who need to talk to someone and relieve their burdens.

Listening will cost you nothing but can mean a lot to the person in distress. Some are not even looking for a solution but only a listening ear.

Be thankful

Never forget to say thanks for what you already have. If you are religious, say a thanking prayer at the end of the day.

Remember to always be thankful, even for simple acts of kindness from both friends and strangers.

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