We’re living in two worlds, not one. There’s the old crumbling 3D karmic reality and a pristine shiny new 5D one, steadily emerging from the dross of the old. But…

Wake Up & Transcend The Parody — The Great 5D Shift Has Truly Begun!

Wake Up & Transcend The Parody — The Great 5D Shift Has Truly Begun!

We’re living in two worlds, not one. There’s the old crumbling 3D karmic reality and a pristine shiny new 5D one, steadily emerging from the dross of the old.

But you’re still here for now, a while longer, rummaging through the rubble, digging up those priceless buried fragments of soul gold.

Don’t worry, it just got a whole lot easier. Whereas humanity has previously been blinded from the sun, now the shadow side has come clearly into view.

And how strong it is, just in case anyone might miss it. Here is the incredible opportunity to separate yourself from the shadow, to ascend into your golden self…

We manifested a parody!

Have you got it yet? Have you stopped gnashing your teeth at “that election result”. How could humanity be so stupid?

How could any leader be so out of touch? Except humanity has been living within shadows for so long now – living within repetitive behaviourisms, sanitised by the system as acceptable and okay. “Everyone’s doing it, so why not me?”

There are so many living in ways that destroy the biosphere, destroy sentient life, destroy their own consciousness.

It’s gotten so dark, the universe has had to present ever stronger mirrors by which to see: the Titanic, the Twin Towers, and now the big “T”. The need for evolution is so pressing, that we had to create the biggest, baddest, loudest mirror…

We manifested a joke,
a big, bold parody of ourselves so we just couldn’t miss it.

A great big wake up call (to 5D)

The point is, can you see it all now? Can you see just how close to the precipice humanity has come?

Like the dinosaurs before us, we’ve chosen a big bad wake up call – a comet in the midst of this santised asleepness. The universe is saying: “Ignore that if you can!”

So what do you do now? Wail around at the end of “life as we know it?” Wait for some saviour, some leader, some God, some fair new politician to appear and make it all right? The rightness is already happening.

It’s already there all around you. The shadow of what you are not is as strong as it can be. “God” has answered the call. Just as when Gaia sent out her primal scream to resolve the massive consumption that the dinosaurs had become.

But you can’t simply distance yourself from the shadow you see. We manifested it for a reason. Don’t pray for the easy way out, the soft option, absconding away in a bubble of false love and light.

There are invaluable aspects of yourself caught within the subconscious shadows we all create. Dig amongst them, get right in there, express your pain, become as one with it, then liberate that aspect of truth in it.

Here’s a big clue,
if you want to drop a distortion,
first find the truth at the heart of it.

So what’s the truth at the heart of this outlandish raptor consciousness?

The truth at the heart of the distortion

In many ways the distortion is a blatant disregard for other sentient life. It is self serving, taking whatever it can, obliterating anything that objects or stands in its way. So there’s the distortion. Where’s the truth at the heart of it?

Reality is an illusion, that buries the shadow side of your true self within it.
It binds in your subconsciousness and terrorises you with it. Why?
Because if reality didn’t feel so real, if the separation wasn’t so strongly apparent,
you’d never know the exquisite taste of an apple, on a warm summer’s day.

But how about having your cake and eating it too?

What you could do, is allow the distortion – the shadow – to draw you in. Then wake up to it. Stop sleeping. See the reality you create, warts and all.

Then explore the tightness, your resistance and contraction in the face of your shadow. Where does it own you? Where does it make you small? Where does it terrorise you?

But don’t just drop the attachments like “dropping the hot coals”. Because if you’ve not felt fully into their heat, you’ll still be an identity distancing yourself from the heat.

You’ve got to surrender fully into it; feel the pain, the resistance, the anger and anxiety. For only then can you explode the myth that they are. Only there can you reclaim those lost nuggets of soul gold.

Embrace the Mirror

So embrace this mirror, this parody of ourselves. Let it activate your attachments, your fears and anxieties.

And in the midst of it – the height of it – remind yourself this is all an illusion; that you are the One, self-actualising. You’re not to blame for it all, but you are now responsible for deciding who you are in the face of the darkness.

Take a deep look at your part in it all. Animate it in order to accept it. Find forgiveness, for yourself, then rise out of it all…

It’s time to find a new alignment. Go for it!

So it’s time to find a new alignment. To look in the shadow. Feel the tightness it creates.

Whatever that is, don’t retract from what you feel. Instead go right into the heart of this ‘beast’.

Then expand through, feel through the tightness into pure presence. And from presence, allow rightness to simply flow.

Keep working to come from this aligned, attuned place in life. And the flow you unleash will carry you on a journey through the wreckage into a bright new beginning in the Higher Paradigm of the Fifth Density.

That’s what our new Breakthrough meditation is designed to achieve. It’s penetrating the illusion of the shadow side, attuning with your sense of soul, and riding its wave all the way back to the source inside yourself. And you can live this way, all the time, every day, in all the situations you face.

I put it to you this is the way to truly create the New Paradigm.
It’s time. Go for it!


By Open (on behalf of Openhand), Guest author,
DreamcatcherReality.com / Cover image: The Fountain film


Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥