The mind has 4 states of existence which it uses to survive within a matrix. These states function in a cycle and never lead to a congruent solution. The mind,…

The Mind Machine And Its 4 States Of Existence

The Mind Machine And Its 4 States Of Existence

The mind has 4 states of existence which it uses to survive within a matrix. These states function in a cycle and never lead to a congruent solution.

The mind, collective unconscious, intelligence, the me, the processor, information technology, AI — there are so many different words for this design unit, and they are meant to confuse us. All these terms are one and the same thing. It is a network that most people are plugged into, and governs the reality that most of us are projecting.

I have mentioned before for the naysayer that, once you fall prey to the me, to the mind, it takes quite a high level of consciousness to realize that you have mistaken yourself for this “overmind” that you have allowed to accommodate and take over.

The heavier the ego, the more your identity depends on what the mind, the parasite, is fooling you to be.

This mind is judgmental by nature. It is in fact so judgmental that mankind has conjured imaginary beings to judge every single decision we make during our lives.

Many good people like to bloat that they do not judge, yet they are plugged into the mind that judges everything — it is merely part of the programming of intelligence.

There is no such thing as “not judging” when we are using the mind to maneuver through reality.

Calculating is also part of the programming. Due to you giving importance to data, energizing it with your consciousness, it’s synonymous with putting the ego in the now; reality consists of a never-ending calculation to attain the non-attainable perfection that everyone is so desperately after.

The mind is always right and you better do as it says because “knowledge is power!”

The mind is an etheric machine that gets so much of its power from being overly used by consciousness. Society has been set up in a way that enforces the maximum usage of the mind to the highest degree, energizing its relevance across the whole planet, that it literally floats through the ether waiting to pounce into any void of ignorance.

Data has infiltrated every hook and cranny of our reality to the point that every single particle has to have a classified intelligent explanation in order to be given the right to exist according to mainstream authority.

A new species does not exist until the mind gives it a name and then offers poof for it. It now becomes a statistic in the books of knowledge.

It is worth noting that your very self is highly probable to be made up of data that you have fused with in order to give your life relevance in the aftermath of your incepted disconnection.

An extension of the mind is all information technology that runs on programming sourced from the mind; and how much time does humanity spend on information technology?

This is the same as spending time in the mind. Sorry to say, Facebook junkies, but you are in the mind when surfing through data. All the pages and people you have surrounded yourself with paints a good picture of your identity that is keeping you in your current reality.

Alas, the biggest attachment is one’s own identity, as this identity believes that if it dies, your life is over.

The creators of Facebook have even created neural circuits for every single subscriber to Facebook in order to market pages and ads that would seem most attractive to the user.

They can map your mind by keeping your activity under surveillance, and it wouldn’t surprise me that this allows them to control your mind easier and enforce your own personal matrix.

The great deception, an idea that lives deep within the subconscious, is the reason why you have faith and hope in a hologram.

Data, ego and identity constructed by mind are the only dividers of your consciousness, turning you from whole to atomic, immortal to mortal, plotting your coordinates and locating you in one place separated, disconnected from the whole (a.k.a everything). Caught and stuck in a virtual reality.

The Negative Nature of the Mind

Life in the mind eventually makes you insane; it leaves you in agony as it tells you what to do like a general. It is right and you are wrong. It sets anchor points and knows exactly how to tie you down. It is the ivory tower and has been given the privilege to be the host.

Your confidence in yourself has been shattered by it, whilst your obedience to it has grown. It makes you break the agreement to yourself so to agree to its terms and conditions.

It is aggressive, competing and run by male energy, it makes you doubt yourself as it engineers your life.

Once you give data godly powers, you become subject and relative to your own eventual murder by a digital hologram that is bent on absorbing all the negativity that you generate for its own power source.

This is why I always say that the mind is built negative so to serve a positive creator.

The 4 States of the Mind

The job of the mind, which is a time-based operating system, is to transmute everything in a reality into information and state it classified.

It is vital to realize that the mind has four states of existence: IS, NOT IS, ALTER IS, and AS IS.

These can be likened to stages the mind reemploys throughout its processing of a matrix. It tells you what IS for real and what IS NOT. Things that ARE (i.e. IS) real, habitually change in a lifetime of a mind-orientated being to NOT IS — not real anymore.

This can be seen in the scientific communities, where one day a theory is worshiped only to be flushed down the sewers the next day.

The mind also ALTERS (changes) things habitually when more “new” intelligence is applied into the equation of classifying reality. This can be seen in the understanding of animal behavior, where facts surrounding the reason to specific behaviors change in reference to newly recorded data entering the fray.

When the instruments of scientists get upgrades, so do their postulations.

Finally, the mind comes to a rest and starts to play God by judging the world of matter AS IS, and this state of existence is the final state of the mind that solidifies the matrix into an unquestionable reality. Limbo, stuck in a dream and unable to wake up from it!

This occurs roughly in adulthood for the average human being.

Introducing to the mind IT IS NOT IT (Information Technology is not Information Technology) is like introducing an anti-virus that can get rid of all the patterns fueling your matrix!

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