The survival of the ego depends on the existence of a time-based reality, attachment of appearances, past and future, is the name of the game for the ego. The Ego…

Ego Cannot Exist Without A Time-Based Reality

Ego Cannot Exist Without A Time-Based Reality

The survival of the ego depends on the existence of a time-based reality, attachment of appearances, past and future, is the name of the game for the ego.

The Ego

You have created an eidolon masquerading as yourself, a persona that you use to gain more out of the matrix. You may call the ego your personal matrix, as it is only relative to your own recognition and guidance of its ways and ethics.

For a more devolved being, the ego is perceives as self and not the “I” — the “beingness,” spirit or soul, call it what you prefer.

With the persona leading the charge, all connection to the soul is lost, causing total relativity to the primary matrix — in other words, complete slavery.

The egotistic mistaken identity is very powerful as the negativity of its nature has been energized by consciousness for millions of years, and its breakdown does not occur overnight.

A persona and a terminal is synonymous. As I have mentioned before, the persona/ego is an installed program, which possesses the soul. This program is negative as it feeds off the positive pole of the mainframe matrix — cause and effect.

It is a gradual process to rid oneself of the virus that only survives in the past, future and present moment — basically, anywhere else but in the now, where it cannot function and where the primary matrix has no effect on it. You ,through the obsolete vehicle, need to access consciousness.

When you have no ID (identity), then your ID (Inner dimension) cannot be hacked.

The creator of the matrix reality, with the help of information technology, uses identities and personas because they are the vehicles that fulfill roles in all the divisions of slavery.

When still stuck in the realm of cause and effect, the creator continuously implants imagery into the mind, relating to the past and the future, anything that leads consciousness out of the now and into a dreamworld, leaving the rest of you unoccupied in the now and open to relativity to the primary matrix.

New age spiritualists have come up with visualization techniques which, honestly, do more bad than good, as visualization is simply an escape mechanism from the now.

Egotistic Time Travelling

The creator of the matrix and the ego use the past to lure consciousness back onto the time-track, in order to live again and again the attachments to long gone memories, so that the ego can cement and strengthen its identity and reminisce in the illusory role it played.

Consciousness is being bombarded with illusory imagery relating to both past and future.

Note that I call the past illusory too. You may call it real, but how can it be real in relativity to the now that is outside of time? The past is simply data that can be deleted, just like on a computer.

Now there can be no pinprick of a distortion in the psyche demanding attention from references in time. Within this realm, awareness is operating at its complete potential and supernatural abilities become second nature.

The future is also required by the ego to be in a certain way for its own pleasure and selfish desire, and it continuously suggests imagery of how things should turn out and what steps you should take to enforce the desired future. It’s nature is to stray away from the path needed by the soul for expansion.

This phenomena is the main cause of all anxiety experienced by mankind. The feeling of anxiety does not belong to you, it is manufactured by the fear that reality will be unfavorable to the self-created matrix, all of which is not you.

As you can see, anxiety also alchemizes from life when the future is not impinged upon. The future only changes when the condition of consciousness changes, which sets the stage for a new external reality, harmonizing with the internal, and when a new reality is experienced, the previous step on the ladder is called the past, and we look forward yet to more future, more advancement, even though everything is only actually happening in the present moment.

It is funny how we have all got stuck in this illusion of time.

The ego/persona lives just as much in the future as in does the past. It is crucial for you to realize that any demand that you exert on a delusional future is a massive wastage of energy and it only serves to keep you away from the now which is the only realm a “conceived” future that can actually be reeled in…

Information Technology and Ego are One

The creator knows the ego you have created better than you, they are buddies in this story called life. The creator and all that you have become here since birth are one.

The virus that you have come to embody is greatly adapted to avoid its own annihilation and to keep itself at the forefront of consciousness, always one step ahead and always having yet another trick up its sleeve to lead you into trouble and then to make it seem like it’s all your fault.

You being second best to it is the result of having no faith in the self due to the lack of a foundation built on the absolute nature of the earth element. Most are founded upon their mother or father, religion, trauma (including past life) and knowledge itself – all of these break the connection to the cosmic consciousness, the five elements and the soul!

Guidance from Dreams

The deeper entranced you are by this physical, earthly experience, the more parts of self become liable to remain in different timelines, thus divided.

I believe that dreams do offer us an opportunity to see ourselves in these different lives as to bring parts of our division to attention. The subconscious mind is well known to communicate with us through our dreams.

What the subconscious mind is showing us is that we have sparks of our power trapped in time, and we need to make the adequate changes to our consciousness to retrieve that which was lost through the 3D attachment. Attachment, clinging and the inability to let things go in 3D are the only reasons for the suffering in this world.

Dreams and the astral plane do a good job showing us what still needs attention in order for us to make progress back to wholeness. Unconscious projections can only be made conscious through being conscious during dreams and once unconscious running programs are identified, they can then be alchemized and released.

Once you identify the issue, you can find a crystal with the adequate synthesis of light frequency that targets the obsolete construct and leads consciousness to the liberation out of such.

Before you can detach your soul from your body and travel the astral plane you have to retrieve all parts of yourself first, as you will need yourself regained with full awareness to enter the astral completely, and be born again, as they say.

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: