Targeting the addiction to Repetitive Compulsive Behaviors and eliminating them, shall put you back on track of becoming the sole/soul creator of your reality. Please see part 1 of this…

Time Checking Is A Repetitive Compulsive Behavior (Part 2)

Time Checking Is A Repetitive Compulsive Behavior (Part 2)

Targeting the addiction to Repetitive Compulsive Behaviors and eliminating them, shall put you back on track of becoming the sole/soul creator of your reality.

Please see part 1 of this series if you have not yet.

The job

Having an average job already places one in this apparent psychotic criterion called obsessive compulsive disorder. Almost all jobs are repetitious and, guess what, the tiniest portion of our brain which we need the least is said to hold the origin of obsessive compulsive disorder behaviors.

In order to survive, most of us have to, unfortunately, partake in behavior that originates from the primitive reptilian brain.

Ironically, it is this portion of the brain that is concerned with survival and fear, the latter being much needed in a fight or flight scenario, though humans should have overcome the fight or flight state of consciousness by now.

When we spend half of our day running on the reptilian brain at work, it is no wonder we are controlled so easily, because fear is experienced in the same area of the brain that we use to do boring repetitious tasks.

We are manipulated to use this area of our brains through school, college and work because that’s the mass control trigger, through the fear that is generated from this primitive portion of the brain.

You should remember that fear is an emotion that exists only in a mind/brain that is programmed to validate its existence through the correct conditions. Refer to your soul, nullify the mind and body. It is not it!

If you can find a non-repetitive job or, even better, not work at all, go for it with everything that you have!

The cellphone

The iPhone is not called the “Eye Phone” for nothing. It is the greatest weapon of the all seeing eye that uses it to spread the information hacking virus to countless millions. It is a complete virtual reality in its own right, which deepens a person’s disconnection from soul-centered consciousness.

Social media serves to validate everything else as a source of reality, diverting our attention into rabbit holes of manipulation and deceit through images, videos, music, other people’s realities, media, applications, games, and the list goes on and on.

People that demonize the television yet spend time on the Eye-Phone everyday compulsively and repetitively, have fallen into an ego-trap.

It is insane to see what unconscious epidemic these gadgets have caused, as millions repetitively check their messages, e-mails and chat to friends for entertainment whenever they find some “spare time.”

If you have limited available time to just be free in a chaotic working environment, like myself, it would be very wise to just disconnect from all 3D programming whenever you have the chance.

What I am saying is that you should try resting in “nothing” (no 3-dimensional thing) whenever you can, or meditate.

The source of all power is here, and it is here where the deprogramming takes place, one light-particle at a time. Put the smartphone off and try putting your mind off for a while as well.

The books

All books and knowledge that has ever been written has come from the product of thought, that has materialized into manifestation through the conduit called humanity.

One book that has completely shaped and fashioned our reality is a little black book called the holy bible. One book can hold much power when millions plug into that world constructed with only words.

It is not just the bible that offers a world to plug into and to experience as your very own. Every book out there has the power to do it, because within books we have the currency of matter: words.

Words have the power to enter you as thought-forms when you give yourself to them and, from here, they manipulate matter in your reality.

When we read words that we believe to be true and real then we sell a part of ourselves in return for a piece of the illusory 3D pie that we are delusionally after.

We think we are doing ourselves a favor by gaining more knowledge to help us gain an advantage in life, but what we are actually doing is we are manipulating our hologram with words to adjust our reality to something that we try to pin down as the absolute in our never ending quest for the meaning to life.

What results is this form of unconscious worship of an eidolon, due to the ignorance. We fail to understand that we are the absolute, the eternal state of wisdom, wherein ignorance does not occur.

Most of the people that write books actually need the negativity of others to become successful, as all people that plug into their realities serve to energize the illusion they wish to conjure through their work. It’s all about power and worship of the eidolon that they have created.

It is time to put whatever you are reading down and never seek to validate this illusion through a product of it again. A book is like a spiderweb, though it takes longer for you to eventually get eaten.

Checking the time

Of all the constraints, the time is above all the predominant factor that disconnects us from consciousness.

How guilty are you of checking the time when you do not really need to? Or wondering what the time is? How often do you feel waves of impatience surfacing in you as you try to make a living in this matrix?

And what is impatience, really? Impatience is the belief that time is real and valuable and that it can be wasted, never to be returned as one moment in time is different to all others.

It is one thing to need the time on a busy scheduled working day, but it’s an entirely different thing to need the time just for the sake of time.

Giving time legitimacy when you do not really need it, such as when you are on holidays, is complete lunacy. This is yet another form of obsessive compulsive behavior that originates from the fear and anxiety that time, somehow steals from you and ticks away your life.

Actually, time does not exist; tomorrow will be now, yesterday was now and in one hour from now it will also be now. All we have is the present moment.

Time gives matter the allowance to manifest, for without it there would be no “slowed down vibrations/ light/ frequency” that appear as solid matter.

Time allows the speed of light to gain solidity, in other words, time is slowed down light, and we measure it to determine the illusory spaces between the manifestation of matter.

The more you validate time, the more you fall into the effects of time, which are gravity and aging. This slows you down, as matter becomes frozen and subjected to time.

Eat lots of meat and just feel how everything slows down and even the emotions manifest of a dense slow rate, such as those at the bottom of the vibratory vortex: anger, grief, sadness, etc..

It is not just meat that particularly makes a person subject to the effects of time, but food in general (though meat is the worst of all).

Food altogether is “matter” and “time.” Some foods are just slower than others. When we enter into conscious manifestation, we will not be needing food at all, as only a terminal on one end needs the other to feed from, we will be outside polarity!

The body is the vehicle that we use in 3D, and we need it as light as possible to nullify the hold of gravity and time on it, so that it does not weigh us down.

“If you do not let go of the extra weight, then you will have to wait!”

You were immortal already

Why is it that you have no memory of your premature infant state, before you have been introduced to the matrix-constructs of this world?

Scientists will say it’s because the brain was not fully developed, but we now know that thinking is omnipresent and the collective unconscious (CU) is connected to every human on an etheric, non-physical, level. The CU is accessed through the rise of thought and information in the consciousness.

The lack of memory is because  you were still unsubscribed to time in the NOW where events are not divided into timelines.

Time gives legitimacy to the existence of matter, as time is the only true unit of measure. Without time we don’t exist, as time allows our vehicles to momentarily solidify into matter.

This can be seen by simply speeding up a film. You will notice that eventually, all the images disappear, which tells us that time allows this virtual 3D reality experiment to appear “real,” when, in fact, it is not.

As a premature baby you have temporarily not existed in the Mind or Body state. You were still resting in your eternal state, which was abruptly torn away from you by your parents, and this is when your memories started occurring as you started subscribing to time and space and the laws of matter that come with it.

Invalidating time on your path to attain immortality (a.k.a. soul center) shall serve you the most, as it is the number one illusory limitation that we face here. In the matrix we live by it, but we can try as far as we can to invalidate it when it is not needed.

If you do not need it to survive, then it can only benefit you to release the illusion of its slow-motion. Release the compulsive need to know it!

The only time we ever had is now, without beginning and without ending.

See you forever!

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: