Experiencing Oneness in Division is returning to the source and beyond the incepted big bang, which cannot be explained. Oneness will over-write the matrix. Oneness is a hot concept in…

Experiencing Oneness In Division

Experiencing Oneness In Division

Experiencing Oneness in Division is returning to the source and beyond the incepted big bang, which cannot be explained. Oneness will over-write the matrix.

Oneness is a hot concept in the new age communities; many refer to a common source from which all originates.

According to modern science, the so called Big Bang occurred from the explosion of one incredibly dense particle that expanded into infinity, creating the universe and everything in it in the process.

Due to everything starting off together as one, it is said that we are still all actually connected to one another, although separated in physicality.

Quantum Physics has proven already through experiments that every particle in the universe is connected to all other particles.

Quantum Physicists have proven that one change in a split atom affects the other half in the same manner, independent of time and space.

This experiment lends testament to the illusion of time and space. It also lends truth to the inherent oneness in everything, as all atoms that were split from one, will always be one.

Humans tend to abolish this theory with the mind, as we have one pool of awakened individuals and another that is mainly asleep.

At a closer glance we find that the consciousness of all is the same. The apparent awakened individuals have merely gained extra knowledge with the mind pertaining to the reality of Earth and are still in the same mind-boat as the rest.

Information does not serve consciousness as consciousness was and is awake forever. Labelling yourself as something such as “awake” is only a product of the ego that exists because of the physical separation. The ego will immediately find conflict with an opposite pole, such as “all those ignorant masses that are asleep.”

There is never any resolution within acquired knowledge, because the soon it is acquired the ego lays claim to it and manipulates it for its own benefit. Nothing can make consciousness more or less, as it is absolute.

100th Monkey Effect

There is also a large body of scientists and spiritualists that believe in the 100th monkey effect, which is a popular theory of evolution. This theory describes how a species evolve together instantaneously after a certain amount of organisms within the specie group makes a beneficial change.

At a certain breakpoint this change is said to occur collectively and completely within the species, without direct contact.

Mhm, doesn’t this sound like the atom theory that is independent of time and space?

Experiencing Oneness

The only thing blocking the expansion of the oneness experience for you is every matrix-based construct veiling the absolute power of soul-centered consciousness.

It is from this state that oneness is second nature. This oneness state is not something we have to evolve into; it is and has always been there, it is only hidden beneath all truth-mistaken obsoleteness.

This oneness includes every form of extra-sensory ability that is known in esoteric literature, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy etc..

As one enters this state, one literally knows all and sees all; nothing and no one can lie or hide anything from such an individual because she/he is one with all.

For a religious person this might sound like God, and indeed it fits the description of a God perfectly, with the exception that such a person would not punish you and would not ask you to sacrifice anyone.

An individual that is one with everything looks and sees past the ego construct of all those that she/he comes in contact with, because she/he only sees her/himself – the untouched, absolute essence of all that is.

The process of “looking past ego constructs” does not mean pretending it is not there. In fact, during this action it will be the opposite, as a person that is in oneness will pierce the egos of all with her/his emanating energy.

A fitting name for such an individual is a clearface, because such a person responds to all as a perfect reflection of themselves, a clear mirror that holds the truth for all to gaze into.

One glance at this mirror and you will see yourself unlike ever before. Everything that is not real shows and comes to the surface, to be dealt with.

It is indeed rare to find an undistorted reflection of yourself, and when you do, it may serve you wonders to stay in contact with such an entity for as long as possible, as you may see more and more of what you, at your level, are unable to.

This is how light is said to affect darkness. This is how we can affect and help one another.

As you can imagine, these people that are one with all may not be very popular at social parties or dinners, as their aura tugs and pinches at all that is preventing the absolute from others coming forward.

Everything obsolete fades away in the frequency range of an activated soul being.

Prerequisite to Oneness

The prerequisite to oneness is the total nonexistence of ego. By nature, ego is divided and separate from all, as its very creation is cast from the disconnection from oneness.

Oneness is beyond any attachment to 3D, and is only activated by the total non-existence of an ego that is subject to an illusion and the limited perception of a 5-sense reality.

There exists an axiom called “all is self”. This means you can only ever perceive yourself through all that exists, as everything is only a mirror reflecting yourself, so that you may experience self to the utmost extreme in order to measure this matrix experiment and, eventually, step out of it and build your own world with your own rules with a perfect reflection of yourself.

If there ever was a purpose to life, then this would be it!

The Big Bang Conundrum

The question mark over this theory is how did the initial particle come to exist in the first place and what initiated the explosion? One dense particle? A light particle? What about energy in the form of a thought that is a energetic vibration.

The origin of one thought containing the whole of the matrix — from the ignorant state, it was set off an infinite divine motion of color, shape and sound, which created everything we can see up and till today.

Souls came to inhabit vehicles in this lightshow and became trapped by the attachment to it. We were fooled to believe we were nothing and so we chose something: an illusion.

The big bang was simply the origin of thought by a malevolent group of entities.

Why is there no record and no idea of what was before the Big Bang? No logical explanation that can make sense?

This is because you did not have any senses to perceive what you were before this big bang. No one in fact did, so there is no logical database in anyone’s collective unconscious to tell us what we were before the great “orgasm of thought.”

We did not record reality within the constraints of time, matter and space before the Big Bang. We did not perceive, in terms of five senses.

We simply did not exist in a third dimensional point of view, so good luck in trying to find out what you were before the matrix. Like I said, you were not anything that you can comprehend with your physical mind. All memory started from the inception of the matrix.

Overwriting the Matrix

Unity can be found within the divided plane by consciousness. This is to say, one conscious individual can actually be one with everyone in a room, or the world.

One person has the ability to be in the mind of everyone and to cause them to respond to his/her will. One person can achieve the ability to be everywhere and everything and all that is on the physical plane.

Just like the mainframe of the matrix is in everyone’s mind in order to manifest the Luciferian agenda, you can take over that role.

When you turn completely positive, then your will is fulfilled by anyone in your vicinity. Reality shifts in your favor and what you desire, instead of the creator’s.

This is why it is said that you can literally manifest for yourself anything when you have completely reclaimed your soul from the matrix.

People like this are very few and far apart, and little is known about them. They have no egos and are not after fame and riches — they are simply doing work much needed in the astral plane and other dimensions that highly affect the consciousness of this world.

There is, indeed, a massive war going on in the spiritual plane over the consciousness of humanity.

Activated soul beings are highly involved in saving the souls of this planet from the Luciferian agenda that is manipulating all possible souls to spread the unconscious malfunction.

It is up to us to do the necessary work to join the ranks, and overwrite the matrix so that all may experience absolute harmony and the simple pleasures of an old soul.

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for DreamcatcherReality.com. The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: https://deprogramthematrix.com/deprogramming