The cosmic elements that have created the entire universe are forces the soul needs to create and manifest on its own volition. The matrix holds it to remain materialized.  On…

Reversing The Elements Back To The Soul

Reversing The Elements Back To The Soul

The cosmic elements that have created the entire universe are forces the soul needs to create and manifest on its own volition. The matrix holds it to remain materialized. 

On Earth, the soul has been subjugated, incarcerated and forced to work as a slave to maintain the status quo of the 5 senses, which have formulated the biggest illusion one can imagine. Why? Because the 5 senses are totally dependent on the Soul to function and to even exist.

The soul (i.e. the real you) uses the five elements to manifest worlds, and the illusion we have been fooled to create through the 5 senses, holds in it the 5 elements that we need to reverse back to the soul, in order to regain full potential and possibility.

This process is carried out by formatting all that the 5 senses have conjured, and turning it back to the 5 elements.

How knowledge keeps you outside of the NOW

All items and objects in existence have a level of consciousness. The car exists because it understands that it is a car, it is conscious of its own meaning and make-up; if it weren’t it would simply dematerialize from existence. I use the car as an example for the aims of this article.

All existence is an understanding and the car that you look at is an understanding; A type of knowledge! The car understands that it is a car because any matter – energy space and time (materialism) has consciousness. Why? Because you gave up your centre and put Understanding (knowledge) in the Now! With a devastating effect that you don’t understand!

In other words the car exists in the future in the Now, as the center is the now, and they call this relativity. You are under and it is above. You can’t get there because It has all the power, because it sits in the Now in the future. This is greater and lesser than. This has been the status quo (lie) for so long that you have accepted this as a truth!

The car in fact keeps us hypnotized by its splendour and wonder and ever seeming presence in reality. It does exist by all means in the Now.

That is to say the car is conscious in the now (soul-center) and you are not because you gave up your absolution in the now and gave it validation as being real. Whilst you placed it in the soul center, you energized it.

What is important to grasp is that whatever sits in the soul center is occupying the now. The two are synonymous.

The effect of placing anything in your center, which applies to all other understandings — religious teachings, mathematics, science, occult, treatments, therapies, etc. — have the devastating result of preventing you from crossing into the future where the now awaits, which is the only paradise that can ever be attained.

That which is occupying the now in the whole world is all structures of inorganic matter that make up all civilisation as we know it. All within this matrix is a lie, and is the result of the betrayal of the five senses.

The five senses were designed by the great architect of the matrix to serve as conduits to his grand plan.

It is said that whenever you are using your five senses to navigate reality your omega is open, which is to say, your soul is vulnerable to external influences seeking validation to be made “real” by the sole approval of the soul.

It is only by this approval of all souls on Earth that we still live and die in a world that is, in my opinion, way passed its sell by date.

More Clarity on the Elements

Manifesting requires the five absolute cosmic elements of creation: earth, water, fire, oxygen and ether. The reason so much of humanity suffers is because most have surrendered all their inert elements to manifest the dream of the great architect.

Minds trapped in labyrinths of mazed thought processes use up so much oxygen that there is none left for the soul. The brain’s over-dependence of it is well documented, but not the fact that thinking is the culprit. Turn the collective unconscious mind back into your oxygen!

No oxygen equals no fuel for the fire, which is the force that cleanses the old to give way to the now, the ability to alchemise the old and embrace new beginnings.

The Earth Element

All foundation to the cosmic consciousness, the fundamental roots, need to connect the spiritual to the physical.

The earth element has been thwarted and broken by those we call “they”, those that follow orders from an unseen hand guided by the survival instinct of the creator overstaying his welcome here on Earth.

To learn more about how humanity is unfounded due to the reliance of matrix-based constructs, please see this article.

The earth element is of utmost importance because without it you cannot transform the understandings of all things back into the five elements, such as the car.

Without the reclamation of what in fact is your eternal origin, what it is you were before the inception that lead you into deception, things of mundane nature will always trouble you as they impinge upon your roots, that are obsolete.

When your base chakra, the foundation of your existence, is filled with the falsehood of the nature of your inception, then you are not in touch with the absolute potential of your conception prior to the inception, which you unconsciously believe is your conception.

Nothing can trouble an individual that has his/her Earth element. With the proper foundation you are like a tree that is a thousand years old, deeply rooted into the earth — no storm will ever bother you.

Many younger but evolved souls on the planet, first-timers indigos, find it easier to reclaim the cosmic consciousness out of the trap that has been laid out here.

But for many older souls, the great possibility of their inception points in past lives on the planet, of which, I am not in the position to advice, as of yet. If you are in this position, I trust that you shall be guided into the right direction to find your healing and your paradise.

As far as water is concerned, without Earth to hold water, it is no wonder we have to pay for water and why we dry up so quickly, needing to consume multiple litres a day. Water also represents memory, which you need to get out of the now to get your consciousness back and your water element.

With your Earth element you do not need to live off the earth anymore, as you embody the earth within you. You simply live off yourself.

You bloom and you flourish and you embrace the fruits. Anything you can imagine, you can manifest; all possibilities come into play. There is only one whole, one soul-center, and everyone energizes that which is in the center, thus, all is self, all is what you hold.

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