Many people force themselves without reason to fulfill a role in the matrix, just for survival. Who is actually working and why are you allowing it to be? First, let’s take…

You Are Not Working IN — But FOR — The Matrix

You Are Not Working IN — But FOR — The Matrix

Many people force themselves without reason to fulfill a role in the matrix, just for survival. Who is actually working and why are you allowing it to be?

First, let’s take a look at the reason why it is that we are working, in the first place. Plain and simple, we need money to survive in this currency-based society.

In order to get the money, we need to mould ourselves so that we fit the roles/ professions requested by society. The more knowledge and time is involved in the moulding process, the higher amount of money we are able to earn.

The prerequisite to success according to the laws of the matrix, lies in the total indoctrination of knowledge/ data/ information that we use to construct an identity for ourselves, which then we use to do the job we prepared for.

When students graduate from university they receive a graduation cap, which is shaped like a square. In symbolism, it represents the completion of the journey of consciousness into a box. The box called thinking.

Now they are prepared to think inside the box, while doing their boring and repetitive jobs, which most of the times require regurgitation rather than creativity and critical thinking. And that’s exactly the point!

Working FOR the Matrix

When one partakes in knowledge on Earth and loses oneself in the process (almost all do) something catastrophic takes place in reality. The inception point of the data becomes the referral point of all experience in your now, keeping you out of the now and IT (the knowledge/ data) running you from the time track in the past.

In other words, you are trapped with the knowledge in the past because you — whether you realize it or not — are trapped in the box of mistaking the obsolete for the absolute.

Fear causes us to follow through with this ugly process, as we believe that something must be better than nothing. So we keep downloading

The knowledge then starts to form and build an egotistic entity that works for money and, ultimately, for the creator of this matrix: Lucifer.

This ego has a persona and this persona that is running around Earth pretending to be you is actually keeping you totally disconnected from Earth, the below aspect of existence.

People say “as above, so below,” but nobody tells you that if you are kept above, you can be kept a slave below.

How are we kept above? All people that partake in knowledge lose their foundation (their power in the below) to themselves in the process, due to the knowledge/ data itself occupying the now and distorting their relationships to themselves (a.k.a. the ego) and the creator that uses IT to control the soul in the internal war.

No absolute foundation equals no grounding of what it is that YOU want.

This “knowledge” (i.e. indoctrination programs) includes religion, schooling, science, spiritualism and basically anything that involves concepts.

The great disconnection to Earth via concepts is the leading cause of the mass removal of humanity’s Earth Element, the catalyst to manifest on Earth. What results from the the lack of the Earth element is the inability to ground any manifestation on Earth, due to not having a foundation.

Knowledge causes relativity E = mc squared and the subjugation of the so called laws of time, matter and space.

The Persona

It is very important to format the persona that you have created by downloading data/ knowledge. The existence of this persona depends on the relativity of the data constructs in the psyche for its survival and your slavery.

This persona in the physical plane that you use for gaining and attaining a livelihood is, ultimately, illusory. The presence of its role in play keeps the real you — the strongest player — on the sideline.

When a persona/ personality is used for sensory gratification, then it does occupy your now, which opens the gates for the collective unconscious mind to also influence your life, as it broadcasts to all that are not fully occupying the now.

You fall back into the major flow of mind-energy, downstream into oblivion!

Remember that all internal mind chatter is ultimately deception, as it is testament to the ego occupying the now that works for the creator of the matrix.

You must take note that you are an enemy to the creator, as within you, you hold the power to put an end to everything that has been conjured by the great architect. And it took us millions of years to figure this out.

You are not in need of any frequency telling you what you are! Remember the anti thought-form hack technique: “It is not it!

If you are thinking, the creator of the matrix is thinking; and that is how it continues to create an ever-expanding matrix.

When we work, we are forced to think constantly. This is a very productive process for the “great” architect, as it expands the matrix.

In the matrix society nobody in reality is going to work, it is merely a whole bunch of conjured personas via data fulfilling roles in Lucifers’ world. He/it is together with us, he/it is everywhere.

All these mistaken identities believe that they are working for their own benefit, when in fact they are all possessed by the intention of the mainframe that led them into the pits of deception, from their very inception in the 3D reality.

You are the inception to everything beyond 3D — the real you is everything!

Manipulation has caused you to lose faith in yourself as weakness is only found outside of soul center. In soul center nothing can intercept the power of the now and your eternal unfathomable nature.

This fake world will collapse, for the truth is always in the majority! We are all one consciousness.

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