Sexual Energy is more than you have been led to believe, it is a power that can recharge and supercharge your whole body, spiritually and physically. Ancient knowledge about sexual…

Sexual Energy Is Crucial — Learn How To Conserve It

Sexual Energy Is Crucial — Learn How To Conserve It

Sexual Energy is more than you have been led to believe, it is a power that can recharge and supercharge your whole body, spiritually and physically.

Ancient knowledge about sexual energy or Jing as they call it in the Taoist cultures is abound with startling facts that all of humankind should pay attention to now. To be ignorant of ancient pre-western philosophies is one of the major roots of the descending downfall humankind does find itself in, especially that which involves the ultimate spiritual potential of our being.

Our saviour lies in the hidden gems that still lie patiently awaiting our recognition. Wisdom dissolved in the past that has been covered up can easily be regained and embodied through the learning and practice of techniques perfected by chosen masters around 5,000 years ago.

People like Mantak Chia has done humanity a very humble service through his translational work which presents all the inside information involved with the conservation, recycling and transformation of sexual energy.

It is undoubtedly a form of energy that can greatly benefit the physical health, mind and vibratory rate of the individual that knows how to work with it through the practice of inner alchemy. The time has come for man now to realize that there is no purpose in expelling the vital essence only for recreation and pleasure at all!

The term for sperm energy in Qigong is called Jing Chi which means the most refined part of a living being. If you understand alchemy you would know that it takes plenty of energy to refine a substance into its smallest monatomic form, it is the same for us when we, in a sense, refine ourselves for propogation, our Jing is the purest form of energy that exists in our bodies.

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For women to it is time to realize that the monthly cycle of menstruation and ovulation can cease to occur through the application and understanding of ovarian kungfu and this too is of paramount spiritual importance. Take note that Kungfu does not have anything to do with battle, but rather, delineates a disciplined practice.

The body needs a tremendous amount of energy to make up for an outward loss, and this energy comes from all the different cells which need to combine to form the blueprint for a new life. Think about it, one sperm cell contains the information of a whole living system. It is the microcosm of the man and therefore most valuable.

The ancient Taoists, who had extraordinarily astute powers of empirical observation, noted that the energy of the sperm cells are of prime importance in that all of the vital organs must contribute some of their own reserves to create and maintain the potency of the sperm. Amongst those organs is the brain. The vernacular expression, ‘I screwed my brains out last night,’ suggests a common wisdom that bears out this connection between the balls and the brain. – Mantak Chia, Taoist Secrets of Love.

Taoist sages knew the importance of conserving and refining their JING and only expelled it to give birth to a new life form. It is understood that the genetic makeup of the new life form is highly enhanced when sourced from refined JING. Health, intelligence and longevity is abundant, wisdom is increased because the sperm cell holds more memory and is more infused my consciousness than a newly developed cell.

The retention of sexual energy does not mean the end of your sex life! On the contrary, your sex life can be greatly improved as there is no end to lovemaking when the sperm is not expelled. There is no end to orgasms either!

Yes, that’s right, even men have the natural innate ability to be multi-orgasmic, unfortunately we are programmed and made to believe otherwise. All that is required is practice.

Sexual kungfu takes time to learn, practice and master and I am here to help make it simple for you to learn to become a multi-orgasmic man and a non-menstruating woman.

If we want to conserve or restore lost principal energy, sexual energy provides the means to create that extra power if we conserve, recycle, and transform it back into principal energy. We then will have more energy available to transform into Chi, which in turn becomes transformed into another type of energy called ‘Shen.’ The word ‘Shen’ means spiritual energy.” – Mantak Chia, Taoist Secrets of Love.

Before one undertakes an energy art there are a few precautions to take note of.

A healthy diet and body/mind are the two fundamentals underlying all practice, and also a thorough understanding of your personal genetic make-up, a bit of studying into the ayurvedic dosha system is very enlightening to determine what kind of food is beneficial to you, as we all, contrary to popular belief, thrive on different kinds of food depending on our doshas (ruling elements).

If you are interested in cultivating your Jing, please click here for further information and guidelines.

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