86Fear is hiding in many confounds of the unconscious mind. It even disguises itself in an alternative Plan B — a ‘Fear Plan’, — so that we always may have a…

Dumping Your ‘Fear Plan’ Shall Set You Free

Dumping Your ‘Fear Plan’ Shall Set You Free


Fear is hiding in many confounds of the unconscious mind. It even disguises itself in an alternative Plan B — a ‘Fear Plan’, — so that we always may have a way out of catastrophe.

Through the mainstream and especially movies we have falsely learned that it is a good idea to have a plan B for in case things do not go as initially planned.

But ask yourself, why is there a initial doubt in the first place that what you hope for has a small probability of collapsing? The answer is simply that you still operate your life from fear — fear that you are not strong willed enough to trust in your own power.

You may believe that there are external factors or forces that are out to get you, maybe God?! This is a fallacy, and the sooner you can get rid of the concept that there is you and an external god in creation, the sooner you can take back the power that you create and are responsible for.

Ask yourself if you were an almighty god and went about creating a planet together with all the intelligence that makes it radiate with infinite beauty, would you do it while also manifesting a backup planet for in case your perfect creation fails to live up to the faith you instilled within it?

Take note that the initial creation shall not bear the ultimate potential when created with 80% faith, such as creating while holding back due to the idea that there is room for error — which stems from the thought in the back of the mind that there must be a security measure in place for in case your creation doesn’t live up to its potential.

This thought by itself is incredibly disempowering as it injects poison into the reality leading to you not being fully present in the construct and in the moment. Remember fear drains, in any form, and where drainage takes place, the full potential of the life-force is missing in the present.

One of the keys to being fully present (where the most power lies) is trusting that everything you are doing is the one and only true path that is in line with the destiny of the individual and in this there lies the secret to manifesting without holding back, without experiencing abnormal surprises within your creation which can only be born out of the limits of your own power that you unknowingly bestow upon yourself.

Take Action: Dump Your ‘Fear Plan’!

Empowerment of self involves full responsibility of all the projections that have their source within us. Many of us are still unaware of many of these projections that we are sending out to bring forth the construct of the reality we are experiencing.

The two M’s, or shall I say without getting into any trouble, M & M — meditation and mindfulness — are sure to help you to reach the source of your troubles you may still be coming across in the life that you wish to live.

Eventually we all will find grace, which is very different from fleeting happiness, which comes and goes like the tides of the ocean. Grace arises from the liberation of fear-based programming, that state in which you know for sure that you are taken care of no matter what may stand in your way.

Grace and fear cannot coexist within the same plan. Burning our “fear Plan” allows us to free ourselves from wasting a tremendous amount of psychic energy that we can reinvest in plan A.

This is the criterion for recovering grace and becoming fully present in your direction of plan A. Here is where a new life starts unfolding — the state of destiny!

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for DreamcatcherReality.com. The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: https://deprogramthematrix.com/deprogramming