Our spirit is the greatest driving force and the unique thing that sets us apart as humans. Since we go a long way in history with the animals, the spirit…

Spirit Animals — How They Are Connected To Our Existence

Spirit Animals — How They Are Connected To Our Existence

Our spirit is the greatest driving force and the unique thing that sets us apart as humans. Since we go a long way in history with the animals, the spirit animals are what links us to the fauna and makes our existence unique.

We are all striving to reach self-understanding, a higher state of consciousness and greater spirituality. Every one of us is a wild adventurer when it comes to our existence, seeking new paths, insights and ways to better ourselves every single day.

Although the rise of technology and the fast-paced world of nowadays may be blocking our path to self-spirituality because of electronic devices and gadgets, we are born free and we are children of the nature — which is why our existence has always been linked with animals and, similarly, our spirit has been the greatest driving force.

Which One Of The Spirit Animals Resembles Your Character?

Have you ever wondered which animal from the ‘kingdom’ of spiritual animals best conveys your soul?

Today, we are listing all the spirit animals and the characteristics of each one.

The Grizzly Bear — Wise, Powerful And Introspective

The grizzly bear is a defender, but also a teacher, healer and a true leader.

It is a spirit animal driven by its spiritual power and good health. It is also known for its wisdom and will to inspire and help others.

The Polar Bear — Protective, Caring And Strong

The polar bear is a protector, with a spirit to protect others and look out for them.

Goal driven and with a clear consciousness on what they need and what it takes to get it, people with a polar bear as their Spirit Animal are strong and caring.

The Husky — Brave, Adventurous and Loyal

The husky is known for its resilience as well as ability to survive and take advantage of every adventure.

Brave, willing and with great endurance in extreme situations, huskies are athletic, loyal and driven by their determination.

The Grey Wolf — Loyal, Sociable And Wise

The wolf is known for its social skills — in fact, the wolf is using them to teach others how to work well in groups.

It is also a spirit animal that resembles a wise person who is fiercely loyal to those they love.

The Red Fox — Wise, Adaptable And Clever

Intelligent, perceptive and a true master of disguise. That is the character of people with the red fox as their spirit animal.

They are able to observe every situation, adapt to it and find the cleverest solution to tackle it well.

The Tiger — Fierce, Powerful and Protective

The tiger is one of the most powerful beasts in the kingdom and a spirit animal that has great energy and a strong passion for life.

People who have the spirit of a Tiger have a confident and loving character.

The Lion — Passionate, Courageous And Cooperative

We all know lion is the king in the kingdom.

In a person, the lion as a spirit animal is one of the most social in nature and one that maintains a peaceful lifestyle, however, fights to the death to protect their loved ones.

The Panda — Balancing, Solo An Strong

People with the panda as their spirit animal are affectionate as well as caring. They love relaxation and living an overly social life — while being independent, creative and proudly unique.

The Siberian Snow Leopard — Silent, Mindful And Independent

We all know the Siberian snow leopard as one of the most delicate animals. Beautiful and mysterious, it is a spirit animal that commands presence everywhere it goes and is rare to find.

Intuitive, fearless and totally independent, a person with the snow leopard as their sign trust their gut and are not afraid to stalk their dreams.

The Leopard — Intelligent, free And A True Leader

The leopard is known as an adaptive animal, with a spirit that can easily blend in many different social environments.

Easy to communicate with, people and commanding respect without demanding it, people having the leopard as their spirit animal are liberal but also great leaders and intelligent team players.

The Blue Jay — Communicative, Determinate And Curious

People with the blue jay as their spirit animal are fearless and determinate. Moreover, they are curious to communicate and learn a lot about their surrounding and how the different aspects of it work.

They see the world as a puzzle, carefully collecting every piece, in order to figure the whole picture out.

The Bald Eagle — Fearless, Abundant And Free

The bald eagle is a synonym of freedom and liberty and, as a spirit animal, it holds these characteristics as well.

With an extraordinary well mental state and precise in everything that it does, the bald eagle knows how to get rid of every obstacle that comes along the way.

So, which spirit animal are you representing? Have you found your ‘other self’ in these spirit animals?


Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥