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Do you wonder how can you use the techniques of releasing pain from your energy body and actually feel better? Let’s face it — there are many people who suffered…

This article was inspired by 3 Ways To Experience “Dadirri” In Nature Dadirri is a state of calmness one achieves by letting their mind realize their connectedness and dependence on…

Everybody has good and bad days. It’s perfectly natural to feel a tad blue or depressed during colder months or throughout particularly lonely periods. However, having a companion in the home who can alleviate these moody situations is perfectly possible via pet ownership.

A wide variety of ailments and conditions can impact overall mood, including mental factors. Diet, sleep and physical activity are among the most influential physical factors that influence how we feel[1]. Despite this, there is ample evidence to suggest that owning a cat or dog can substantially reduce stress points that otherwise lead to bad moods and behavioural changes[2].

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