This article was inspired by 15 Signs You’re in a Relationship with an Old Soul Ever feel that your significant other is slightly different from the rest? Think he or…

Old Souls — Is Your Loved One An Old Soul?

Old Souls — Is Your Loved One An Old Soul?

This article was inspired by 15 Signs You’re in a Relationship with an Old Soul

Ever feel that your significant other is slightly different from the rest? Think he or she might be an old soul? Continue reading to find out if your partner is an old soul.

It truly is an immense blessing to have an old soul in our lives. Only a fortunate few get to be in a relationship with one. The impact of their presence can have a rippling effect on one’s life – an effect that can last years, if not a lifetime.

But how does one know if they are in a relationship with an old soul? We may have our instincts screaming at the possibility, but to be certain can be quite difficult.

The following traits may help you find out whether you are in a relationship with an old soul or not.

8. Old Souls Are Homebodies

One of the distinct qualities of an old soul is that they tend to resemble old people in their habits and preferences.

They simply love to sit at home and relax and, maybe, read a book. For them, going out is not the only way to have fun. Besides, what could be more compelling than the expansive and simulating world that exists within the mind?

If you have found yourself with an old soul, it is highly likely that they would prefer to stay at home rather than attending flamboyant music festivals and other adrenaline-inducing activities.

7. The Solace That Lies With Solitude

Old souls have a way of embracing solitude with a form of grace that is rather rare. They find these experiences necessary for its restorative and refreshing effect. They can spend large amounts of time by themselves without the worry of someone becoming their source of entertainment or company.

If you’ve found yourself with an old soul, you will notice them being thankful for the time they get to spend by themselves (tending to the garden or fiddling over some project), embracing the beauty of solitude.

6. They Are Rather Easy To Please

The beautiful thing about old souls is that they don’t need those grandiose gestures of love. They will be able to find more bliss in the small moments.

It’s like when you stop trying to seize the moment, the moment seizes you, allowing you to experience a completely new form of bliss.

It is the experiences that are the truest form of gift because, in the end, life is unexpected and the old souls understand the transience of everything that they hold dear.

5. Their Unconventional Nature

Old souls are simply detached from all the things that have value in the mainstream society. Hence, they can be quite eccentric in their own regard.

It is because they are capable of seeing through the many fallacies surrounding our realities, they don’t feel the same need to be a part of something big, something that everyone agrees upon or understands.

For them, their own pleasures can be more than enough to keep them content for a lifetime.

4. Their Need To Make Connections On A Profound Level

Being able to connect with another individual is paramount to them. However, they find the superficial connections to be a fleeting experience unworthy of their time.

This need for a profound connection means they need more than mutual personality traits or hobbies to be able to submerse themselves to another. They have an inherent need to share their deepest feelings and perspectives in order to feel a true bond.

3. Their Sense Of Sensuality Exudes Elegance And Symbolism

Although old souls are not necessarily romantics, when they do make an effort, their approach will differ from what you’ve experienced so far. They prefer to embrace the charms associated with the old, rather than the lewd and lusty ways of the post sexual revolution — not that there is anything wrong with that.

Old souls find delight in romantic symbolic gestures of sensuality. No matter what their style is like, you can rest assured that it will have significance and meaning.

2. The Wisdom In Them Can Become Important Life Lessons

Since old souls are inherently wise and attempt to further build upon that wisdom, they can teach the people around them important life lessons.

It could be anything — from learning how to be more empathetic to others or being grateful for the smallest of things and their significance in our lives.

This is one of the reasons they become excellent lovers, teachers and mentors.

While such a dynamic can be a source of discord, especially if one doesn’t want to be a student, it still is a combination for long-lived happiness.

1. They Aren’t Driven By Their Libido

Old souls are less likely to be led towards infidelity. Now, this doesn’t mean old souls are born saints, but rather their distaste for excitement that most get from a secretive act or taboo, makes it less likely for them to go to great lengths to deceive and create a façade, just for sex.

They prefer a life that is drama-free and devoid of any traces of conflict. More importantly, they value their connections and jeopardizing a connection for the sake of a fleeting experience is something most old souls wouldn’t do.

If your partner exhibit these qualities, then it is likely that he or she is an old soul. Take this as a blessing and indulge in the small — but precious — moments of joy you can share together with your special lover, before the opportunity ceases to exist.

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