Have you ever met someone with whom you felt a strong spiritual attraction? The Secret Behind Spiritual Attraction Sometimes two souls meet like the ancient stars in the sky. Almost…

The Secret Keys to Spiritual Attraction Between Two Souls

The Secret Keys to Spiritual Attraction Between Two Souls

Have you ever met someone with whom you felt a strong spiritual attraction?

The Secret Behind Spiritual Attraction

Sometimes two souls meet like the ancient stars in the sky. Almost without knowing, they enter the same gravitational field where almost everything fits perfectly together. We are talking about the mental attraction that goes beyond the physical one, because it captures and dazzles us, through a spiritual and intellectual connection, the two souls caress themselves and sail together in the same course.

This type of attraction that goes beyond the skin that delves into other kinds of connections is more common than we may think. However, this does not mean that the weight of physical appearance has ceased to have its extraordinary importance as a catalyst of a relationship.

In fact, as was demonstrated by the social psychologist Solomon Ash in his “Implicit Personality Theories,” people continue to think that everything that is beautiful, is also good and therefore beneficial.

When it comes to talking about attraction, we must bear in mind that most of these mechanisms are governed by our unconscious mind. The physical aspect is our cover letter in the relationship and the propaganda, we know that; however, this advertisement is not always the perfect bait or the most infallible to start and maintain a relationship.

Biology, chemistry, and our psych emotional give shape to this gravitational field of attraction where we approach specific profiles and voila, almost without knowing how the magic of magnetism arises.

We do not necessarily speak of “soul mates,” but of connected personalities, who are in perfect harmony and who can create a stable and enriching bond. This is an exciting theme with many nuances on which we wish to reflect with you.

Spiritual attraction does not seek soul mates, it looks for fellow travelers

We will begin by talking about a curious fact that should invite us to reflect. According to a study by Dr. Raymond Knee, director of the Laboratory of Social Psychology at the University of Rochester, more than half of people believe that soul mates exist. They believe that people are destined to be together and that this kind of attraction transcends loves at first sight.

Within the vision of the concept of soul mates, the aspect of spiritual attraction is undoubtedly a fundamental pillar. However, as this same author explains us through articles like “The Science of Soulmates,” this type of attraction would go beyond the simple mental processes associated to a set of values, needs and affections to reach a much more gravitational spiritual field.

“Loving is not only liking; it is, above all, it is understanding. “~ Françoise Sagan

Of course, from a scientific point of view, the spiritual approach is not valid. Because the real mental attraction does not mean magic or destiny, but the set of two mature personalities who, in addition to eternal love, are also looking beyond a present relationship, but looking for a joyful traveling companion through the Life journeys.

United by fate or united to grow?

For People who believe in the existence of soul mates. From this approach, the mental attraction is understood as the process by which the union with the other person is so intimate and exceptional that we do not have to say what we want or what we need for the other person to know. We are one being.

For People who believe in effective relationships as part of their personal and emotional growth. In this case, fate has little or no importance. No one is predestined to anyone, it is we who create it by investing time, will, and effort when we meet this fellow traveler.

Mental attraction responds in the latter case to an agreement with interests, passions, values ??and the ease with which we negotiate, with which we understand ourselves to come to agreements without waiting for the other person to “guess” what is happening to us.

The Keys to Mental Attraction

Physical attraction is something loud, intense, uncontrolled … We know and like it. However, the actual magic that characterizes these more authentic and stable relationships is an ideal balance between both dimensions, where mental seduction is the most obvious, most vivid, and exciting ingredient every day.

“Love makes possible the paradox of two becoming one without ceasing to be two.” ~ Erich Fromm

So if we stop to dig deeper into the keys of real spiritual attraction, we can see that there is indeed very little supernatural in it. The main alchemical components are a lot of emotions, instincts, chemistry and that kind of intuition buried in our unconscious that tells us that this is the person who, at this present moment, is the best for us.

Let’s see some other aspects.

The first element to be analyzed is undoubtedly reciprocity. Something as fundamental as receiving a positive response, feeling recognized and valued, and seeing ourselves as someone relevant in the eyes of another person. This is a very significant factor for the spiritual attraction.

The Spiritual attraction also has to do with similar interests, values, and ethics standard, with seeing the world from the same perspective and under the same principles. There may be differences in some aspects, of course, but these little dissonances are respected and even valued.

Likewise, the spiritual attraction is lit through the challenge. Some people make us feel alive, who challenge us with their gaze, their knowledge, with that subtle combination in which the familiar intertwines with the unknown. Little by little, something is formed that excites us, which fills our minds and, irretrievably, ignites our hearts and lets our souls caress each other.

by Ascending Hearts

Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn't hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled... for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.

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