An awakening to understanding that was once clouded by the smoke and mirrors of society and the puppet masters who pull the strings. While our individual experiences may differ based…

3 Main Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

3 Main Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

An awakening to understanding that was once clouded by the smoke and mirrors of society and the puppet masters who pull the strings.

While our individual experiences may differ based on our own perceptions, beliefs and ideals, among the ‘awakened ones’ there is a commonality that can’t be denied.

What may have started for you as a ringing in the ears or seeing repeating numbers patterns commonly known as synchronicities, has now catapulted you into a full-fledge explorative journey through the pathways of your own consciousness.

Some will have travelled the underworld, navigating the unconscious, others will have trekked the upper realms of spirit, or simply explored conscious thought process, but all of us in our essential quest, are seeking to activate what Carl G. Jung coined the ‘super conscious’ by means of exploring the three hemispheres, three worlds, or what is more commonly understood as the ‘three paths of shamanism’.

Upon activation and awakening, each of us begin our journey to solidify and unite the unconscious, allowing it to feed our conscious minds as we expand our awareness, forging an awakening of cataclysmic magnitude.

No matter your religion, ethnicity or race, beliefs or values, each of us essentially arrive at the few common realizations and this is how we can confirm and know for sure that what we are experiencing is real and verifiable.

1.Everything is connected

Bouts of bliss, euphoric moments of sheer happiness and joy. You may have felt so light you couldn’t speak you were smiling so much! Whether you astral projected or experienced an overwhelming feeling and knowing that you just can’t explain. A love for all things will have penetrated your being and deepened or ignited your understanding that “we are all one”.

A sense of belonging, a reconnection and care for all living things will have emerged as you reached the realm of upper clarity, dwelling in the true sense of self– the ‘I am presence’ of everything.

2. “You are consciousness observing itself”

In one way or another you will have experienced the feeling in knowing that you are not just your mind or your body, a clarity will have struck you like a bolt of lightning illuminating a deeper wisdom within. Understanding will have sprouted like a seed that has been planted, that you are everything in existence, and at the same time you are nothing. You are every star, planet, moon and galaxy. You are every tree, plant, animal and equally so, every human being.

You are consciousness manifesting itself in billions of different ways, shapes and forms and you have discovered the beauty in knowing that this life is an experience to be had, not a punishment to be served.  However, once we see this light of life, we also begin to take note of its shadow. The realization and knowing that in this world…..

3. There is a puppet master

Many awaken, to see not only the light but the shadow of the light. To the un-illuminated or enlightened, there is a ruling elite or oligarchy that sets the path and steers the course of the masses. These few, who are set to rule and watch over the many all the while feeding their own selfish desires.

Some awaken and fall into this fear, this trap, and so I urge you to fear not. Do not fall into the shadows of the light. With understanding and knowledge comes responsibility, so explore, understand and empower others with the knowledge you have obtained. Choose to spread love, not fear, choose to empower, not oppress.

by LJ Vanier

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