Meditation is a broad term when it comes to uncovering the potential of our consciousness. Active and true meditation are examples of that — one leading into the other and…

Active Meditation Versus True Meditation

Active Meditation Versus True Meditation

Meditation is a broad term when it comes to uncovering the potential of our consciousness. Active and true meditation are examples of that — one leading into the other and both of them being unique on their own. But what do they consist of?

Your isolated state of consciousness is based upon what you identify with your illusionary self.

However, this state is not present in your life, which makes you unable to experience the free form of consciousness.

However, your Ego is what guides you on the way and make your efforts permanent.

Through meditation practitioners guide the ego to meet up with consciousness and, consequently, improving one’s life and spiritual experiences.

Today, we are reviewing the Active Mediation and the True Mediation techniques, both with their own viewpoint on many aspects.

Active Meditation — And What’s It All About

Active meditation is not vastly different from regular meditation, however, it has a multiple folded focus, making you reach a higher state of the Mind, which will result in satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness and enlightenment.

People practice meditation to tranquilize their minds, suppress their thoughts and emotions through willpower or reach a state of conscious peace. Active meditation is built around the exact same forces that make you distracted when meditating.

The purpose of active meditation is to make you active and make you visualize your actions and achievements.

And that is why it is also known as ‘the first step towards the true meditation’ and resembles our active state of mind during the process.

True Meditation – The ‘Step Ahead’

True meditation happens for a reason and that reason may not be something you already know.

The basis of true meditation is your attempt to do it. However, real meditation is, by all means, effortless.

It does not create an artificial quiet through a step-by-step process, and it does not make you calm, motivated and in-control of your actions as easy as 1, 2, 3.

What true meditation does, is trigger your Alertness to surface.

As you may know, your deep dimensions of alertness are something very precious that you hold, and true meditation triggers these dimensions to surface for long periods after meditation.

This is actually the root of the enlightenment, fulfillment, satisfaction or happiness, which are known as the benefits of meditation.

The truth is, once you learn to trigger your deeper dimensions and make them surface, they will stay with you for long periods of time.

This means that you may not even need meditation in the future as soon as you achieve this state and every moment of your life will be meditative.

We can easily conclude that true (or real) meditation is never a result of an activity — instead, it is a presence in the space of consciousness.

In the end, you should remember that there are many deeper dimensions of alertness, our awakened consciousness and the world of silence, as the ultimate states beyond the mind.

Learn the path from active to true meditation and start living a meaningful life.


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