Incredible Help Is Available to Us from Angels Although we may be unaware of the incredible help available to each one of us, we do have great and benevolent forces…

Why Do Angels Exist?

Why Do Angels Exist?

Incredible Help Is Available to Us from Angels

Although we may be unaware of the incredible help available to each one of us, we do have great and benevolent forces of Light and Music surrounding our changing planet. These loving-kind Beings are none other than the 12 Archangels. Our protective and wise instructors of Schoolroom Earth teach us that our Souls travel from all corners of the great Universe to come and learn that fear is illusion and that only Love is real. And in our lonely hours of battling our fears, they tell us that they hear our pleas for help! The 12 Archangels say that all Angels are the ears of God.

God, the Creator of all that is, desires to hear the needs and desires of all life everywhere in the infinite Universe. Here on Planet Earth, Angels listen carefully to all that we wish to experience and create in our lives that resonates at the vibration of Love. They encourage us to voice each desire, whether it is great or small, and to do this with a clear intention to receive what we believe will bring us joy or something even better. Asking for Angelic assistance to help us hold the vibration of our prayers and intentions in unconditional love helps the transmission to stay clear and true. Fear contaminates what we believe we want and love purifies our desires so that the blessings we receive from Source will be for our greatest good and for the greatest good for all.

Angels Come in to Help Humanity

When we are coming from ego, we may be unaware that we harbor a hidden fear that we are not allowed to ask God to bestow us with abundance. This is where Angels come in to help humanity. When we infuse our prayer requests with Angelic love, our voice is amplified and we are heard, loud and clear, by our Divine Parents. Angels know, implicitly, that the Creator is the Source that can fulfill us, completely.

On Schoolroom Earth, Angels exist in many guises from our all-loving canine or feline companion to the great oak tree in our front yard. These incognito Angelic beings work around the clock to help human beings remember our true origin and to respect our birthrights as Children of the Creator. They want us to claim our blessings and use our creative power intelligently. Our intelligence grows in capacity when we understand that every particle of energy that exists in the Universe is a child of the Creator and all particles, and beings, are equal in value to each other.

Honoring Where We Come from, with Angelic Lessons

As we wake up to this truth, we have the support to change the perspective of ourselves or of others from being weak or bad to having the potential to transform anything that holds us back from experiencing greater happiness, freedom, and health. Angels exist in our lives to teach us to honor where we come from and what we are made out of. We all come from the Central Sun or Soul of the Universe, the sacred birthing chamber for all Souls.

The Central Sun is the Heart of Heaven, a place of pure love that is unconditional. Our Planet Earth was birthed from the Central Sun and designed to be a school that would provide an incredible education for all Souls willing to attend. In order to protect Schoolroom Earth and its purpose of teaching that the vibration of unconditional love can conquer and transform anything less than itself, our Creator gave Angelic Souls the ability to sing.

The Music of the Angels

It is the music of the Angels that holds the Earth and all of her inhabitants inside the Light of the Creator. Their music is profound and fantastic. The sound of Angels’ singing, inaudible to most humans, works deeply on our cells to open us at the molecular level to receive the Love and healing of the Central Sun. Our Angels surround us, singing to us, subtly nudging us to open our minds while they gently plant the suggestion to ask God to fulfill our needs. As we send our prayers and meditations to the Universe, we shift the vibration of our entire vessel in a positive direction.

We move ourselves out of fear and fear’s manifestations of lack, denial, guilt, and suffering. We lift ourselves out of the muck and rise up to receive with open arms all that we need and desire that is for our greatest good. When we receive what we have asked for or something far better, we start to comprehend that we are connected to a Source far greater than our little ego self. This comprehension is miraculous because it expands our consciousness and we instinctively respect our planet and her inhabitants to a greater degree.

Angels – Never Far from the Heart of God

The 12 Archangels designed our curriculum to guarantee our success. No matter how many times we fall back down into fear and forget where we come from, we are supported as we climb back into the Light and Music of Divine Love. They say that we all climb together and if we hear a rumor that an Angel has fallen into the abyss of fear, it is only to go to the lowest depths of separation and catch the particles of energy (the human being) that has become lost in the darkness. All humans and all Angels never actually leave the Heart of God, no matter how convincing the earthly drama appears to be.

Angels exist to help us find our way to Heaven’s grace and abundance and we can do this right now.

Healing Exercise from the 12 Archangels

Take a long deep breath and bring it in as deep as you can. See yourself at the bottom of a deep and dark cavern. Say, “I AM calling on my Angel to help me climb up and out into the Light of Grace.”

Hold the hand of the Angel and together, climb the ladder that appears in front of you. Do not be afraid because your Angel will make certain that you are successful in your climb out of the abyss of fear.

Step into the Central Sun Light and feel the joy of Divine Love fill your being. Listen with your heart to the music of the Angels and allow the Sound of God to fill you with healing.

Watch what happens tomorrow. Give thanks for every wonderful surprise that manifests for you! Angels ask us to remember who we are and to respect where we all come from. Angels exist to help us. As we fill with their music, we awake to our potential. Let’s ask to see the results of our divinity in our every day, mundane life. Let us celebrate that Angels are here and everywhere to help us feel seen and heard.

by Belinda J. Womack

Belinda Womack is the author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life. Learn more about Belinda, sign up to receive her complimentary meditation, and experience her “Healing Power of Angels” audio course. To schedule a private session, visit To watch the book trailer, go to:

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