87You might be interested in introducing spiritualism into your life and learning to conjure, but you just don’t know where to start. Conjuring can be a daunting activity to learn,…

5 Essential Items for Conjuring

5 Essential Items for Conjuring


You might be interested in introducing spiritualism into your life and learning to conjure, but you just don’t know where to start. Conjuring can be a daunting activity to learn, but you can use many methods and items, even as a beginner, to become proficient and thus more spiritual. You can find many of the items listed below at iConjure.



Candles are a staple for anyone interested in conjuring and the magickal. They are vital for creating the ambiance that is essential for ritual and ceremony. Candle magic is the perfect medium to manifest your desires – and the color of the candle itself is important in that it should correlate with what you hope to manifest, be it financial prosperity, good health, or love. These candles connect to angelic beings in order to manifest that which you desire. Beeswax candles are particularly useful, as they last longer – and they’re perfect for the home as they smell great and help remove contaminants such as mold.


Certain sprays can be used for conjuring, such as cleaning sprays, which can be used around the home to remove negative energies. The iConjure Room Cleansing and Protection Conjure Spray does this, as well as protecting the space in which you spray it. This spray is made up of essential oils and sea salt.


Similar to conjuring candles, conjuring oils can often be used according to what you would like to conjure. Some oils can manifest something similar to the candles, such as love, through the iConjure Love Attraction Conjure Oil, or something more specific, like the Shut Up! (STFU) Conjure Oil. iConjure also offers a custom oil, for those who wish to conjure something specific to their situation. These oils are made of essential oils and some are conjured upon and spelled with spirits for the oil to manifest your desired outcome. They can be used in the bath, on the skin, and can be applied around the house, but must not be ingested.


As well as creating a mystical atmosphere and ambiance around your home, incense is vital for conjuring. These fragrant sticks of incense produce scents that in a sense can incentivize you to pursue what you wish for the most! For example, the Money Incense produces an earthy, wooden scent that is both relaxing and motivating for those who aspire to greater financial stability. While the sticks of incense are perfect for conjuring, they are also a must-have for the home, due to their pleasant aroma.

Wax Melts


Wax melts are another must-have of conjuring, as burning them will help you with manifesting outcomes such as financial prosperity. Wax melts also produce a gorgeous fragrance, specific to each.

While candles are the most common, and to some the essential item for conjuring, all of these items are incredibly useful for creating an atmosphere that is perfect for manifestation. For establishing healing energy in your home and even for finding love, these magickal items are vital due to their conjuring power.



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