“There is no passion to be found in playing small; in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” –Nelson Mandela Living a…

How To Live A Deep, Passionate Life

How To Live A Deep, Passionate Life

“There is no passion to be found in playing small; in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” –Nelson Mandela

Living a deep, passionate life is quite a complex scenario. Do we simply wait until what is safe outside supports us? Do we wait until what seems okay outside supports us through the change?

If so, then we will wait forever because the mind is never safe. The mind is fed from the ego, from a sense of control and dualism, and from the sense of believing that there is a future. However, there is no future, there is only this moment!

The heart knows this, but the mind can’t go there. If we stay with this aspect of ourselves, there is never a safe thing. There may ‘seem’ to be safe things. This is because they are the feelings that come from the mind. These convince us that everything is okay because it feels good or feels like it is possible.

Passionate Life: A Channel for the Divine Love

Life is so complex! Yet, the divine is not some sort of joker sitting ‘up there’ watching us play games. He/she/it, the big picture, or whatever you like to call it, doesn’t sit anywhere other than inside of our heart. It is not a joker; rather, is really wanting each of us to acknowledge its experience.

Once we acknowledge it, then the idea of love, the idealism, the picture that we have of love, has no validity. What happens is that we experience love. We open inside, to a space that is so real that our mind begins to believe again in that space that it has forgotten.

When this occurs, there is such a powerful feeling. Because what we have done and are doing, and what we create, is a channel where the divine deep inside of us is able to express itself. This offers not just love or projection, but rather the actual expansion of the divine into the experience of the mind, which the mind then cannot resist.

Real Love – No Mind Can Resist It

In the same way, we must ask ourselves, how can we escape from a structure that is us?

There is only one way and every person that is totally free knows this. We must be totally and completely, be 100 percent passionate about everything that we do. The English word doesn’t convey what 100 percent passionate means. But, perhaps it could be defined as being 100 percent total, being totally involved and passionate about everything we do.

Without this, life is empty and has no meaning. Without passion, life is just an action, whereby we wake up, eat, and the mundane takes up our time. Our brain and thoughts take up our time in every waking moment. Then we tire, and this is the end of our day. So, we go to sleep and then it’s another day.

Of course, it is an interesting way of living but it’s not what life is about. It is surely not what Jesus spoke about when he spoke to the priests in their temples, and said, ‘God doesn’t dwell here in these temples; these temples are dead. God dwells everywhere. Why don’t we open to this beautiful space that is everywhere? Why do we have to be fixated on institutions?’

Fixated on Beauty, the Passionate Life Diminishes

Today, why are we so fixated? Many people are fixated on the beauty of words, on the pretense, rather than on simply being.

Real love breaks all these old structures. Real love is much more powerful than the ego; than the sense of maintaining that status quo. It is the strongest force – it’s the creation of life. When we have this, and awaken this inside of ourselves, then it is not a hero’s journey but a real journey that we undertake. It is a real journey towards coming home back to what is really us.

When we touch this space, the most amazing thing happens. When we honor it, this space is so awakened that it begins to touch every structure in our life. What seemed complex, difficult, impossible, unrealistic, and what seemed to be just a dream, becomes our reality.

by Tony Samara

Tony Samara is world-renowned spiritual teacher and author of 16 books. He has been sharing deep spiritual work and energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for over 25 years. Join Tony Samara for live-stream videos on the OMTimes Magazine Facebook page, and enroll in his OMTimes Experts courses on the Learn it Live platform. Discover more at: http://www.TonySamara.com

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Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn't hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled... for now. Dylan is a staff writer for DreamcatcherReality.com and teaches surfing to children.

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