Do you understand YOUR soulful intentions? Intentions in Tune with Unconditional Love One thing that remains a constant in the spirit seeking mind is intention. Intention has power when we…

Knowing The Soulful Intentions Of The Spiritual Mind

Knowing The Soulful Intentions Of The Spiritual Mind

Do you understand YOUR soulful intentions?

Intentions in Tune with Unconditional Love

One thing that remains a constant in the spirit seeking mind is intention. Intention has power when we put it into action. If our intentions are heart-felt and in tune with unconditional love and non-judgment it creates an incredible energy of beauty and grace. We can physically feel the healing it brings in. When our senses are telling us otherwise, we know it’s a sign that we need to ask more questions.

Many of us have been inspired by certain people throughout our lives. Some of them are in our families, our circle of friends or are famous in the media for different reasons. We look to others for guidance, seeking answers to our life challenges and reaching out for support. As we evolve, those inspirations can change. If we can intuitively read the intentions of those around us, we learn our limits spiritually, morally and ethically.

Good Intentions in Spite of the Bad Ones

Good intentions don’t always mean everything is working in tune or everything will turn out fine but they are the key to doing the right thing. Not just because it’s the right thing but because the right thing is a part of you. That very part of you is the key in knowing the intentions of others.

We now live in a world of false news, reality, and people. Inside of this falseness is the intention to hurt others in different ways. Anytime material gain, financial domination, and greed are at work – it started with a thought of bad intent. Being aware of this side of humanity is the key to changing and charging the energy back to positive intention.

So, if we examine our reactions to our life situations will they match our intentions? If our intention is to live a happy, purposeful life with respect and love for others then our actions should coincide. We can tell each other that the world is a fearful, lonely, scary place our minds will create a scenario of hopelessness. If we feed the positive, empowering, and nurturing thought process it stands to reason that eventually we create the energy of soulful, positive intent and manifestation.

Hidden Intent Can Be Manipulative

Intent can be hidden behind smiles, compliments, gifts and promises. It can invade your good heart with regret over trusting someone you shouldn’t have. At the same time, people can surprise us with just how good and selfless their intentions can be. It’s hard for us to believe sometimes there is no hidden motive when a service or kindness is given. Our hearts can choose to grow bigger or bitter because of our experiences.

The universal source of creation is there to help you bring your best intentions into reality. The thought process helps to determine what you will manifest. Your very spirit is a calm and peaceful force filled with intuitive assistance and loving, healing energy. When you bring yourself into that energy, no matter what you are feeling, or what is going on around you, you can bring in the intention of living in blissful presence. Whenever we can react with non-judgment of others and ourselves instead of ego and hurt feelings we call in the forces necessary to transform and transmute challenging situations into healing.

Gather Strength with Soulful Intentions

We can rewire our thinking into taking control and consciously creating lives of purpose without playing the role of victim by every thought and action we send out. As we create new reactions to our life situations, we set in motion a new pattern of positivity which helps us make better decisions and bounce back easier after facing adversity. If we intend that we will succeed, we learn to avoid those pitfalls we may have succumbed to in the past. We learn not to compare ourselves to others. We can then understand how unique every soul on Earth is and honor our special skills, paths, and decisions with integrity and respect instead of mistrust or jealousy.

Soulful Intentions Mix with Universal Energies

When we gather our strength of spiritual will and evolve ourselves into co-creating with universal energies, we are free. We don’t need approval from others when we root our sense of self in acceptance and unconditional love. Empathy has a place to shine. There is no competition or greed when we live life with soulful intent. There is a wave of peace that overrides the need to control or to always be right. Surrendering those type of thoughts with peace brings in answers and insights to your life’s deepest questions. We are always learning, healing, reaching out to help while reaching inward for strength when we offer our pure, soulful intentions with compassion and love.

by Judi Lynch

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) spiritual charity and writer for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension, and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see or email [email protected]

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