English is one of the most popular languages in the world and contains enough words to paint a thousand pictures. English is the code of the Matrix Reality. Know Thyself The…

English Is The Code Of The Matrix

English Is The Code Of The Matrix

English is one of the most popular languages in the world and contains enough words to paint a thousand pictures. English is the code of the Matrix Reality.

Know Thyself

The more words exist in your own programming, the more complicated your digital self in the matrix becomes — to the point that knowing oneself becomes an almost impossible feat.

Parts of oneself that one knows not of, are called the dark side — the unconscious that dictates your reality. Knowing oneself involves knowing what all your own programs — encoded by words — consist of.

The world you experience was not really shoved down your throat without your consent by a malevolent creator.

The matrix-hive you have entered into contains all the code within it, which others are projecting en mass collectively, and you have simply capitulated to this system out of fear of failure.

When you start to take on and use an entire language such as English, different words that are validated “AS IS” by the mind assumes power and, together, team-up to form programs in the subconscious mind, that are experienced by the conscious mind in the environment.

The observer in the primary reality accepts the external situation and environment unquestionably because the observer is unconscious of the hidden purpose of words.

Man’s Laws and God’s Laws

The code in the words which we find in the language, form numerical grids or numerical clusters, which entrap you inside of limited realities containing laws and rules that originate from man himself.

All words have numeric seed and root values. When one intermingles with the word in the matrix, one eventually becomes subject to a grid.

A grid is a large group of different words, all with the same numeric values, which together create a construct in matter, which you experience directly in the projected hologram of the mind.

There are man’s laws and there are God’s laws.

The prior revolve around what is right and wrong in the primary reality and what is possible and not possible according to law in a governed, controlled, and dictated system.

The latter revolves around laws and rules concerning your spiritual being (i.e. good and bad in the eyes of a god, and guidelines to spiritual liberation according to man, not god).

These two constructs have successfully turned the five elements of the soul into a fake reality physically and spiritually, with the help of the written word which has programmed the collective unconscious mind.

The 3-Headed Monster — King, Priest & God

All of the written words were scripted by man, even the holiest of holy books. During the time of the inception, the king in all of society was said to be appointed by god, out of the mouth of the priest, who was said to be in communion with god.

The god deception made people believe the priest and, in so doing, entrust the king with the power to enforce law and order, which has created the basis of the entire illusion encoded to benefit one individual only: the Architect.

All His patrons have lost their souls a long time ago, which is why a revolution from their side has never taken place against their lord. It was a win-win situation for the soulless puppets of the wrong-doing secret societies.

Competition Over Energy

It seems that both of these faculties (Royalty & Religion) have indeed worked together and succeeded in trapping souls to a point of total stagnancy, in a reality they cannot disengage from.

Due to the souls on this planet that are incepted by various names regarding identities, titles and statuses — a product of our law — a massive hive has formed, where millions are projecting the same hologram involving competition over energy, in the form of money.

Competition over energy can be seen in the animal kingdom too, as they are also affected by the dividing mechanism on this planet, to which we have fallen prey ourselves.

I have always believed that animals are a reflection of ourselves. Competition over food, competition over territory, competition over a mate — it’s all aggression!

The Great Inception of the Word

The more words one takes on in their experience, the more complex one becomes. Eventually, we all become a mystery to ourselves, as we end up down a rabbit hole, unable to deprogram ourselves back out to the light.

The author of the programs we have taken on — which generate digital holographic programs that renders one in an alien reality — might not have been us, but we are solely responsible for giving consciousness to the code/words, by embracing the knowledge that was laid out in the first place.

Those of the secret societies have only made sure that the code for the enslavement was spread far and wide. The objective was to eliminate all people that live off of the land, together with their indigenous languages.

Even now, this is still underway in the Middle East. It was within these ancient languages that the truth of our eternal nature existed, and it still does.

The English Language

The English language is being pushed on the whole world and is being taught at a rapid rate to children everywhere.

Governments (“Govern mental”) are sponsoring the teaching of English in non-English speaking countries, as far down to the grass-root levels as possible.

English is being made a lucrative skill, as it increases job opportunities tenfold. Due to this attraction, many are now forced to embrace this dangerous language.

The Ancients

The English language is probably 500% bigger in terms of expressions than the languages spoken by tribesmen thousands of years ago.

Ancient languages neither had thousands of scientific hypotheses and no advanced education was needed. The only knowledge that was embraced was the law of nature and the reconnection with the ancestors, during transcendental states during ceremonies and rituals.

Storytelling was one of the most important purposes of the languages of the ancients. This was only done to connect the offsprings to the truth of their past — so, it was used to instill an absolute foundation.

It is no surprise that life was very simple and rewarding for the ancients and that their hyper-dimensionality was beyond our reckoning, due to them being soul-centered, instead of mind-centered.

Conversations about Boundaries

The illusion of good and bad (religion) and right and wrong (law) that stretches to every cranny of existence for the one cursed by English and many other modern languages, is the catastrophe of our time.

The words in your language are the meaning of life (as you know it right now). You are the walking “WORD”.

Ask yourself this: “What would we talk about if there were no rules and laws, governments and religions? What would we debate?”

It seems that most of the opposition on Earth that is causing an unwanted projection, comes mainly from those that pay attention to the duality created by rules and laws from the written word.

When you believe in the word of God you become the projector of the world of God; you become subject to the world of a scoundrel.

When you’ll realize there is no word of God and only the word of Man, ask yourself: “why am I living in such a self-created world?”


The simple answer is that you have turned your five elements into knowledge/words and subsequent matter that has over-written your own reality and your own paradise.

The only way out is to deprogram all the words that have been nominated in your consciousness as mistaken absolutes that assume absolute power over you unconsciously.

You have to retrieve the words that are unconscious and break the belief in them, conscientising the spells, and turning them back to the five elements.

This is the power of the soul over the matrix!

We are making all this unconsciousness, conscious right now, which is in effect turning all the words giving rise to matter back to the five elements, so that the soul can break the chains to the matrix and manifest its own reality.

If you are interested in deprogramming the words that causes mind-control programs, please contact me for deprogramming sessions, where words are conscientised and released, in effect bringing you back to soul-center. This will also increase your cosmic connection and manifestation prowess.

Arno Pienaar

I am a freelance writer for DreamcatcherReality.com. The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: https://deprogramthematrix.com/deprogramming