Circulating sexual energy is at the start a conscious process for a beginner, but eventually it all occurs naturally as your DNA remembers lost instinct. If you have not read…

Circulating Sexual Energy (Part Two)

Circulating Sexual Energy (Part Two)

Circulating sexual energy is at the start a conscious process for a beginner, but eventually it all occurs naturally as your DNA remembers lost instinct.

If you have not read Part I of this publication, you can read it here.

The Jing Chi you have drawn up to the head now needs to lead back down before it starts causing problems like those mentioned earlier in part I.

In order for you to do this you need to at first systematically meditate through each energy center from the head down, until you get down to the navel. A sensitivity to ethereal energy/chi should be cultivated to be sure that your mind has the will to lead this energy.

Again it will be wise for you to find out that you do not have any blockages in the Yin channel for example the palate, throat, heart or solar plexus, as this will be the route down to the navel where energy can be safely stored.

Remember to always use the tongue during practice to link the yang & yin channels. Also, never do any energy work within two hours after eating, as digestion needs lots of your energy to process food.

Another helpful tip is to avoid urinating within one hour of doing any practice, especially after circulating sexual energy, as the vortex of the outgoing urination causes a seepage of all the chi that was built up during the session.

circulating sexual energy4

Yin-Yang Linking Vessel

Now that all the basics have been covered, it is time to learn how to practice the first technique which separates ejaculation from orgasm. This information is primarily for men who want to start circulating their sexual energy to higher centers in their body.

The Big Draw is a term first coined by Mantak Chia, it involves stopping all stimulation once you start feeling that orgasmic climax (the point of no Return) is drawing near.

Whether you master this practice or not will mostly depend on the strength of your PC muscles (muscles surrounding the outside of the prostate) and the amount of control you have over them.

These muscles surrounding the prostate between the genitals and the anus needs the power to lock the sperm inside after every involuntary orgasmic spasm which usually sends the sperm racing to the outside world, leaving the man tired and exhausted.

The contraction of the PC muscles will of course be voluntary on your side, if you are new to this practice you will probably have to strengthen these muscles if you have never used them before – this involves simple breathing exercises involving the coordination of contraction of the pc muscles and the breath, such as in Buddhist breathing, which I will expand on later.

circulating sexual energy5

The Big Draw

In the Diagram above you will see all the techniques you need to know as a beginner to stop sexual energy from leaking during orgasm. Solo practice at first is best, as it is much easier learning to tame the hot Jing energy without the presence of your lover. You will need to feel the body internally, this is very much a sexual meditation.

A standing position with the back straight(aligning the path of the Yang channel) is preferred at first.

After stimulating yourself until you near the point of no return you stop, close your fists tight, clamp the toes, take a deep breath in, squeeze the buttocks as tight as you can, contract the perineum, press the tongue to the roof of the mouth, lock the neck (hold the head back as far backwards as you can, although not tilted, to activate the cranial pump) and keep the mind focused on the crown of the head – this focus will cause a high potential and will summon all the orgasmic energy to the crown of the head from the coccyx up the spine…

Remember to keep the Yin channel linked up to the palate with the tongue so that the energy can circulate down to spread to the vital organs and to the navel center. Once perfected, you will experience rejuvenation and a new profound feeling of exhilaration about your sex life.

Sperm energy costs vital life force and high-quality nutrition, nutrition that is hard to come by in today’s GMO ridden food products, as a defense you can at least cultivate your inborn pre-birth chi to benefit yourself physically, emotionally and most important of all spiritually.

In Taoist, Buddhist and hindu tantric philosophy it is believed that in order to grow spiritually you need to give the seed a chance to sprout, grow and bloom, on top of the crown of the head… This of course relates to the retention of sperm and refining it to a higher quality.

This higher quality is called Shen Chi, Shen meaning spirit. In Qigong it is believed that Jing and Spirit are very much related, When Jing is strong the spirit can be lifted and the governance of çhi across the whole body will be adjusted to achieve perfect balanced health.

It does not take very long to get a hang of it, and once you do, you can start practicing it with a partner. Dual cultivation can lead to even greater gains of mutual healing energy for both partners!

This, of course, will depend on the spiritual progress of both partners partaking.

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