When sadness has you in its jaws, there is nothing you would rather do than hide in your room. Don’t! Instead, uplift your mood by following these simple – and…

Sadness Has You In Its Jaws? 6 Steps to Happiness

Sadness Has You In Its Jaws? 6 Steps to Happiness

When sadness has you in its jaws, there is nothing you would rather do than hide in your room. Don’t! Instead, uplift your mood by following these simple – and fun – steps.

Before you got back home from work, you were in a good mood. You teased a co-worker about her new, substantially younger boyfriend and you drove home listening to your favorite songs.

As soon as you stepped in, something happened and your good feelings evaporated.

The trouble is you don’t know what that something is. Your good mood has suddenly faded, and you started snapping at your kids or family for no good reason.

1. Ferret It Out

There may be something bothering you subconsciously but you cannot put your mental finger on it. What do you do?

Instead of yelling at others, why not try to figure what it is that is bothering you? Once you ferret out what is making you cranky, it will be much easier to uplift your mood.

If it is a broken heart, then it’s a completely different ball game; now think what you could do to mitigate its effects.

So, have you finally found out what has been bothering you? Good, let us move on and replace that frown with these simple steps:

2. Let Responsibility Conquer the Sadness

You know you are sad, and you have even figured out the cause. The next question you need to answer is: do you have to stay sad? I think not!

Be proactive and take responsibility for you sadness. Tell yourself, now that I have figured out why I am sad, I am going to do something about it to feel better.

Sulking won’t help you step out of doomsville, but being proactive will! Since you are the only one standing between one smile and the next, you are the only one who has the power to change your life.

Need an inspiration? We have that covered as well!

3. Sense the Sadness Away

There is a reason why the smell of freshly baked cookies makes you miss the aunt you adore – senses can trigger memories, especially happy ones.

Use your senses to uplift your mood – scented candles, favorite music, a chocolate cake, or the soft satiny scarf you got while holidaying in France are some examples. Indulge your senses and you will feel much better. It is a good place to get started!

4. Let Silliness Push Sadness Away

Russ Harris, The Happiness Trap, advises using the silly voice technique to push the blues away. When you swap the sad voice in your head with a silly cartoonish one, things seem much better and less unfixable.

A fight turns into something ridiculous when Yoda is running commentary in your head. Practice your Yoda-Speak, and you won’t have to be sad again!

5. Let the Happiness In

Think on what makes you deliriously happy, and then go ahead, just do it! Whether it is watching your wedding video or reminiscing about your old college days or some coloring; this is one way that will not only push back the blues but also uplift you by letting the happiness in.

We all need a break every now and then! Sometimes, the only time we even realize this is when we have reached the last stages of sadness. Do whatever it is that helps you relax! A relaxed person is definitely not a sad person.

6. Let Nature Take Away Sadness

Watching the waves roll or sitting in the sun and doing nothing are just two ways nature can help you get rid of your blues. Nature helps you get closer to yourself and to your inner peace. Once you experience peace, sadness will have a hard time sticking around to bother you.

And it has medicinal benefits too! For instance, direct sunlight helps your skin synthesize vitamin D, so it is beneficial for your physical and mental health. Vitamin D also helps you step out of depression.

If you own a pet, there is nothing better to take your sad thoughts away. The way a dog shows its affection and the way a cat will demand your attention will not leave much time for you to be sad. If you do not own a pet, borrow one and let their zest for life bring back yours!

Do you know of any other uplifting activities that you’ve tried? Is there something you have always thought of trying when sad but never got around to?

Weigh in into the comments section. You know we love hearing from you!


Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥