Have you tried various forms of meditation, and yet still find yourself searching for that one method that works for you? If you have not tried Anapanasati meditation, this could…

Anapanasati Meditation & Cosmic Consciousness

Anapanasati Meditation & Cosmic Consciousness

Have you tried various forms of meditation, and yet still find yourself searching for that one method that works for you?

If you have not tried Anapanasati meditation, this could be it for you. It is truly simple, yet deeply powerful and transformative.

The word Anapanasati comes from the Pali language, and it literally means “to direct one’s total attention and awareness only on one’s normal, natural breathing process.”

The mind has an activity to direct itself to, and that is to focus constantly on the task at hand of oneness with the breath.

This task is an effort for the mind, which helps it stop all of it’s activity while you dip into deep and conscious awareness of your true joyful state.

A joyful oneness with the breath, and a deep state of meditation is the result.

When you can be one with your breath energy, by inhaling softly and effortlessly, there is a rhythm of calmness that emanates through you and within you (and with practice, from you).

You become one with the breath, and as your mind focuses on this rhythmic process it becomes calm as the physical body becomes still.

During this form of meditation, it is advised not to use a mantra, and not to focus on any form of a deity. There is also no practice of holding the breath.

This is a truly simple form of meditation that can work for anyone. It is a state arrived at through a simple yet profound focus on the natural breathing state.

It is best to sit in a comfortable posture that can be held for the duration of your meditation. Hands are fully clasped with all fingers going into all fingers, and your eyes remain closed.

To the best of our ability, we resist any thoughts of the mind that arise, and as we immediately cut it off any thoughts, we simultaneously re-direct the mind to the flow of the breath.


“ana” means “in-breath”

“apana” means “out-breath”

“sati” means “be-one-with”

When we are with the breath-energy, the mind becomes rather empty. Then, there is a tremendous in-flow of cosmic energy into the physical body. Gradually, the hitherto dormant third-eye begins to become activated. And, by and by, cosmic consciousness gets to be experienced. — Brahmarshi Patriji

This meditation is so simple, yet very profound, in that it can be done by any one, at any time and place. Finding a space in your day to create a daily meditative practice is very beneficial, not only for our spiritual health, but ultimately for our physical health.

Patriji advises for people to meditate daily according to one’s age. So if you are 20 years old, 20 minutes a day, for example.

He says, “spiritual health is the ‘root’, and physical health is the ‘fruit’”. There are numerous studies on this, yet the best way to discover this cosmic gem is by consistently trying it out for yourself.

Currently, through February 6th, there is a synchronized global meditation for world peace and prosperity. Click here, to view the event page, and here to read an article about this auspicious and ideal time for coming together in meditation.

Though the meditation is done in your own private space, alone or with friends, the time is synchronized so that it is very supportive to all. This is a great time to begin your own practice from home with the energetic support of the group.

World peace begins with you, and it begins with me. We begin by going within, and creating a wholeness that penetrates out and into the world around us.

This information is based on the work of Brahmarshi Patriji, and is shared with deep appreciation to his service. Patriji, Brahmarshi (2015/July) “Anapanasati Meditation” Spiritual India, 12 (4) pp 3-4, 39-40.

By Ulonda Faye, Guest author,


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