The brain is a powerful tool — the most powerful of the human being. It determines who one is or becomes. The brain perceives and thinks, then commands the body…

Tips For Optimizing Your Brain Power

Tips For Optimizing Your Brain Power

The brain is a powerful tool — the most powerful of the human being. It determines who one is or becomes.

The brain perceives and thinks, then commands the body to follow. Even subconscious acts like taking your hand away from a fire are controlled by the brain.

At birth, the human brain has 100 billion neurons, which receive and send information to all other parts of the body. These are mapped and connected in the course of one’s life with diverse effects on personality and physical health.

Brain power

Even the highest performing supercomputer has not been able to come close to the level of the human brain in memory storage and function.

Scientists claim the brain is largely unused and remains a mystery.

However, studies have shown that the power of the brain can be harnessed to learn new skills and become more productive in a better and faster fashion. This can be done by developing certain habits and techniques.

Positive smiley mood

The brain is negatively affected by a bad mood as it releases stress hormones which, in turn, can lead to bad physical health.

Keeping a positive smiley mood keeps the brain in a good working condition and promotes creativity. The feel-good hormone dopamine is released when a person is happy.

This hormone alters the perception, and has been connected to the outrageous courage and sometimes creativity after taking mind altering drugs like cocaine, which have the same effect for a short time.

The brain senses a smile and releases this hormone. The brain cannot tell a forced or genuine smile, so forcing yourself to smile gives the brain a boost.


This is a powerful learning technique where the brain gets a picture of the desired result. The brain is not rigid, which means brain neurons can be remapped according to stimuli received.

Visualization triggers this remapping as the brain connects certain pictures to the idea.

A study was done by Harvard University which showed that two groups, one practicing on a real piano, whilst the other only visualizing the practice, had achieved the same brain development after some time.


True masters of different arts come to their mastery through intensive training. The term ‘muscle memory’ has been coined to describe doing things perfectly while not fully conscious.

This can be seen in top athletes.

Training remaps brain neurons to respond to new stimuli in training. Over time, this is reinforced such that the brain is able to connect certain actions with specific reactions automatically.

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