Are you one of those whose truly seeking, truly searching for the deeper meaning of the moment to ignite your life? Plenty say they are, but then the Path Less…

The Path Less Traveled: The Inner Journey And How To Tackle It

The Path Less Traveled: The Inner Journey And How To Tackle It

Are you one of those whose truly seeking, truly searching for the deeper meaning of the moment to ignite your life?

Plenty say they are, but then the Path Less Traveled is littered with people who fell by the wayside, those who took the soft, comfortable option of staying where they are, in that safe, predictable space.

But if you’re reading this, then for sure at the heart of you, is a burning light, that although may get stuck in a lay-by from time to time, is yearning to return to the highway, to be a constant flaming brilliance, all the time, as a way of living.

So what does it really mean to be walking this “Path Less Traveled?” How might you be inspired to continue, when all around often seem conforming and conservative?

Light Warriors Carving the Future

Yes, in the spiritual mainstream, you’ll hear plenty about surrender and letting go. But how often is that used as an excuse for non committal? For giving up at the first hurdle: “Oh it’s not meant to be.”

Says who? Did you check all the signs, or just the convenient ones?

The journey up the spiritual mountain is the Path Less Traveled because plenty of people got softened into the easiness of the base camp – not working too hard, conforming with everyone else (including the spiritual mainstream), taking the moment as it goes, conveniently forgetting that the moment has future-landing-now encapsulated within it.

A future, that as warriors of light, we were given to carve.

It’s easy to stay small. There are 7 billion reasons, 7 billion daily reflections why to stay in the cage.

And as soon as you dare to step out, the naysayers will be telling you you’re crazy, “don’t be stupid, get back in the box, shangri la la land doesn’t exist”.

But for those on the path, something sits uncomfortably inside you about that.

Nothing to lose

You know there’s a different way, a more expanded way, a more connected way. And although it’s seldom easy, in your heart-of-hearts, you just know it can work – that miracles and magic will click in around you, if you can dare to take that step.

And what really have you got to lose?

Maybe you’ll have to give up that safe and predictable 9-5. Maybe you won’t always know where the resources are going to come from.

Maybe in order to be truly you, you’ll have to risk that your relationship won’t work out the way you would have liked – the convenient and comfortable one, where no one is put out or truly tested to be who they really are.

    But you’re not going to do that now are you?
    Because you know, ultimately, to bury yourself under a mountain of untruth,
    is, in the long run, much more painful than climbing it.

Making the intangible tangible

The road less traveled is full of intangibility. Whilst the comfortable rut is right there: it’s solid, predictable and known well by the many. You can lean on it, rest in it, be propped up by it.

But in the authentic reality of myth and metaphor, you’ll have to take a risk, to step out into the unknown, not knowing where it might lead, or how you might be supported.

But that’s the point, if you want to learn how to fly, you have to unfurl your wings, and trust that they’ll hold you aloft on something you’ve never known before…  something as subtle as air.

Because that’s what this Path Less Traveled is all about – it’s mystical, etheric, full of the intangible. It’s your destiny to make it real, to bring it into being, to say by your very actions:

“look, this is possible, it can be done!”

Realising why we create the obstacles

The Path Less Traveled is of course the inner journey. It’s about not immediately settling for the quick fix in the outer world, the immediate solution, the soft but convenient option.

It’s realising that you have to work – at yourself – to unfold the true path of light. It’s easy to keep doing what we’ve always done.

The hardest thing is to change yourself. Because that takes responsibility, ownership of your sh** and a willingness to change. If you can dig deep, and find this quality, if you can own your creative path, then you have what it takes to meet the crucial obstacles of change – those inside yourself.

There’ll come a point, where you stop seeing the outer obstacle as something you’ve got to fix, get past or get over.

Instead you’ll surrender into the real reason why you created the obstacle in the first place: the pain inside of you where the light gets buried in the blurred haziness of uncertainty.

But you’ll stop trying to avoid it, stop popping the pill or immediately grabbing for that quick fix crutch.

Instead you’ll look right into the jaws of it and say:

“F**k it, I’ve had enough now, the pain can’t define me anymore, I’m going right into the heart of it.”

And so you look right into it’s contracting jaws and say:

“No more! I will not be defined by you, I will unfold and unwind right through you… you son-of-a-b***h!”

This is what defines the Path Less Traveled. The inner path. The journey of purpose, to the realisation of who you truly are. And then the actualisation of it, moment by moment, as the most profoundly magical way of being and living.

Expanding Consciousness in the Great 5D Shift

Right now, the Path Less Traveled, in the next chapter of the human journey, leads right into “heaven” – the New paradigm in the Fifth Density.

It’s a way of living and connecting with life in total harmony, on outstretched wings, supported by the uplifting wind of the universe.

Plenty will tell you it’s just a new age pipe dream. The crowd will say it’s all smoke and mirrors. The naysayers will tell you you’re crazy. Daily there’ll be 7 billion reasons why you’re supposed to believe them.

But you’re past that now aren’t you? You’re just not going to listen anymore. Because in your heart you already know, the Path Less Traveled is YOUR path, not theirs, and it’s your very reason for being.

Let them say “Nay”, because in your heart and mind, you’ve already said “Yeah!”

And if you’re one of the “Yeah Sayers”, there’ll surely be a place waiting for you, with your name on it, for one of our upcoming events.

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