Ascension and the Great Transformation “Ascension” became one of the most used words in the spiritual world especially prior 2012. Obviously, the event from December 21, 2012, linked with Mayan…

The Great Transformation Within

The Great Transformation Within

Ascension and the Great Transformation

“Ascension” became one of the most used words in the spiritual world especially prior 2012. Obviously, the event from December 21, 2012, linked with Mayan prophecies attracted the attention of the whole world, spiritual or not. Thousands of spiritual practitioners from all over the world were getting very excited by the window of changed opened by the alignment of Mother Earth with the Father Sun and the Galactic Sun. People from all over the world literally prepared for a planetary ascension. However, it is not clear if the people who expected it really understood the Ascension process itself.

On December 21, 2012, thousands of people visited Yucatan, the place where the Maya prophecies came to the world and Mayapan – the last great Maya capital. People from all over the world were visiting Maya pyramids and literally believed that the world will end and we are going to move, to transcend and ascend to another dimension. Useless to say the disappointment that followed the next day when all the believers saw that we were still here, we were still on the third dimensional Mother Earth.

Energy Change in Mother Earth

First, we need to clarify something very important. The Mayans and all the other indigenous nations were talking about a change in the energy of Mother Earth. A change in the energy of Mother Earth would trigger automatically a change in our bodies. This change is literally happening right now. We are a “generation of transition”.

We were born in a male energy, a masculine vibration, within the years that preceded the change, and we are part now of a great process of transformation; a profound conversion to the feminine vibration, to the female energy.

Great Transformation at the DNA Level

We can easily say that this is part of the ascension process in a sense that all life on Mother Earth must go through this transformation, to this transition. What we really need to understand is that the transition takes place at our basic level: in our DNA, in our energy, and in our subconscious mind.

The only energy that is not going to change in our body is the energy of the heart. Because the heart does not have any challenge to transform and change. The heart energy is unified: masculine or feminine is irrelevant for her. Our hearts have the unique capacity to adapt instantly to any change or transformation that happens within us. It is not just a capacity to adapt but it is something much deeper: the heart is the quiet leader that brings you in a very elegant way to the new vibration and energies. The heart is not affected at all by the transformation because she knows that this a natural process and we are part of the Universe.

Against the Tide of Change During Great Transformation

Any fight against the change is going to have an effect in our lives; it is like swimming against the natural river flow. This can be dangerous and painful. It can bring us to exhaustion and extreme tiredness, to burn out and extreme physical or mental fatigue. It is like cleaning our emotions: our society is doing much harm by preventing our joys and our tears.

Our society does not understand that it is healthy to cry and to laugh. It is natural, it is medicine for the body and mind. If we start crying in the middle of the street the crowd will gather immediately and try to comfort us: “Don’t cry! Stop crying!” Nobody has a clue why we are crying, what happened, what triggered our tears, but rest assured that all will try to stop our tears.

And the reason is not that they want to help us but that if we go on crying, they will start crying too. In fact, that they are afraid of their own transformation, their inner cleaning, their own tears. They fight a natural process that happens for the good of the body, mind and spirit.

Adapting from One Energy to Another

It is understandable to see the long process of adaptation from one energy to another. It is perfectly reasonable to see how we are changing from the logic, from the rationality to intuition and creativity. We are in a new era where no-mind means intelligence, when you must relax your body and let it fall without any effort, without your mind controlling.

It is the time when you go with the river flow without fighting or questioning why is happening. This is the great transformation within process that the Mayans are talking about. It is a good cleansing of the mind of all inhibitions of the past.

Remember that laughter and tears at times of great transformation can help tremendously. Tears will take out all the suffering and torment that is hidden inside of us. Laughter will take out all that is preventing our bliss and joy. Once we remember to cry and laugh, we will be surprised by the freshness and the fragrance and the beauty within us.

by Daniel Mitel

Daniel Mitel is a world-class master of meditation, helping people understand the intimate connection to their inner selves. Interviewed and published around the world, Daniel’s books are highly regarded as some of the best meditation and spiritual guide books. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter, and discover more at:, and

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