The Importance of Choosing Your Vibration Over Your Vibration Choosing You It is very easy to underestimate the importance of keeping our own personal energetic vibration at a high level….

The Importance Of Choosing Your Vibration

The Importance Of Choosing Your Vibration

The Importance of Choosing Your Vibration Over Your Vibration Choosing You

It is very easy to underestimate the importance of keeping our own personal energetic vibration at a high level. There will be times in life when we undergo hardship or trauma or even states somewhat above those, such as annoyance or frustration, but that are still well below the highest states of energy levels. As we have come to live a physical experience of polarity here on earth, we will come to experience many different vibratory levels.

When we think about what is at the top of the scale, the highest vibrating energy, we think of love, joy and appreciation. As the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, and with this universal law operating at all times whether we are consciously working with it or not, we are constantly attracting thoughts that match where our energy is vibrating. For example, if someone is often in the state of gratitude and appreciation, they meet experiences that cause them to think and feel at that same level. And conversely, if someone is feeling low and depressed, they meet with more of the same.

The Powerful Tool of Our Minds

Our minds are a very powerful tool, and one that we can forget that we have control over. We are not the thoughts that go around in our heads daily, we are merely the thinker of them. So, the more we can become a student of our own thought processes and the more we can stay in awareness of when things seem to go out of control in our minds and then consciously refocus them, the more we can choose what we are thinking about and thus what we are attracting into our minds, bodies and lives.

Someone might wake up feeling anxious one morning due to their own life circumstances. The anxiety could be merely a bit of worry but nothing debilitating. However, if their energy level stays at that vibration, more thoughts will be attracted that match it. And as we are all connected, one may begin also attracting the energy of those around them or of loved ones that are also feeling anxious. One might find themselves worrying about their health for no concrete reason. But because they woke up feeling anxious about their own life, the energy of a loved one going through some health issues may be attracted into their own vibration.

Vibration and Energy are Important to Know

It is very important to be mindful of where our own energy is. Not that we cannot acknowledge and process what we are feeling, but to do so with the awareness and vigilance that we will eventually attract more of that same feeling. So, when we are feeling worried, or fearful or frustrated, it would be in our best interest to also put some extra power behind a gratitude practice or to spend more time meditating or doing some energy clearing work. Chakra balancing exercises are also very good to help clear our energetic field.

We can easily forget, especially if someone is an empath, that we will pick up on others’ low vibration thoughts and energy when our own is low. We might find ourselves feeling quite angry or in a bad mood for no reason. Upon tracing back our own thought patterns, we find that a small thing annoyed us earlier in the day. These thoughts attract more of the same. It’s very important to do those thought traces when we are feeling things that do not seem to be our own. Or, in other words, when the feeling does not have any logical reasoning when measured against our life circumstances.

Receiving and Sending Your Vibration Mindfully

So, when we are feeling good, happy, light and joyful, we send that energy out to others to pick up on. Thus, we are open to that high energy from those around us. And as all of it is subject to the snowball effect, we can realize on a grand scale the importance of keeping our vibration high as it relates to the shift in consciousness on the planet now. Again, the suggestion is not to push down or ignore when we feel bad.

When we do feel bad we can be aware of it and shine some light on it and it will move on. All states are transient. It’s what we resist that will grow and shift our thoughts and energy into places that can move us into the darkness. Allowing the lower-level energies to pass through and then consciously putting our attention on the things that move us into higher vibration not only serves us, but also our loved ones and ultimately humankind.

by Heather O’Neill

Heather O’Neill is a personal life coach and Reiki Master Teacher. She helps clients throw out their head trash. Heather, an empath and intuitive, works on clearing energetic blocks to reclaim personal power through choosing our thoughts rather than our thoughts choosing us. As a certified Law of Attraction coach, Heather has a keen understanding of how to work with the universal laws to create lives that unfold as we truly want them to. Heather helps clients go beyond egoic reactions to life’s challenges and to see them from the broader perspective of the high self which enables us to experience the most growth.

Dylan Harper

Dylan is a 32-year-old surfer from California. He traveled the world, rode the waves and learned the universal concept of oneness. He is a vegan for over a decade and, literally, wouldn't hurt a fly. He was reunited with his twin soul in Greece, where they got married and settled... for now. Dylan is a staff writer for and teaches surfing to children.

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