Have you mastered the art of letting go yet? When we first learn about the Law of Attraction, it can be a very exciting time! Naturally, we want to put…

5 Tricks To Help You Master The Art Of Letting Go

5 Tricks To Help You Master The Art Of Letting Go

Have you mastered the art of letting go yet?

When we first learn about the Law of Attraction, it can be a very exciting time! Naturally, we want to put this law to use to attract the things we’ve been wanting.

Unfortunately, though, this excitement can quickly turn to frustration if we haven’t yet mastered the art of letting go.

This is because letting go is a critical component of the manifestation process.

When we are obsessed with things going our way, we are projecting a vibration that screams “I don’t believe things can go my way!”

Why is this? Because if we believed things would go our way, we wouldn’t be so worried and stressed about it, would we?

In order to receive, we must first believe, and worry or stress is a primary indicator that belief is absent from the equation.

Being relaxed about things happening is the key to successful deliberate creation. You can’t be all tensed up about wanting something and be in the place of being able to receive it. It just doesn’t work that way.

So, with that being said, here are a few suggestions to help you master the art of letting go. Try these out when you find yourself feeling stubborn, worried or frustrated that things aren’t going your way:

1. Use soothing affirmations in times of stress

When you feel yourself holding on too tight, some positive self-talk can really help get your perspective back in order.

2. Ask for help.

When we are holding on too tight, inevitably we are in the process of trying to “figure out” how to get what it is we want.

Unfortunately, an attempt to control outcomes is rarely successful, as wanting to control outcomes projects resistance, which blocks manifestations from materializing.

So, to let go of the need to figure it all out, ask the universe for help instead! Put it out there that you would like some assistance, and wait for the universe’s response to take action.

3. Use distraction

If you can’t think about the thing you want without feeling obsessive about it, think about something else instead!

Distraction can be your best friend. Instead of continuing to focus on a train of thought that makes you feel hopeless, switch your tune and focus on something else!

The more you think about something, the bigger it gets, thanks to the Law of Attraction. Be willing to put aside worrisome thoughts, because the less you think about them, the quicker they will dissipate!

4. Follow your feelings

Always remember that your feelings provide you with constant feedback to let you know when you are moving in the right direction.

Instead of trying to figure it all out, just listen to your feelings! When you feel good, you are on the right track. When you don’t, you aren’t! It’s really that simple.

So in times when you feel yourself worrying about the future, remind yourself that your feelings are really the most important part of the equation. Do whatever you can in the moment to feel better, and you’ll be on the right track!

5. And finally…remember that sometimes delays are a true blessing in disguise!

Sometimes things don’t work out right away, but you can be certain that this is always for your benefit.

A delay can mean you are learning something you need before your receive what you want, or it could just mean that there is something better on the way shortly! A delay can mean you are asking for something you really don’t want, or it can mean that there is something more important going on that you will want to experience first.

Think about it this way: On 9/11 there are countless stories of people who missed the World Trade Center collapse because they were running late, caught in traffic or experiencing some other kind of delay.

Delays can pay off big time. So if you are experiencing one right now, relax! Trust that the universe has your back on this one. The sooner you relax, the sooner this truth will become evident to you.

I hope these suggestions help you to master the art of letting go. Being relaxed and going with what’s happening in the moment is critical for your success as a deliberate creator. If you find yourself holding on too tight, use these tips to loosen your grip and get back into the flow where all the good stuff is!

by Andrea Schulman

My name is Andrea Schulman, I am a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ I teach people about the Law of Attraction with fun, clarity and success! Check out my member website to learn how to create your reality with your thoughts.

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