Is your Qi at full power? Numerology Speaks: Hooray, More Energy! Are you wanting some positive mojo around now? The good news is that the month of May has a…

How Will The Month Of May Enhance Your Qi?

How Will The Month Of May Enhance Your Qi?

Is your Qi at full power?

Numerology Speaks: Hooray, More Energy!

Are you wanting some positive mojo around now? The good news is that the month of May has a 5 energy. Five, in numerology, is all about regenerating your vitality. Qi (or chi or ki) is the Chinese word representing the life energy that resides within you. This year (2017) has been a bit crazy-making for me, on a personal level.

Have you been feeling rundown and off centered? This month can help us rejuvenate. What can we do this month to encourage the process and lift our qi? Our rather heavy-weathered, rain/cold/hot/stormy April (the 4th month) was filled with the intense vibration of 4. These include issues about the home, environment, politics, organization, and getting things done.

May Promises More and Renewed Energy

Now is the promise of a sunnier, energetic and effervescent month of May. We associate May with spring fever, flowers, and getting out of our homes and hitting the parks. Five, in numerological terms, is all about connecting with people, passion, entertainment, and travel. It is a great time of renewed energy and an opportunity to dust off the doldrums and set out for new intentions. Perhaps we might meet someone new or spark a romantic relationship to a higher level?

The Challenge and Lesson of 5

Five is the lesson of freedom. Is there something that feels burdensome in your life and/or relationships? How can you set it free or shift into a more vibrant and action-oriented resolution? Wake up and feel your life force running through you. It is a month for dancing, playing, entertaining, and getting involved. It is a time of action.

“Don’t be afraid to show your light. If it ends up being too much for people, tell them to wear sunglasses!” ~ Gabrielle Roth

Questions to Ask Yourself

Of course, with every number, we see the challenge of it. Do you find that there is so much to do that you have no time? Do you feel too much responsibility and lack of freedom? Are there many people in your life, yet you feel that you need to be alone? Remember that these lessons are just as important as the fun you have in life. So, it is a good time to deal with how to shift your outlook. In other words, if you feel that you do not have enough alone time, change it! Take a long walk in nature with yourself and go hug a tree or paint, or read. Feel and enjoy the unique energy inside of you.

How Will You Enhance Your Qi?

There are many classes in Qi Gong, yoga, breathing techniques, dance classes you can take. Of course, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is always beneficial to feed your soul’s chi. I would love to hear what you are going to do this month to enhance your qi. Comment here, or ask questions. I would be happy to reply.

by Greer Jonas

Greer Jonas is an intuitive numerologist, painter, and teacher for over 30 years. She works on the phone/Skype and in person in New York City and Greenwich, Connecticut. The painting by Greer Jonas, illustrated in this article is called “Tango.” Contact Greer at greer@numerology4yoursoul to schedule a reading. Numerology site: / Art site:

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