Am I doing the right things in life? Am I really meant to do the things I do? Am I being true to myself? What is my purpose in this life?  These are questions that…

Finding Life’s Purpose — Are You True To Yourself?

Finding Life’s Purpose — Are You True To Yourself?

Am I doing the right things in life? Am I really meant to do the things I do? Am I being true to myself? What is my purpose in this life? 

These are questions that sting everyone at some point in life.

This is what most people refer to as the quarter-life crisis or the mid-life crisis; the time when you stop for a moment to question everything and everyone around you. The fact is that if you’re really true to yourself, you wouldn’t feel the need to question your realities!

Your Purpose of Life and the Biggest Barrier in Achieving It

At every point in life, you face options. You can choose to sit and moan or get up and get going. You can choose to adopt any profession under the sun! You can choose to marry or not. You can choose to work or not.

In fact, every second on your life, you’re making important decisions without even realizing it. Each and every one of these decisions adds up to define your destiny. This is why it is important to have a goal in mind before deciding which path to take.

For the most significant “building” part of your life, you depend on others to take decisions on your behalf. Be it your parents or guardians, it’s not until you’ve reached the quarter-life mark that you begin to realize your unique identity.

You begin by taking control of your matters, molding your journey the way you’d like it. By that time, however, you’ve already traveled half of the way towards your goal (whatever goal you were told to pursue).

If you’re lucky, it’ll coincide with your true purpose of life, enabling you to make hasty progress. But what if it’s not?

Very few people who figure out their purpose of life later on will be able to take the necessary steps to start afresh. People think, but they don’t necessarily act in the same way! This is the single most important reason why, despite realizing it, most people don’t progress in the right direction.

It is the only barrier between you and your purpose of life! If you’re not reciprocating your thoughts with your actions and vice versa, there’s little hope for you to find the true solace you’re searching for!

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Here are the three things you experience when you’re being true to yourself. You should look out for these when answering the question “Am I True To Myself?”, because if you aren’t, it’s about time you did something about it!

You Are Conscious!

When you’re true to yourself, you’re conscious about your decisions:

  • You’re actively streamlining your thoughts and your actions towards the desired goal.
  • You’re absorbing the energies from the universe and channeling them towards the right actions and decisions.
  • You’re connected with your soul, the spirits of the universe, and the metaphysical reality you know exists.
  • You’re conscious and this leads you closer to your destiny one step at a time.

Not only this, you’re conscious about the far-reaching impact of your decisions:

  • You’re thinking about the “greater benefit” instead of a “personal advantage”.
  • You’re thinking about “synergies” instead of “the sum of individual parts”.
  • You are conscious in every possible aspect of your life, proactively striving to make the right decisions that take you closer to your desired objectives.

It’s about being foresighted enough to be able to see beyond conventional barriers.

You Are Sensitive!

  • You feel everything around you without having to touch it! You can sense pain and sadness.
  • You connect with people easily and seamlessly because you’re able to connect with yourself.
  • You’re in sync with other souls present in this universe, creating an invisible bond that heightens your sensitivity multifold!

It’s like those moments when you begin to feel uncomfortable for no good reason, only to find out that your loved one got into an accident at about the same time you began to feel awkward.

It’s a connection, a bond, an inexplicable sensitivity! You’re connected — not only with yourself, but with your surroundings as well!

You Are Clear!

  • You feel incredibly free, peaceful, and stark-clear about your vision.
  • You know what you need to do, and there’s no hint of a doubt in your thoughts.
  • You’re absolutely clear about the truth and the realities of your life.
  • You would reevaluate your actions, but never question the sanity or logic behind it.
  • You’re at peace internally and externally.

When you’re being true to yourself, it isn’t easy to instigate doubts in your mind! It’s the bottom line that helps you answer, “Am I Really Being True To Myself?”


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