Need some inspiration to instill creativity in your life? Here’s what you can do every day to break free and embrace opportunities and creativity! Doing something creative usually requires inspiration….

8 Easy Steps to Rediscover Inspiration

8 Easy Steps to Rediscover Inspiration

Need some inspiration to instill creativity in your life? Here’s what you can do every day to break free and embrace opportunities and creativity!

Doing something creative usually requires inspiration. Finding a source of inspiration might have been easy for Hercules – him being the demi-god and all – but for most of us, inspiration proves to be a little slippery in our hands.

So don’t sweat if you have lost it. We’ll help you get it back in eight easy steps!

Step 1: Get In the Zone

Earlier, we talked about how external stimuli can put you in a happy mood by taking you back to a good memory. Getting inspired isn’t much different.

Instead of beating the same piñata with a stick and crying, “Inspire Me!”, give your mind some room to breathe. Turn your attention to something you find beautiful and remove the pressure.

When your mind is relaxed, it will reach creative solutions much easily.

Step 2: Challenge Yourself

Living in the world with close to 7 billion other souls has its advantages, but there is also a big drawback — preconceived notions.

There are certain assumptions that are widespread and will simply not go away. Being creative requires you to take risks and it always requires you to be bold.

By challenging what you think is “right” or “conventional” — be it business or art — you get to unveil a whole new dimension. If this isn’t called creativity, then what is?

Step 3: Stoke It Up

A study by Adobe held in 2012 called “State of Create,” turned up unexpected results.

Even though most people from the study saw creativity driving economic growth, a very small portion spent any time being creative. That was the bad news, but the worst part is still to come; almost all of them did creative stuff outside of work!

Give yourself the chance — and idea — that you can be creative at work. Stoke up your creativity level!

Step 4: Mix It Up

Following the same boring routine everyday does not promote creativity in life. This doesn’t mean you should leave your job and go paragliding! What I am referring to is taking one simple thing every day and changing it.

Instead of taking the same route to work every day, why not try a new one? Once you are on that new route, you will observe sights and smells that are possibly new to you or, at the very least, different and not monotonous.

Let the uniqueness inspire you. New stimulus = new thoughts. Plan for small, non-disruptive changes instead of drastic ones. It’ll help you turn your life and career without discomfort.

Step 5: Window Shopping on Weekends

Visiting the mall seemed to interest our teenage selves. Did you ever wonder why?

When you go to a mall, your mind and senses are bombarded with a lot of information. From people talking to the stuff on display and the smells wafting to you in the food court — everything and anything has the potential to jolt your inspiration back into action. On the plus side, it also helps improve your social life.

Step 6: Browsing Online

The Internet has become a world of its own. Multitudes of blogs populate it now. Bloggers talk about diverse topics and their opinions could light up a spark that needs some help get nourished into existence.

Do not deny that and look for inspiration online. Read what others have tried and found to work and it may help your own case.

Step 7: Reading

Before there was the web, there were books. From paperbacks to the new e-friendly formats that are available by thousands, if not more.

So many diverse topics and, just like blogs, so many point of views. Benefit from the wisdom and follies of others to find inspiration where you can.

Books rarely disappoint!

Step 8: Connect the Dots

Some of the best ideas start as completely separate, unrelated thoughts. Combining them may result in a masterpiece — ask David Foster Wallace.

When different things seem to jump at you, note them down, and then examine them to see if they fit together. For all you know, it may be the synchronicities in play!

I will end this discussion with two very important thoughts when it comes to inspiration:

  • Never be afraid to fail! Fear of failure will hold you back.
  • Never be afraid of risking it! When you are worried about whether an idea is “cool” or “right”, you will not be too creative.

Chime in with your comments about whether you have used any of these ways to inspire yourself or just to say hi!

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