We all hail heroic acts performed by others, however, we never realize that we are sources of inspiration ourselves! Read on to find out what makes you inspiring. We hear…

6 Inspiring Things You Do Every Day

6 Inspiring Things You Do Every Day

We all hail heroic acts performed by others, however, we never realize that we are sources of inspiration ourselves! Read on to find out what makes you inspiring.

We hear inspiring stories everyday! Be it about heroic canines or people who use their supernatural powers to rescue others from burning buildings, inspirational stories are everywhere!

On top of this, the media today has developed lightning quick reflexes, reporting such stories almost as soon as they occur!

But what about the average Jane or Joe? Do they have the power to inspire others too? The reality is that most people don’t realize they are an inspiration in themselves.

You don’t necessarily have to be great. If you’re touching one life at a moment, you’re pretty much inspiring them for greater achievements.

Most people inspire others without realizing it. Here are a few ways in which you inspire people around you every day.

1. Have Faith

This does not refer to religion at all. It’s just that when you believe, you become a source of inspiration for others. The question now is; what do you believe in?

May be it is the beauty that you see around yourself. Or it is the innate goodness in people. Or about leaving the house and doing whatever it takes to earn for your kids.

When you have faith in something that you cannot see but you know exists, you become inspiring for others. It’s a beautiful thing to witness unshakeable faith and trust in something (or someone). It makes people realize that when you believe in a possibility, you empower it to become a reality!

2. Exercise Forgiveness

This is one of the most inspiring things you do on a regular basis without even realizing it. This is precisely the reason why therapy helps many people overcome their past and their pain – they finally learn to forgive.

Sometimes, the person we need to forgive is ourselves. Forgiving someone does not mean that you cannot stand up for yourself; instead, it means that you are strong enough to let go and move on. It means you know that by holding on to the anger or pain, you will only bring negativity into your life.

This is the basis of the TV show “Mom”, starring Anna Farris. Both the mother and daughter learn how to forgive each other and themselves, attaining peace and positivity that ends up inspiring others to follow suit!

3. Loving

Love used to have a very personal connotation; however, now it has become synonymous to compassion. When you extend compassion to others, you exhibit love and care for them.

Love and compassion are an integral part of living and coexisting. It means that you accept others for who they are and respect your differences. You let those differences bring you closer to others, instead of segregating you. That is what makes you inspiring!

4. Continue Learning

You learn something new every day. When you apply that lesson to your life, you become a source of inspiration.

There are two types of learners in this world. The ones who realize the importance of learning believe that if we do not learn to do things in a better way, nothing would change around us.

Others learn simply for the sake of learning — they love to learn. In either case, you inspire people to develop and build themselves, irrespective of time, age or other limiting factors!

5. Overcoming the Everyday Challenges

You are inspiring enough as you are, but this act makes others see you for the superhero that you are. You are dedicated to your kids, parents, job or even business. You face a lot of stress every day.

Yet, somehow, you find the strength to continue. You master the everyday challenges and find the courage to go on. That makes you infinitely more inspiring for people around you! Quitters don’t inspire, it’s the persistent ones who do!

6. Expect Nothing in Return

When you make your sibling’s bed after you are done making yours, or pull up the covers over your sleeping mate, you’re not doing it for a return.

These small feats and acts of kindness that you do without expecting anything in return reinforce your status as an inspiration. Could you possibly think you’re not inspiring others with your day-to-day activities?

Wanna Be Inspiring Yourself? Then…

  • Keep asking “why?”! When you question things, you get closer to the realities that really matter.
  • Think like a kid — kids are freer and inspiration comes to them almost naturally!
  • Give out free hugs, like this guy!

Want to share any inspiring stories with us? Hoping to discuss something else? We are all ears!


Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥