This article was inspired by Authenticity: Finding Your Soul Within The Dreams Of Reality People create false illusion about themselves, which have a negative impact on their lives. Here’s how to shed all of…

Authentic Self — Rediscover The Real You

Authentic Self — Rediscover The Real You

This article was inspired by Authenticity: Finding Your Soul Within The Dreams Of Reality

People create false illusion about themselves, which have a negative impact on their lives. Here’s how to shed all of these false realities and become authentic once again.

Just be yourself! The age-old advice we have all heard countless times. Yet, why is it so hard to apply this seemingly simply advice? Maybe it’s because we don’t really know who we are.

As someone who wishes to teach the world about involution and its eternal joy, it is quite daunting to know that most of us don’t even know who we are.

People fail to listen to their own souls, they have ideas and dreams about who they should be and doubt themselves when their soul is trying to reach out to them.

In this article, I would like to explore how we are losing our authenticity and, hopefully, find ways to learn more about ourselves.

The Creation of Dreams

We all go through the process of losing our authenticity, when we replace it with thoughts in the form of rules, norms, fears and beliefs — this is known as domestication.

Our domestication can become a huge problem, especially if our parents are not aware of the implications of their actions. Just like pets, we are domesticated using the reward/punishment mechanism.

All children live in the present and simply don’t care about other people’s judgments and opinions.

However, as we grow up, our thoughts start to have a stronger influence on who we are, and with thoughts comes fear, which results in our need to be accepted. Hence, our self-growth is suddenly in the hands of other people.

Since our self-worth is determined by other people, we are forced to change in order to comply with other people’s opinions, resulting in a false image of ourselves, which is the dream.

As life goes on, different people enter our lives — such as teachers, friends, bosses, lovers and so on. In order to be liked or accepted, we further fragment into different fake versions of ourselves.

In the end, we become adept at these acquired personalities and, eventually, forget who we really were.

It’s no wonder that we feel so off-centered considering that our self-worth comes from false images of ourselves, because even if we completely forget, deep down, our unconscious mind knows exactly who we are and it suffers as we further move away from authenticity.

This is where we learn to hate ourselves, as the number of insecurities starts to increase. Psychologists refer to the false image as “ego.”

This suffering that many go through is essentially our need to please others, a habit inculcated at an early age and conditioned throughout our lives. More importantly, it is a lie that we tell ourselves that we need to be in a certain way, in order to be acknowledged.

Those who chase perfection will eventually realize that they are chasing an ideal that is a false illusion and a dream.

Opt for your Authentic Self

We need to understand that seeking love outside is completely futile. We already have love around and within us. All we need to do is learn to love, accept ourselves, and get rid of our fear of loving or the fear of rejection.

So how do we put an end to these self-destructive tendencies and stop rejecting ourselves?

The following are a few practical suggestions to help you find your authentic self:

  • Truthfulness

One needs a strong desire to be honest with one’s inner self.

Being honest with yourself will allow you to see the level of domestication you’ve undergone or even the defense mechanisms you’ve unconsciously created.

  • Forgiveness

There is not a shadow of a doubt that people can be their own worst enemies. The most important thing you need to learn in order to find your authentic self is to stop being your own enemy.

Stop judging yourself! This can only be achieved once you learn to forgive yourself.

For example, you ate a heavy meal and later feel guilty because you feel fat due to your false image. Since your mind will now make you suffer, you are only inclined to eat more in order to feel better, effectively creating a vicious and dysfunctional cycle.

This happens because our minds are not as simple as our bodies. The mind locks itself on a repetitive loop and doesn’t let go. Learning to forgive yourself is the only way to take the conscious attention away from your mind and focus on your emotional needs.

  • Self-Love

Loving yourself is probably the only way for one to bring about a positive change in their life. Absolutely no one can ever be truly happy unless they love themselves, unconditionally.

When you love yourself, not only that you respect yourself, but you also take care of yourself. No one can harm you or make you feel less about yourself, because you know yourself better than anyone else.

  • Solitude

Although, our society has associated loneliness with negativity, but how exactly is one supposed to introspect with other people around?

The only time we are capable of properly hearing our own thoughts is when we are alone. Hence, this is the time for authenticity because there is no one to form judgments and opinions. It is the only time we can become aware of the level of our domestication and ,most times, a realization is all we need.

Living an authentic life is crucial for living a fulfilling and purposeful life. It allows you experience joy in literally everything you do, because whatever you do, you do it for no one but yourself and that’s the only thing that matters.

Start living for yourself for once and experience the true meaning of joy.

This article was inspired by Authenticity: Finding Your Soul Within The Dreams Of Reality, which was written by Don Mateo Sol. He is the author and co-founder of popular spiritual website As a shamanic practitioner, teacher and soul guide, Sol has helped to lead thousands of people throughout the world on their journeys of self-discovery, healing and wholeness. You can follow Sol’s work on Facebook.


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