Whether an inner being exists or not, has been a mystery since man’s dawn on Earth. At some point or another, you must have pondered if the voice you hear…

How To Connect With Your Inner Being

How To Connect With Your Inner Being

Whether an inner being exists or not, has been a mystery since man’s dawn on Earth. At some point or another, you must have pondered if the voice you hear in your head is a separate being or a part of the whole.

Different religions and philosophers have tried to explain “the voice” as a belonging to the Divine, which exists in a higher dimension than the body. Some have called it the spirit.

But whatever you want to call it, you must have recognized it since you were a child.

Now, the most important question is: How can you connect to your inner being for better harmony of the whole?


Although you have been aware of its presence for a long time, an active recognition of the existence of a being that you can communicate with is needed.


Have time for silence and solitude. When you are most at peace, listen to the inner voice. (These could be your most private thoughts or just musings about the world).

Do not sit with an expectation of the dramatic to happen. Relax and be calm completely such that you feel you are one with the universe.


Choose a meditation tactic and meditate about the existence of this inner being. Meditation will help you calm your mind, discipline it, and develop better concentration.

You can use visualization to see this inner being as a tangible existence that you can reach out to and talk with.


Initiate dialogue with your inner being. This does not have to happen on the first day. This contact has not been active, and it could take time to create.

Ask questions such as who am I? What’s my purpose? Or make requests such as ‘Please guide me towards my higher purpose.’

This dialogue should be as with a friend, talking, asking, and sharing your feelings.


Connecting to your inner being is a process. Assess your success by recording how it is proceeding. Emotions, feelings, and insights can be recorded in a daily journal.


Dreams are powerful communication means with your inner being. Before going to bed, pose the questions of your dialogues again.

If you dream, try to remember your dreams and see if the questions and points of dialogue you posted have been answered.

Record your dreams whenever it’s possible.

Higher consciousness

The connection with your inner being brings a higher consciousness. You are more aware of your actions at work and home, your relationships and other things that you do in life. You are also more aware of your feelings and those around you.

This plane of higher consciousness can be seen in better productivity at work and happier relationships at home.

At this point, your inner being is constantly communicating in all aspects of your life.


Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥